Horoscopes – Week of March 23, 2015


You are re-born. There is nothing to keep you from achieving all you desire. Mars in the first house continues to give you backbone and strength. You are more driven than usual. Work on the little things that will make your personal life thrive. You are more keyed into sensual pleasures than usual. Major family issues could come up Thursday afternoon through Saturday. By Sunday you’ll feel a sense of joy and creativity moving in your life. Trust your instincts. Eliminate the losers that might hold you back from your real potential.


You begin Monday on a strong note with the moon in Taurus. Projects that you initiate are likely to get more attention. Venus in your first house is bringing more love your way. You can relax enough to be receptive to things. Be cautious not to be a part of your own undoing. Economic opportunities are best mid-week. The weekend looks good for short trips, visits with old friends, and catching up with communiques. Your imagination is strong and so are the people that you have karma with. Stay in bed as much as you can.


Your social life continues to make you meet new people. What may have started as a casual affair could soon lead to serious drama. The moon will be in Gemini from early Tuesday morning through Thursday morning. Positive things will be happening for you. Mercury in your career house can help display your brilliance to the public. You are poised to execute your own agenda. The weekend looks good for economic increase, singing songs and self expression. Be aware of your need for personal time to recover.


With the weight of the world heavier on your shoulders now, you are in a place where leadership opportunities continue. Keep honing in on your talents and skills. Social meetings are best dealt with early in the week. Mid week it’s best to pay bills and take care of debt. The moon will be in Cancer Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday night. You can show the world what you’re really made of. If you plan on starting your own business, now would be a good time to try. You have a way with money.


This is a fortunate time for you. You are open to a wide assortment of exotic experiences. This is the best time for travel and pursuing higher education. If you wanted to publish a book, now would be the time. Take whatever risk is necessary. You’re basically preparing yourself for your next act. Do most of your socializing early in the week. Plan on laying low Friday and Saturday. The moon will be in Leo late Saturday night through early next week. Sunday is your power day with positive vibrations enough to go around.


You’re getting a sensory overload. Transformation is a word I throw around too often. This time around, old self-sufficient Virgo needs to depend on others. Sometimes there is getting into debt. Sometimes (and let’s hope it’s this time) you are involved in sexual escapades. Other times people, jobs, pets, and even vehicles are lost for good, dead. You’ve never been one for shallow small talk. Monday goes fairly well, Tuesday through Thursday attend to career challenges. Friday and Saturday are good for socializing. Sunday attend to your spiritual life.


Desire meets its potential suitor. This could be more intense than what you bargained for. Venus is in the eighth house pumping up desire, passion and creative resources. A perfect time to engage in creating underground art. Partnerships can be pointed and full of accusations and confrontations. Life without challenges would be boring. Don’t give in to fear, but rise up to the challenge. Tuesday through Thursday morning explore new and unusual areas. Know that good fortune is with you. You are in public demand most of this weekend.


Get off your ass and hit the gym. It’s time to get in shape. Just say no to cookies, candy, cakes, and pie. Eat too much starch, you can’t march. Eat more salads and green veggies. Indulge in protein and omega 3 fats. Start doing stairs, riding your bike, or go dancing regularly. Venus transits your seventh house allowing you more opportunities for romance. You also can do much to help those less fortunate than you during this cycle. Thursday afternoon through Saturday looks good for travel. Die to your ego and do some grunt work.


Play time has arrived in full force for you. You rediscover your inner child. Try skipping instead of walking. If you have children they will be a bigger part of your life. You like fun, thus you are in for good times. Tuesday through Thursday are good for romance. The weekend has things intensifying and it won’t be easy or appropriate to call the shots. You know who your real friends are, ask them for help when needed. Sunday looks perfect for exploring nature or taking a small road trip. It’s also a good day to learn something new.


In order to move forward during the year ahead you must begin with a firm foundation. Think in terms of the good things that your parents did for you. Monday is a power day for you, with the moon in your fifth house giving you confidence in expressing yourself. Tuesday morning through Thursday morning make an effort to be more of a team player at work. Friday and Saturday will be your best days for romance. Keep in mind everyone that you consider to be family in your life. Note how the past can influence the future.


You can’t settle for ordinary knowledge. You are curious about your environment and are ready to work in your element. More of the focus will be on communication, neighborhood, siblings and peers. You should get more joy from working with your hands. On Monday take care of all work related responsibilities. Tuesday through Thursday morning you’ll be feeling playful and be ready to take on creative projects and artistic productions. Use Friday and Saturday to recuperate rather than to rage. Sunday is good for romance and peace making.


Exploring your values in practical ways is what this time of year is about for you. The focus is on diet, voice, money and dental work. Will you help a starving child or get a new tattoo for your neck? Much hinges upon where your deepest values lie. Family and domestic needs are strong Tuesday morning through Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon through Saturday you feel playful or need to deal with children. Sunday lay low and take care of yourself as well as others. Find ways to share what you have to make the world a better place.