Having it all isn’t enough for some people—an appetite to strive for more taunts them. Give up on what ifs. Deal with reality as it comes to you. Focus more on your family this week, especially siblings. The new moon on Saturday will open up lines of communication and will help you to appreciate the environment around you. It’s easy to be clannish and insular. Open up to other people’s ideas and see how working as a team takes you further.


You are the flavor of the month, and an ultimate renewal is coming your way. The sun, moon, Jupiter and Mars will be in Gemini Thursday night through Sunday morning. This conjunction is powerful, and with the energy of the new moon you’ll be able to break any old habits or begin any project in a most powerful way. Mercury and Venus move into your second house and begin to show you where the money is. Be ready to do better. Obstacles will be removed.


Relax and enjoy the people around you. This is the best time for you to plan for the future. This is also a time when valuable social contacts show up. The eleventh house is often referred to as the house of helpful friends. The new moon will bring out these social situations and helpful friends. Just one word of caution to you: Venus and Mercury are in your twelfth house of secrets and karma. Who you love and what you say in secret may have some undesirable consequences.


Be the success that you want to see in others. Teaching by example may seem like a slow and less-than-effective process. This is a time of discovery, higher learning and travel for you. There will probably be some risk involved with getting what you want. You’ll be reminded of the things that aren’t working for you and you’ll take the necessary steps to correct them. Career opportunities are coming your way with Mercury and Venus in your tenth house. Creativity and intelligence shine.


Simplicity is not wasted on you. You enjoy a clear goal that you can see in front of you. The sun in Gemini symbolizes your worthy opponent, your lover, and your ability to negotiate. Don’t skip steps this time around. Listen to the things that you know already. The new moon brings romance and even good friends for one-to-one, heart-to-heart talks. Too much desire can lead to dangerous behavior. Every now and then, it’s good to check yourself.


Plant and water the seeds of love wherever you go. A new development is taking place in terms of your heart. You see how good it feels to be loving, playful and generous. It is easy for you to rise up to a leadership position during this period. If you have children, make them your focus. Be ready to use all of your creative tools. The new moon opens you to a more satisfying creative life, along with opportunities for travel and pleasure.


Venus moves into your third house this week. It’s time to pay attention to making art, playing music, getting into the garden, giving massages and working with your hands. You need to find a passion for the things you do. Saturday’s new moon is all about making money and securing your income. It also has to do with putting on a new face and eating healthier. Overall, it becomes a test of your values. The moon will be in Taurus Tuesday morning through sunset Thursday. Get what you want.


Security is an illusion in many ways. Accountability can be difficult in a world that constantly blames circumstances and others. It’s time to move into conscious creation. Mercury is in your first house, bringing you intelligence and ideas. Venus joins the act and makes you more approachable and attractive. The new moon is all about your personal karma. We all know your secrets, so avoid putting on a false face. The people around you have deep connections with the isolated parts of your being.


People depend on you. It’s sink or swim; the spotlight is on you. Demonstrate your best talents and skills. Be known for kindness and generosity. Your leadership skills are easily recognizable. Humility and transparency are the best ways to lead a team. The new moon gives you recognition for the things you do well. Your social life gets sweeter, and plans for a fun future are taking shape. Trying new things is fun. You can act in a way that feels like success.


This is a good time for meditation and for turning toward your spiritual side. Realize that God/Goddess loves you and wants you to be in tune with the divine plan. Don’t be so proud that you don’t ask for help when you need it. Much of this week has to do with our interpersonal relationships. The new moon in the eighth house encourages you to let go of the things that you can’t control. You discover good things in hidden places. You have dynamite intimacy.


Take the steps needed to get yourself organized. Be aware of other people’s needs and offer to help them. Service and charity work go well during this period. Ask yourself, “What kind of services do I offer the world?” See yourself as powerful enough to be giving. Get enough sleep and eat the right foods as you’re more vulnerable to illness and injury. The new moon helps you with group projects, uncles, aunts, and small pets. Be a team player.


Get tight with the people you love. Thank your parents for the ways they help you or have helped you. Gratitude feels good. Creative juices begin to flow with Mercury and Venus moving through your fifth house. You may decide to educate yourself on a new subject. The new moon stirs your emotions, intuition and memories. Make an effort to be in touch with your mother or other older relatives over the weekend. Be rooted in appreciation.