Horoscopes week of August 12th-18th


The magic of youth is part of your personality. You shine and bask in playfulness. This means there is more to love and less to fear. Be more comfortable with your imagination. Let your ideas take you places. By the weekend your love life will begin to get sweeter. Address the tougher ego-shattering issues early in the week. The more you forgive, the more access you have to love and all it’s worth. Show what you’re made of on Saturday and Sunday.


Look within yourself. The answers are probably more in there than out there. Your new focus on teamwork, service, and working on health issues begins. This is the perfect time to get involved with a charitable cause. Your family life continues to be a big focus for you. Think about the things that were done right because of your ancestors’ courage. Gratitude is the basis of positive beginnings. The weekend looks perfect for a getaway.


There is much on your mind and you have much to say. You are more interested in your local environment. Travel and being mobile are big issues. You are allowing the work of your hands to be seen by others. You have more of a passion for the things that you are doing. Know the difference between being nosy and having a healthy curiosity. Neighborhood gossip can, at times, be over the top. It’s about being able to love everyone without getting caught up in egos.


You are in a very lucky cycle. You have something to sing about. When dealing with hardship, you’ve learned to be creative about it. You know how important it is to feel a sense of love and security. Will love alone ever become the new capital? It’s hard to say, but nice to think about. Thursday and Friday are good for working with others. The weekend is all about partnerships, engagements, sexual unions, and getting contracts. Take calculated risks.


This is the last full week of your season. You have the intelligence to create a reasonable game-plan for yourself. The moon is waxing, thus a certain momentum is taking place. Wednesday night through Friday are your luckiest times this week. You’ll also feel more creative and open-hearted. The weekend looks good for getting organized or for working with others toward a charitable cause. Help family with their limitations. Be aware of your domestic goals.


Focus on your dreams and the areas of your life where you might feel weak. This is the last week you need to isolate yourself. Next week a changing of the guard takes place, and you assume the crown of being the flavor of the month. Meanwhile, do some clean-up on your soul. Help others that are isolated in rest homes, hospitals, and prisons. Pray, meditate, and find isolated places in nature to refresh your soul. Pay off old debts and make things right with anyone who has been wronged.


Socially-speaking, your life just keeps on getting livelier. You have a few select intelligent friends who can do much to help you. Seek the counsel of the wise and experienced. You may need to readjust your finances. You look appealing to others as Venus begins to transit your first house on Friday morning. The weekend is all about family and learning to be content or useful with what’s been given you. Truth can’t be negotiated when lives are at stake.


In spite of the challenges you have with your life, you have been essentially blessed and protected. It’s sort of showtime for Scorpios. Engage in your best talents and skills. Let the world see what you are good at. You are accepting the fact that you’re becoming more mature. Setting goals for yourself is a good thing. Take time out to retreat, pray, and meditate. Work on your art and creative passions. The moon will be in Scorpio Monday afternoon through most of Wednesday, giving you deeper insights.


You’ll need to practice a little bit of restraint as the excitement of things and events around you may cause you to move too quickly. Things are going remarkably well for you, yet some of your power feels like it’s in someone else’s hands. The moon will be in Sagittarius Wednesday evening through Friday. You’ll have the opportunity to make amends for any wrongdoing. Live life like it’s an adventure worth exploring. The weekend looks good for working on finances.


Love is one of the best motivators for doing anything. Partnerships can, and will, eventually deepen. Let go of your cares and troubles. You are only responsible for yourself and your own feelings. Pray blessings on those who may have hurt you. Love is the water on the fire and the mover of debris. The weekend features a moon in Capricorn. Be ready to change plans if necessary. You’ll get a chance to be more creative, career-wise.


I salute you for trying to keep a sense of balance as heady Leo egos seem to dominate rather than educate. Your thoughtfulness helps to make you who you are. Focus on your career and talents at the beginning of the week. Be around friends during the latter half of the week. The weekend looks good for meditation and for helping others who are less fortunate. Romances could deepen. There is a sense that you will enjoy what you are doing.


The best heartfelt projects that give you joy, will still require some effort in order to take them to the level that gives you satisfaction. You’ve got the juice to make things sensual, appealing, creative, as well as interesting. Monday through Wednesday are good for publishing, studies, or travel. The rest of the week is good for dealing with the public and moving forward with your career. You may even be able to squeeze in a little bit of party time over the weekend.

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