The worst thing we can do when confused or feeling under attack is to counter-attack as a reaction. It is good to leave the fire when things are getting too hot. Most people will respect you enough to say to your face the things that are bothering them. Others will feel so disempowered as to use sneaky, passive-aggressive techniques to upset you. Pray for your tormenters and wish them well. Making good karma for yourself is what this time is all about. Blessed are the peacemakers.


When you speak, you like to say things in such a way that they sound interesting. Small jesters of love will go a long way this week to make someone have a better day. Deal with family and domestic obligations early in the week. The full moon lets us know that everything is not perfect. Monday’s balance between home and work can present challenges. Mercury’s retrograde puts its own little twist on things. Keep a good sense of humor. “This too shall pass” is an excellent mantra.


Life gets a little more intense this week. Control freak Leo-types need to be warned. You can’t possibly control everything. I think we’ll just focus on breathing for starters. The themes of death, sex, and other people’s property, along with birth and occult studies, are the strongest themes. The full moon highlights finances, food, and how you’d like to present yourself. Things begin to mellow out by the weekend. Hang out with older family members and don’t sweat the small stuff.


Work towards a noble goal or a positive cause. Charitable work will make for good karma. Mercury’s retrograde in your sixth house may indicate a need to monitor health issues. Serve others with beauty, relaxation, and a willingness to harmonize. The full moon deals with unseen forces and personal secrets. Take some alone-time for yourself to check in and process the events of the last month. Seek resolution rather than retribution. Peace is an active process.


Keeping things simple will help you to stay grounded. Some of you will consider moving during this period. Others of you will be concerned with your parents and other family happenings. The full moon creates the classic Monday chaos at the workplace. Put Mercury retrograde in the mix and the potential for miscommunication skyrockets. By Sunday afternoon the moon will enter Sagittarius and you’ll be able to reassess the events of the week and create a more flexible strategy.


The excitement of your birth season has ended. Now is the time for you to put on a new and better face for yourself. Focus on the voice and throat. Think in terms of the things you eat and how they might affect your health. Money, finances, and personal values are more likely to come to light during this period. The full moon could excite your libido and get you into a more intimate and sensitive environment. Wednesday and Thursday are your best days for mental work.


Sometimes it’s more important to entertain than to be entertained. Your social life is blowing up this week. Monday and Tuesday have you feeling generous and playful. Overcome social anxiety by smiling and by being willing to listen to someone else’s story. Helpful friends are all around you. We mostly share the same joys and frustrations as humans. Find more commonalities and less differences with others. Honor your friends, co-workers, and loved ones this week.


Stay conscious as to what is happening around you. The full moon may find you in a flurry of fast-paced information and changes. Neighborhood gossip flies. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change during mercury retrograde. By the weekend, everything gets happy. People feel more comfortable with taking things to a deeper level. Creative breakthroughs are likely during this period. Travel and higher education are best pursued now. Good fortune is with you.


Purity and sanity may or may not go together. If you need to pick between the two, go with sanity. Nitpicking will drive you and everyone around you nuts. Get done with serving and learn about relating. The full moon in Virgo brings self worth to the forefront. It’s time to be diplomatic. “Blessed are the peacemakers” comes to mind as a good mantra. If you can’t say something nice, it’s better not to say it. Mercury is retrograde. Things that happen the next few weeks are rather fleeting.


It’s time to make things happen. Your ability to teach, entertain, love, and be creative is emphasized. Be in touch with your heart and allow your imagination to guide you through all of life’s offerings. The full moon begins the week in a way that activates your social life. Show kindness to yourself as well as others. The weekend is all about you with the moon in Scorpio. Your influence is strong, especially when it comes to art, sex, and uncovering the mysteries of life.


Seeing is not believing unless it includes touch, smell, taste, and sound. Brainwashed people have a difficult time seeing the truth. Common acceptance doesn’t always coincide with common sense. You need to be thinking this week while everyone else can lose their minds. A search for deeper meaning is on most people’s minds. Spiritual truth seems to vary from one culture to another. The full moon inspires a higher wisdom in you. Be curious and ask a lot of questions.


Happy Birthday! There is no mountain too high for you to climb and no valley so low you can’t get down to it. You are all about taking action. You’re feeling more creative and at peace with yourself. This is a time when guidance from your ancestors counts. The full moon emphasizes romance, negotiations, and marriage. The weekend looks excellent for travel, education, and discovering a new culture. Be ready to show your good side. Smile more!