Horoscopes Week of July 29, 2013


You are charged with being more creative. Art should be a part of your life, even if only in a small way. Your imagination is working great. New ideas are flooding your soul. Family and home are taking on more importance, especially as we approach the weekend. You’re even enjoying working with others more. Buy a nice outfit to wear at work


An earthier sense of love is coming into play. Your ability to love and be playful is enhanced due to Venus transiting your fifth house. There is a chance that you are feeling more sentimental these days. You have much to communicate, and are enjoying working with your hands. Monday and Tuesday feature the moon in Taurus. Shine with your talents and beauty


The season to enjoy your local environment is here. Take off to the high country and enjoy a high mountain lake or a cool stream. The travel bug has likely bitten you. Nonstop motor-mouth conversations are more likely to happen. The moon will be in Gemini from Wednesday through most of Friday. You will be able to engage with others much more freely


You have better self-motivation now than you’ve had in a long while. You are ready to get up and do things. Physical strength should come with more ease. You are strong in your convictions and ready to back them up. The weekend features the moon as well as Mercury, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer. Who do you consider to be family? What kind of people are a part of your tribe?


Happy birthday! I am glad that you are alive. This is not the easiest of years for the lion and lioness. Karma of both a positive and a negative nature is exploding all around you. This would be a good weekend to lay low and to pay bills, or to escape to a remote wilderness location. What you need is a spiritual uplift without spending money on a super guru or a new toy.


Good friends are real wealth. Death is as much a teacher as it is a destroyer. Pretend that you don’t know the people that you do know. Not in a cold and heartless way of shunning them, but rather a new curiosity about what they enjoy and why you’re friends. Meditation, prayer and alone time is important. Helping others who are isolated will help make you feel better.


You’d like to escape and socialize, yet the responsibilities of your career keep on piling up. Take courage as your leadership ability is better than ever before. You are able to motivate others with sweet rewards. Your love life is either intoxicating and blissful, or you’re dealing with a deceptive crumb of a human being. Hang out with good friends who respect you.


Responsibility is now on your shoulders as people are depending on you more than usual. Life requires more research and opportunities for discovery. If the travel bug hasn’t hit you, it will by this weekend. Walk a road you never traveled before. Visit a place you never saw before. Light-hearted flirting could lead to something more serious, especially on Monday and Tuesday.


Like Leo, you are a fire sign. Fire signs enjoy spontaneity, adventure, challenges, generosity, and the ability to spread light and warmth. Good fortune comes to those who are open to it. You won’t win the lottery unless you play. You need to take some bigger risks in order to get what you need. Be open to some suggestions and critique, as others may see your potential.


This is an easy time for you to get into debt. Don’t borrow any money unless you have a reasonable plan to pay it off in a timely matter. Partnership issues are still big in your life with your need for acceptance. Love is more about how to give than it is about how to receive. You may just feel too sexy for your shirt. Take the shirt off and give it away to someone who would love it.


You’ve been working hard with others on some sort of work project. You are being measured by the kind of service that you are capable of giving. Lust can turn into love and love can turn to lust. When it comes to lust, make sure that things are mutual. Partnerships and romance are possible. Do what it takes to create an atmosphere of good feelings.


You are your own deceiver as well as personal healer. The good news is that your heart is open and you are ready to create, love, and play. The bad news is that in order to be successful with these goals, you’ll need to do some service work and some follow-through. Weak hearts run from difficulty. Strong hearts work on fixing the broken stuff and not taking rejection or criticism personally. Smile and laugh through it all.

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