Wednesday morning features the new moon in Aries. What would you like to do that you’ve never done before? Are you honoring the things that have been on your heart? Most Aries move on impulse. It would be wise to plan a strategy that looks further into the future. The Venus and Mars conjunction in Aries is good for falling in love or exploring a new person romantically. Mercury enters Aries Saturday night, prompting quick thinking and clearer communication.


The week begins socially active for you. You’ll know who your real friends are by Wednesday. Prepare for the future. Get together with progressively-minded people. Find a way to create new solutions. Thinking beyond the grid and finding new sources of energy is crucial. You have greater good fortune and a willingness to help change things for the better. Saturday and Sunday feature the moon in Gemini. You should be at the top of your game.


Forgive others for a longer life. Develop a more philosophical approach to your problems. Good fortune is all around you. You are able to help others become wealthy too. Pay attention to your studies. Mark each and every experience as important. Try different routes when going to a familiar place or pick a new destination. The new moon will make you luckier and happier. Take courage and be confident. When the purpose is unselfish love, how can there be any mistakes?


You are conscious of your own potential. You are having trouble deciding whether you should move forward or back off. Love is infinite and love is work. If you are afraid of work, you are afraid of love. Romance and infatuation are mostly temporary states. Even in good partnerships, it’s easy to settle into routine. The new moon rules marriage, engagements, contracts, and open enemies. Yes, it’s unfortunately true that even though you are nice, not everyone sees you that way.


Living large seems to be your specialty these days. You’re in the mood for celebrations of any kind. There is a sense of enthusiasm in the air. Fire signs feed and bask in the light and activities of other fire signs. There is a sense of spontaneity as well as a contagious enthusiasm. The new moon rules creative expression, children, fathers, and being the class clown. It’s good to be generous with your wealth and spread the joy to others.


Stay on your toes and be aware. You have a lot of information to digest during this period. Pay attention to all forms of communication. This may also be a time where you consider going back to school. Look up siblings, cousins, and friends that you grew up with. The new moon rules being a bigger part of your local environment, learning to be a better neighbor, and being able to travel at the drop of a hat. It’s also a good time to develop talents that involve working with your hands.


Pay attention to personal karma. What has been hidden in secret will eventually be made known. Your secrets have your attention. It’s important to be careful not to be a part of your own undoing. Prayer is one of the best ways to negotiate your current 12 house transits. On the lighter side, you may enjoy the pleasures of the bed more. Take time to get enough sleep. Help other people who are isolated in some way. The moon will be in Taurus Wednesday night until daybreak Saturday.


You are the commander, the captain, the general, the boss, the leader, and the responsible party. You enjoy working with a positive emotional flow. You are an expert on instilling good feelings. Compliments, gifts, and rewards are some of your tools for motivation. Thursday and Friday are your best days for going out and socializing. Otherwise this is a time to keep your nose to the grindstone, focus on work and career, and make things happen.


Good things come from places and people that we might not necessarily want to relate to. Keeping a clear, non-judgmental mind will allow you the most opportunities for joyful discoveries. There is often sadness or anger when we need to let go of something or someone that we’ve been attached to. The new moon rules mysteries, transformation, and telepathic thoughts. It also rules an awakened libido, births, and deaths. Give up something to get something better.


Get organized. Get rid of things. Learn to simplify and do things more efficiently. The freedom you do have is not to be taken for granted. Smile more often and you may attract some new friends. Be ready and able to help others with a charitable cause. Take care of your health by drinking more water and by getting enough sleep. The new moon rules small pets, uncles and aunts, and finding a way to make the life of the community flow more smoothly.


Family and domestic issues are at the top of your agenda. Pay attention to memories and your personal history. Parents are confronted with a number of new issues and situations with every generation. It’s best not to criticize others for not having the proper information. Teaching and learning both require patience. The new moon rules your heritage, parents, grandparents, and your foundation for living. Thursday and Friday look joyful and creative.


You can’t serve two masters — God and money. Addiction to materialism is the downfall of Western culture. Anything that makes us want to separate rather than unite may need to come under question. You need a good foundation for positive living and good relationships.  The money will come. Sometimes you need to be generous or give a little away to a charitable cause first. Sing spiritual songs. Compliment others and take care of a sore throat or neck ache.