Be grateful for the good friends in your life. Do something to help move your community forward. Add a little inspiration to everyone’s mix. Conversations are brisk and full of interesting topics. Don’t allow fears to manipulate outcomes. Think in terms of the things you want to see. Get a good game plan and go with it. The full moon on Saturday will allow you to show some creative prowess. Courage to do what is right is what is needed now. Avoid exaggeration in conversation. It’s important to stick with the facts while practicing being a good listener.


Things improve dramatically for you this week. Keep yourself in check so you won’t get too high. Jupiter and the moon are in your first house Monday through most of Wednesday. Know that you are luckier than usual and its safe to take some calculated risks. Thursday and Friday are good for finances, song and food. The full moon weekend is full of travel, news and basic Gemini fun. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before. This is a wonderful time of discovery for you. Be ready to learn things on a deeper level.



Love is not for sale yet somehow it’s in the air. The full moon in Leo Saturday night is certainly something to look forward to this week. The week begins on a brisk and friendly social note. It will be easy for you to make new friends on these days. Thursday and Friday it’s best to tone things down and lay low. All in all, much has to do with equality, justice, and being fair. There may be someone confronting you on what they feel needs to be done. Face it all with a sense of grace and agree with the person if possible. Understand other people’s positions.



The week begins as a happy time for smart people. Intelligence seems to rule with the moon in your ninth house on Monday through Wednesday. Career responsibilities become more pressing toward the end of the week. The full moon weekend proves to be a full blown party for you. A friendly vibe seems to be had by all. In general your heart feels more open. Your creativity is being expressed. Having fun is easier to come by. Be more of a leader and less of a follower this week. Enjoy the art of giving.




Collecting data and information seems to be part of what this week is about for you. Open up lines of communication. Be the blessing that you seek from other people. You have this tendency to hook up with people that aren’t always as sane as you’d like them to be. Honesty is the best policy. Learn to speak your truth in a loving way. The full moon weekend looks great for travel, education, and exotic experiences. Check on your vehicular maintenance. Be ready to move at the drop of a hat.




Welcome to your season. Cabin fever seems to creep up for people living any where north of 37 degrees north latitude. Longer days are beginning to be noticed and soon the buds of trees will begin to swell. Your key phrase is, “I know”. Shared knowledge is a gift. Hoarded knowledge is wasted. The moon will be in your fifth house of playfulness and creativity Monday through Wednesday. The full moon over the weekend is a power time for love and romance. Getting lucky requires that you expect nothing.


Reality is boring yet everyone is expecting you to go along with it. For goodness’ sake at least be good at faking it. The whole world appears to be watching you at this point. The first part of the week it’s good to take care of taxes, finances, old bills, and dietary strategies. The full moon will likely involve family issues, domestic needs, and your personal history. Pay attention to your dreams. Most activity will be in the public arena. Be aware of your talents and skills, and find new ways of expressing these abilities.



The romance and good one -on-one relationships are evolving to a thing of their own. Lust is nice when the person you lust after feels the same, unfortunately desire doesn’t always match the object of your affection. Perhaps some of you need to see a matchmaker. Computers are not people. The moon will be in Cancer Wednesday night through Friday. This is a power period for you to exercise modest influence. Sex, birth, and death along with other people’s property verses your stuff this full moon.



Staying healthy in the winter is an art form. Proper diet and plenty of rest is a must. You probably face more work than usual this week. Breathe deep and pace yourself. Turn one big challenge into several mini episodes of effort. Be charitable and give to a charitable cause. Service work and teamwork dominate this week’s theme. The full moon highlights your psychic ability. Reach out to those that might be isolated or marginalized. Stay organized and get rid of any unnecessary items and/or clutter.



What is the hardest thing for you to do that has the most value? How do you define wisdom? Did you go through some humiliation during adolescence that is coming back to you? It’s easier for you to see how you’re like your parents or grandparents during this period. Thursday and Friday look good for travel and higher education. Rely more on your memory and less on your smart phone or computer. The full moon has this way of putting you in the public eye. Put on your best face and show your many talents and skills.


No one owns the truth, it can be shared freely or be distorted by the individual. Money, voice, throat, and food are your key issues. You enjoy talking about values, wealth, and personal progress. This week your obsessions will be known by others. When you are doing good things there is no fear of being exposed. Thursday and Fridays waxing moon in your seventh house could inspire romance or getting a new contract. The full moon is out of your control. You are psychically sensitive and possibly in heat.



You are the dreamer entering the dream space. This is a time that’s good for laying low and taking care of debts and personal responsibilities. Your imagination flourishes and you have great ideas for art, dance, and music. You are extra sensitive to the vibes of other people, thus it’s best to keep things mellow. Keep a dream journal. Imagine who around you you may have known in a past life. Thursday and Friday are heart opening and fun. The full moon pumps you up to help others or to help yourself be healthier.