Your ambition involves movement, communication and a reassessment of your environment. Friends from your childhood are more likely to call on you. Wednesday and Thursday are your power days, with the moon moving through your fifth house. Pay extra attention to children and family issues. The weekend looks good for organizing and helping others. Do something practical for your Dad in regards to Father’s Day. This week is for learning and improving.


You are still the flavor of the month. Be patient with delays. Have no fear about the future as you are, in part, creating it with your thoughts. You move communication along. The question remains: what are you communicating? Is it uplifting and personable, or is it discontent and and angry? You’ve got the power to move more independently. You will make new friends this week. You will be heard. You’ll begin to see things improve financially.


Being demonstrative is your game. Love has more to do with giving than it does with taking. Realize the karma that you’ve created for yourself. Many of the people you have karma with are here for you to make things right. Be known for your love rather than a sense of perfection. The moon will be in Leo late Tuesday night through early Friday morning. You’ll feel like you own the place. The weekend is a good time for putting on a new face.


You’re on a roll right now. Good fortune has been with you for some time, but now is your time to act appropriately toward the great opportunities that are coming your way. It’s time to be more serious about your finances, as well as your diet. People are about to expect more of you. It’s time for you to rise to the occasion. Be a little more intuitive and sexy at the same time. Act on what you are seeing. Be confident that shared success is part of your success.


It takes two to tango, as the saying goes. We have something to do with our own victimization. We used poor judgement with a person, place or thing. This Wednesday and Thursday, things turn in your favor. A little faith and temporary discomfort go a long way as far as getting results. Ask for help when you need it. Realize that you are just as responsible for the good and the bad as anybody else. Things could turn into a psychedelic freefall at any moment.


When things are good for us we often miss it. Act now while the wind is in your sails and the sun shines above you. Ask yourself this: “what is my legacy to the world”? Those who are not busy being born are busy dying. Creative expression rules for you this time of year. How do your beliefs affect your current economic situation? Note how many beautiful things can end up being deadly. Keep a cool head and a peaceful heart while negotiating with others.


What we value is seen by many people. Giving and being loving is a greater currency than anything you’ve ever received. May your way of making money reflect your values as well. Focus on your diet. If you want to look good in a bathing suit, eat watermelon rather than cookies, and real protein: fish, meat or dairy rather than pasta or pizza. It’s okay to give up things that hurt you rather than help you. The moon will be in your fifth house over the weekend, making things extra fun.


It’s often darkest before the dawn. In your case, I’d say you’ve reached twilight and are in a place where things begin to improve. Overcome doubt by doing rituals of faith. Be aware of the people with whom you have karma. Some use their power secretly to get others in trouble. These types of problems may not be able to be addressed until a future date. Magic is about to happen in your life. The better you do with facing adversity, the sweeter things become in the future. Monday and Tuesday feature the moon in Cancer.


People depend on you. It’s sink or swim; the spotlight is on you. Demonstrate your best talents and skills. Be known for kindness and generosity. Your leadership skills are easily recognizable. Humility and transparency are the best ways to lead a team. The new moon gives you recognition for the things you do well. Your social life gets sweeter, and plans for a fun future are taking shape. Trying new things is fun. You can act in a way that feels like success.


Doubt can work in your favor when it leads to a comfortable sort of caution. When things crumble into worry and fear, it’s time to ask for help and to get another perspective. Give thanks and be grateful to everyone who has helped you. Realize that you may need to go to some different places in order to get the kind of experience that will lead to your fulfillment. Monday and Tuesday are lucky days for you. Lift up others and you will be uplifting yourself.


You’ve been enjoying getting down to business and helping others. Find a new way to express the kinds of services that you give. Take some tips from helpful older people who have been in the business before. You are found to be desirable as a partner these days. Be selective as to who you hang out with. The weekend looks good for travel, law, philosophy and higher education. Try to visit a place that you’ve never been to before.


People are learning how to flow and take responsibility for their feelings. Hard risks may produce the biggest rewards. Your creative energy is strong and your imagination is being activated. Good art is more than possible during this period. The week begins on a positive note, where you’ll be at the right place at the right time. Take note of the people whom you consider to be part of your tribe. Honor older adults in your household. Thank your ancestors for this time.