The week begins with what appears to be some sort of karmic assault. A barrage of questions need answering. Most of the messages you’re getting are from your dreams. Your social life is still somewhat in focus, but by next week it will be all about karma and your subconscious. Feel the earth and practice being more grounded. The moon will be in Aries Tuesday evening through Thursday. Reconnect with yourself and begin to feel better about life.



Gratitude has the power to bring more good things into your life. Explore new ways to be loving. It might be easy to have a long distance relationship during this period. Borrow creative techniques from other cultures. Good fortune is still smiling on you so take advantage by putting dreams into action. You’ll find yourself more in the public eye. Career responsibilities may seem too demanding towards the beginning of the week. By Sunday afternoon, you’ll be ready to take on more with the moon in Gemini.


You love children and you love romance. This has been a time to discover harmony through contracts, agreements, and confrontations. Tuesday night through Thursday are lucky days for you. These days are good for travel and spiritual development, as well as education and risk taking. The weekend looks good for displaying your many talents and skills. If the weather is nice, you could garden or prepare beds. Otherwise, do some cooking, make art, or play music.



Heart-opening creativity and the chance for good romance is not yet over for you. Venus in your fifth house inspires the artist within. You feel happy and joyful over simple gifts. Pay attention to the gifts and talents of your children. Love comes easily to you, especially on Wednesday and Thursday while the moon transits your seventh house. Discover your inner teacher as well as your inner clown. Be relaxed and at ease in every way. Be generous with your resources.



It’s time to learn, study, and share. It could be easy to become the neighborhood gossip, as you dispense information. Take into account other people’s feelings. Incomplete information can only lead to an inaccurate conclusion. This is a week of personal discovery for you. Tuesday night through Thursday, the moon is in your fifth house of playfulness, love, and heartfelt projects. The weekend looks good for being organized and helping with a community project.



The Aquarian reign of renouncement, invention, electricity and rebellion finishes this week. Strike while the iron is still hot. Move freely while the universe is supporting you. We need more freedom and tolerance in the world. The cost of freedom can be alienation, rejection, and isolation. The gifts are independence, self authority and your natural moral compass. Your work is cut out for you. The weekend is good for tending to family matters.


The responsibilities of work turn into time to socialize with friends eventually. I would begin the week with the focus of making new friends. It’s also a good time for future planning. Continue to maintain your career responsibilities. People notice your talents and skills. The moon will be in Taurus Friday morning until early afternoon Sunday. Think of this as a time for restoration and recovery as well as affirming new business ventures and taking risks.



Monday and Tuesday feel good with the moon in Pisces. You’re ready to tackle deeper problems with a modest sense of confidence. Transformation is hard work. You make a plan to get out of debt. You resolve to have better sex the next time you get a chance. Ask others for help when you need it. You may make some new friends this way. The weekend looks good for socializing and hanging out with friends. If you have children or are making art, initiating discipline is the big challenge.


Contentment is not defined by the toys you have, the relationships you cultivate, or the places you’ve been. Contentment comes from being able to adapt and find value in any situation. Challenges tend to come and go. The sense of grace that we bring to challenging times contributes to a calmer and safer navigation of obstacles and setbacks. If you need something done, do it within the next two weeks. Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until Saturday, February 23rd.



Do things to build your own personal confidence. The voices of your parents and/or ancestors have been fairly strong over the last several weeks. Look at their talents and skills and see how they’ve been adapted to suit your needs. Monday and Tuesday are good for restoring your creative juices. The weekend looks good for romance, partnership, and learning to be diplomatic. Follow through on your hunches. Be ready to give more love.




Make up your mind and stay committed to the decision you make. You’ll need to be a little more mobile this week. Values, finances and food are still in your headlines. Take care of your hair, teeth, and bones. Be aware of how you spend your money and whether or not you’re supporting local ethical businesses or slutty corporate big box stores. The other thing is you are what you eat. Eating for good health is especially important this time of year.



Safety nets are non-existent in this world. To be truly alive requires that you experience some sort of danger. One of my favorite biblical quotes is “perfect love, casts out all fear.” With Mars in your first house, you are braver and stronger than usual. With Mercury in Pisces, you are aware of what you are communicating. With Neptune in Pisces, you believe in agape love. The moon will be in Pisces Monday and Tuesday. Be ready to promote your sensitive agenda.