Pay attention to crazy dreams, because they likely entail a message for you. A sense of isolation permeates the air. Can one be together when they feel so apart? Humbly accept the things you need to work on and go about your business. Bring as many things to completion as possible before Saturday when Mercury goes retrograde. Imagination is useful when you imagine good things to come. Paranoia and fear tend to be destructive. Alone time in nature is helpful.


The week begins with much activity and information as the moon is in Gemini. The focus for you this week is career and how you can move things forward. Mercury goes retrograde Saturday morning. If you don’t get it done this week, you’ll need to wait three more weeks until you can proceed forward. Personal ambitions need to be looked at carefully. Do things to fortify and to improve your health. More responsibility will be placed on your shoulders. Do your best.


Practice being defenseless. Vulnerability is your ally. This is no time for putting on airs or acting proud. Only the humble and low to the ground will survive a windstorm. Sexually speaking you may begin to feel more easily aroused. Studies of magic and occult science are more fascinating during this period. You’ll need help and to negotiate with other people. You’ll find great bargains at yard sales and underground exchanges. The moon is in Leo this weekend. Live large!


Manifestation is one of this week’s major themes. When you want something bad enough, what are you willing to do to get it? In relationships Libra people often lose track of their own needs while focusing on the needs of their significant other. Risk being human and state your needs. Seek service work that has you working with others for a greater cause. Health cannot be taken for granted. Get plenty of rest and avoid pushing yourself to extremes.


It’s time to introspect and focus on family and your parents. Our intimate details of upbringing contain the keys to knowing oneself on the deepest level. Whether your family life was mostly happy or unhappy, there were elements of empowerment as well as disempowerment. The weekend looks good for exploring new angles of law and culture. Travel and educational pursuits will go best during this time. Do something to honor the elders in your family.


With your mind on your money and your money on your mind you begin to manifest a new agenda. Pay attention to the health of your throat and to needed dental work. Do what you can to get out of debt. You feel at ease with yourself and this comes across to others. Sing spiritual songs for personal upliftment. You need a good neck massage. You have so much to say that it’s hard to control yourself. Monday and Tuesday will be your power days for creativity. The weekend looks good for romance.


Your better qualities are beginning to shine while people take notice. Be as creative in the workplace as you can be. Your social life is more in focus this week. Helpful friends are all around you. Now is a good time to plan for parties and other spring and summer events. If you need help, rest assured many will come to your aid to help. Be generous and give things away that you hardly ever use. This is a time of freeing yourself and for joining in on community projects.


A more educated and vibrant you hits the stage this week. Your mind is open and it is safe to be learning once again. Take advantage of this period and do as much travel and reading as you can. If you have distant friends, find a way to spend more time with them. The moon will be in Cancer Wednesday morning until early Friday afternoon. Move forward with courage and take more risks. This is a very lucky time for you. You’ve got the smarts to discover something new and important.


Love and hate are two emotions that lie close together in the brain. Being peaceful and powerful is a fine dance. Partnerships and marriage are more in focus. Don’t make any plans or take on new contracts after Friday. Mercury retrograde can have us doing triple work for what was once simple. Sunday night will begin the Virgo moon as it heads toward fullness. Career opportunities continue to expand for you. Learn how to be more seductive and less critical.


Break out of your shell and get out a little more often. You come across as playful and willing to share wisdom and creative insights. Your heart is more open and you’re finding it easier to show affection and love toward others. Being an artist feels good for you while you find yourself in a flow of great ideas. If you have children, you’ll want to do all you can to help them progress and move forward. Wednesday through Friday morning are your power days.


The nuts and bolts of finances will be less burdensome for you. Your new focus is communication and being an influence in your local environment. Write some poetry, keep a journal, and chat with the neighbors a little more often. You have the unique opportunity to affirm friendships that will last into the future. This is one of the mentally sharpest periods that you’ll ever experience. Wednesday through early Friday morning are good for romance.


Happy Birthday and welcome to a new and more powerful version of yourself. You have the dynamic drive to get things done during this period. Your spiritual vision is clear and unclouded by past events and mistakes. You may be dealing with some fallout from a female deceiver or a past lover. Fear not, the universe will take care of your needs. Movement and healing come together in you. Now is the time to take risks and move forward. Wednesday and Thursdays are extra fun.