Horoscopes Week of February 4th


You’ve been visiting your shadow side as of late. The word deception seems to be prevalent in your vocabulary as well. It’s time to take care of business. But it’s also important to investigate more spiritual and uplifting strategies. Pray for your enemies and those that persecute you. Do good to the evil doers even though they don’t deserve it. You deserve to have tolerance and compassion toward yourself as well as others. The new moon enhances your social life.


Life is thrilling and now is as good a time as any for taking risks. Your sense of adventure and your desire to learn more is percolating. Give up fear and uncertainty as an excuse for not doing. You’ll never get another year like this again soon. The new moon has you taking the high road. Open yourself up to exotic experiences, challenge yourself by taking on more advanced work. You might have a long distance love affair or you’ll learn to love a new culture or place.


The sun is sorely lacking during the wintertime. People tend to be depressed and introspective rather than joyful and engaging. You offer that warmth that we need so badly during this period. Be kind even when others are unable to be. Monday and Tuesday are power days for you. You’ll feel romance as well as creativity coming on. The new moon brings a sense of romance. Partnerships are more easily obtained. You have a sense of diplomacy and can work toward harmony.


Enjoy being in your heart more often. Acknowledge the parts of you that are still childlike and playful. If you have children pay more attention to them. Engage with them by playing games with them. Romance is easier to come by. When you smile people wonder what you are up to. The new moon inspires leadership, travel, good fortune and romance. Keep on loving. Take advantage of artistic and creative expression. Find new ways to express joy and fun.


The week begins strong for you with the moon in Sagittarius on Monday and Tuesday. These are good days to discuss ways to expand individual liberties and personal freedoms. Whenever the moon passes through Sagittarius it’s easier to relate to animals and aspects of nature. Get out in the natural world even if the weather is bad and you need to dress for it. The new moon will help you to have better relationships with your neighbors, siblings and friends as well as enhance communication.


Happy Birthday. The new moon in Aquarius Saturday night will give you a fresh feeling and a new start. Take your time to learn more amidst perhaps too much excitement. Forward thinking people are attracted to you. Seduction works better than fear when trying to convince someone of something. Your mission is to make things better by providing a resourceful kind of leadership. The moon will be in Aquarius Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. Commit to fulfilling your dreams.


Creative demands regarding your workplace or career are manifesting. You’ve had to spend money in order to make money. This is a great time for economic expansion. It’s also a good time to adjust your diet, i.e. cutting out donuts and soda pop. The new moon supports getting a new public image. You are about to enter a place of heightened social activity. Yet, your mind is on your money and your money is on your mind. Wednesday and Thursday are days to seek the highest good.


You might feel like a rock in a rock-polishing tumbler. It’s sort of like being a surfer and having a big wave knock you for a loop. You might be a sales person about to close a deal and then you have someone swoop in in front of you and take the sale for him or her self. On the positive side of things there are many people that are more than willing to help you. Be humble and ask for help when you need it. The new moon asks you to let go of shoulds and shouldn’ts and accept what is.


You’ve got your work cut out for you. If you are providing a service that service will be more in demand. Be prepared to expand yourself in the career realm. Meanwhile partnership issues are becoming a bigger deal to you. You need to be careful about not being too pushy about your personal agenda. Wednesday and Thursday inspire romance and creativity. You’ll find yourself feeling more playful. The new moon is good for organizing and service work.


Taking care of personal business will be the best way to begin the week. Your family and home life is deeply affecting you. Do something to honor the older people in your family. Look at the people that live near you. Who are the people that you consider to be a part of your tribe. Common traits transcend blood and close relationships. The new moon will help you connect with your family in a more positive way. Pay attention to your personal history and roots.


Be ready to back up your values with positive actions. Your social contacts remain important during this period. The moon will be in Capricorn from late Wednesday morning through early Friday morning. Your influence and practical wisdom is needed. You’ll be attracted to some luxury items. It’s best to use restraint if you can. Be generous to yourself and to others when it comes to good food and good love. Write down your thoughts as you have many good ideas coming through you.


Dreams are the blueprints for the construction of the next reality. What have you been doing to move your dreams forward? Don’t allow fear to stop you. Anyone can be anywhere at anytime. Focus more on your own personal potential. Spend time working on self-improvement and deeper spiritual knowledge. The new moon highlights dreams and karma. By Sunday afternoon the moon enters Pisces and a feeling of sensitivity, imagination and telepathy fills the air.