The question this week is what are you doing with your career, your talents and skills, and your own creative performance? Lay low and pay off debts on Monday and Tuesday. The waxing moon has you building on things that will matter in the future. Wednesday through Friday afternoon is extra powerful for you with the restless Aries moon taking control of things. The weekend looks good for taking care of finances, getting dental work done, or spending time cooking, gardening or being in nature.



Everyone’s needs may be different than yours. Negotiation of the situation may seem like the other person is demanding their way. Happiness is more important than being right. Don’t let your ego rock the boat by saying more than you need to. The desire for physical intimacy might be stronger than usual for you. Take a chance on love, and perhaps the other person is interested in you as well. It may not matter whether or not things get consummated, as long as you can honor your curiosity in a graceful manner.



The Earth is asleep while you are awake trying to fix things and overcome the everyday cares and woes that go with day-to-day living. Pay attention to the needs of pets and relatives. Be charitable to yourself and your own health needs. Make tools more accessible. Wednesday through Friday are lucky days for you, yet it will take some push to see the results you need. Stay cooperative and work with others. Get over your doubts and fears and seek out practical solutions. Don’t ignore your needs. Sleep when
you can.



You’ve been a little more introspective as you’ve been indulging in cabin fever behavior. It’s hard to get out when you feel so sensitive and vulnerable. Your physical energy is good thus there is no need to fear moving around and getting in better shape. Imagination and intelligence need to intersect and integrate. Relationship issues dominate on Wednesday through Friday. You need to admit that there is a part of you that admires self-centered people. The weekend looks good for laying low and studying
magical practices.



Depending on your own resources, rather than your partner’s resources, is important as of now. You tend to move to the beat of your own drum. You may need to do something for quick cash verses a long-term investment. Dental work may need to take a priority. Wednesday through Friday you’re in a particularly good mood where creativity and playfulness come easily. The weekend looks good for cleaning out the garage, working with others on a group project or taking care of personal health issues. Sing a happy song or whistle while you work.



This is the last week where the karma seems a little too heavy. There is a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Things are about to go your way in a big way. If you are an artistic Aquarian, explore your art and take it to a new dimension. If you need a better job, have your eye out for opportunities where your unique skills are put into action. Wednesday through Friday are good for dealing with neighborhood concerns and communication issues. Deal with personal needs first before taking on anything new.


You know how to make a big deal about the things that make us happy. Venus in the ninth house makes it so that love needs to be an adventure. Creative pursuits need to cover new territory. This is one of the best times of year for you. Travel, education, exotic experiences, and philosophy go well during this period. Make social contacts early in the week. Lay low Wednesday through Friday as people’s tempers may easily flair up. The Taurus moon keeps things mellow and easygoing over
the weekend.



I’d like to think that this summer would be a summer of love in the truest sense of the word. There are no limits as to what, who, and how much we can love. Love will cast out all the fear and control mechanisms. It’s the most comfortable revolution that anyone could hope for. Travel and educational opportunities are best taken care of at the beginning of the week. Love opportunities are everyday. Visualize and act upon the kind of world you’d like to create. Be patient when things don’t work out as quickly as
you’d like.


See Cancer’s message about the love stuff. The same goes for you only in a more playful and silly way. Creative energy surges through you. See yourself as a medium for all types of hilarious behavior. You are the divine lover in all you do this week. Even jokes and a good sense of humor can bring us closer to the divine. Allow more love to overcome criticisms and petty fears. The weekend looks great for regeneration and recreation. Travel, being smart and trying something new are important. Be generous to those without compassion.


Good communication begins with a thank-you. Friendship and the well being of your siblings mean a lot to you these days. Family matters seem to require a bit more attention as well. Write down your thoughts and do things that honor and fulfill your goals. Success comes by being a good listener as well as a good speaker. Do something out of the ordinary and nice for your neighbors and friends. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations, peace-making, lovemaking, and making agreements and contracts.



Good things are happening for you. Your sense of direction is good and now it’s time for you to move forward. Mature friends are ready to help you prepare for the future. By the weekend things shift and your attention is drawn toward finances, children, and ways to have more fun. In the meantime, set your sails toward the direction you’d like
to go in. See yourself as being influential and able to get your point across. Practice singing, speaking, and making other noises with your mouth. Eat better for your
health’s sake.


Life should inspire faith. We move out of our social education this week to dealing with our spiritual lives and personal karma. Forgive people that have expressed malicious and aggressive behavior toward you. It’s best to lay low and pray for them. Make right the wrongs of the past. The moon will be in Pisces Monday and Tuesday. Your influence is powerful and positive on these days. Honor your sensitive side. Help others that may have a hard time getting out of the house. Contribute to causes that you believe in.