Your public life and your social connections are emphasized this week. You continue to move powerfully with your own ambitions and goals. Be extra patient and relaxed on Tuesday, as extra challenges are bound to confront you at work. Thursday and Friday are best for social gatherings and people-pleasing. The weekend is good for a spiritual retreat or just staying at home and laying low. Take time to finish off projects you began several weeks ago.



It’s up to you to take in the information and to come up with a reasonable solution for what needs to be done. The art of being loving is best instilled at an early age. Teenagers and adolescents especially need extra love and attention. Reparations need to be enforced to ensure that the injured party can recover fully. Thursday and Friday are good for research, travel, and pushing your luck. Good friends are all around you. Be confident enough to move forward.



You’re on a quest for a higher love and a higher wisdom. Travel, education, philosophy, and foreign cultures are where you’ll do well. When you’re excited about something that you’ve learned, it’s that much easier to convey that enthusiasm to others. Begin the week by being in touch with your heart and the people and things you love. Thursday and Friday are best for negotiations and confronting challenges. Be aware that you are luckier than usual.


The soulmate search seems to be constantly on for you. You are a people-pleasing person that needs the assurance of others to somehow stay grounded. You may possess the paint, while someone else has the paintbrush. I think it’s time we negotiate a deal. Love and lust are two different things. Love is more of a choice on values, while lust is just a chemical reaction. Thursday and Friday are super power days for you this week. Allow yourself time to flirt with others.


You seem ready to have so much fun that you could explode. You are more aware of your creative potential. Lovemaking and being more loving are big themes this week. Monday is your strongest day with the moon in Sagittarius. Be resourceful about new ways of being creative. A good example of this is an artist that used a bicycle handle bar and blew in it to make noise and eventually music like a flute. Partnerships will help you take things further.


This time of year has you wanting to take short trips into the natural world. Life is for learning and you are on a mission to expand your personal knowledge. This is also a time where vehicular maintenance and being able to be mobile is a big issue. The moon will be in Aquarius Thursday and Friday. Be ready for spontaneous social gatherings and meetings designed to prepare us for the future. Stay close to siblings, neighbors, and childhood friends.


Good things come to those that are able to wait patiently. Tuesday and Wednesday are luckier days for you. If something needs an extra nudge or push, these are better days to work on things. Pay attention to your dream life. Learn to read the signs. Numerology, astrology, and the spiritual significance of animals may lead you to some deeper truths. Continue to help others that are isolated and cultivate a deeper compassion. Complete unfinished business.



Laughter continues to be the best medicine. You have a bit more responsibility than usual. Do things to improve your relationship with your coworkers. Everyone’s emotions and moods seem to have higher highs and lower lows. Learn to be OK with a number of situations, good or challenging. Your intuition is strong and so is your imagination. The weekend looks good for travel and education as well as exploration into unknown territory.


We pride ourselves on being independent and self-sufficient. However, no one comes into this world alone. Some desires require two in order to to be fulfilled. We have to die to something in order to have a new life or experience. It’s time for you to give something up in order to make room for something better. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for creative expression as well as for experiencing Eros and an awakened libido. Pay debts and say “thank you” to those that help you.


Satisfaction comes through dedicated service and a willingness to improve things. Love is the greatest service anyone can offer. Make other people feel like their needs count. By being charitable and by gifting others, we invite greater health and a more positive outlook on our lives. This week can be summed up with “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When we consider the needs of others, we become bigger people. Avoid junk food, sleep more, and stay healthy.


Being fearful doesn’t necessarily stop bad things from happening. In fact, fear blinds us to the potential for good in any challenging situation. Getting rid of family phobias requires a huge willingness to explore our less rational side. Change is difficult. Stop blaming your parents and try to do the best you can with what you’ve got. The moon will be in Capricorn late Monday night through Wednesday. You are conscious of how to build a better foundation of trust and integrity.


Being practical counts for much these days. If you need something, look for it used or second-hand first. Being resourceful and prudent with your income counts for much. Help others that are less resourceful than you. Sing spiritual songs and enjoy music more. Take the time to prepare a gourmet meal for yourself. The weekend features the moon in Pisces. Look at the many blessings you have. Give thanks for having the ability to manifest