Success is not measured in terms of how many possessions you own, but rather in the joy you carry in your soul from day to day. This week’s question is, “What is your focus?” When you are sad or angry, do you just stay there? Or do you look for help from others? Try to see the bigger picture this week. You still have the gift of inspiration to share with us all. Work on gratitude and appreciation. The moon will enter Aries Sunday evening. Otherwise, lay low over the weekend.


Grace is with you, yet you need to observe how easy it is to allow everything that you have worked so hard for to unravel. A meditation retreat or paying more attention to your spiritual practice is the solution. Even consciously spending time in nature alone can help. There are other people out there with worse problems than you. Helping isolated people will move you ahead in the world of karma. Pay attention to your dreams and the messages that they contain.


The work season is on and you know you need to step things up a bit. You’ll be in the public eye much of this week. Be conscious of sprucing up your image. Seek more efficient ways of doing things. Your interactions with others hold a lot of weight this week. Continue to focus on ways to make things more beautiful. Cooking, gardening, artwork and playing music feel good during this time. Be aware of contracts and agreements, especially during the second half of the week.


It’s hard to get up in the morning when you know that you have a mountain full of responsibilities to take care of. There are your partner’s needs and your family’s needs. You may need to put your own needs temporarily on hold. Lust and sex are hard to run away from this time of year. We are awakening to each other’s beauty and power. Wednesday and Thursday are your smoothest days this week. The weekend looks good for charitable causes and working with others.


Surrender to the fact you need to work hard this week. Work on finances toward the beginning of the week. Do whatever you can to enhance your health. Being a team player will take you where you need to go this week. Others are relying on you for help. Personal issues seem to dominate your emotions. Pay your bills and get as much sleep and alone time as you can handle. The weekend looks good for home improvements and visiting older relatives.


Overcome fears of intimacy. Get down deep with family members and the people you live with. Do something to honor your parents or older adults in your tribe. This is a great time for spring-cleaning and home beautification. The moon will be in Aquarius Wednesday, and Thursday people are on edge about their personal freedoms and where they might be going. The weekend looks good for working on security issues and making a little money for yourself.


Another week to indulge in being your sensual self. Seek a new frontier or way of doing things. Monday and Tuesday are lucky days for you. Take advantage of being able to get much done early in the week. Seek a game plan that propels you into having a better year. Wednesday and Thursday are good for moving up in your career. The weekend will be good for parties and pursuing your bliss. You’ll feel smarter on Wednesday, when Mercury moves into Taurus.


You are moving through life with a little more ease these days. Social organization is the priority at this point. This is an awesome time for future planning. Helpful friends show up when you need them most. Be ready to use your skills with more of a sense of ease. The week begins with a romantic vibe and ends up with a weekend that is good for travel and mental stimulation. Have fun setting goals for yourself and reaching them. Throw a party.


Bring an open mind and a willing heart wherever you go. This is your time to take risks and to step things up a notch. Explore a new area or study a new or more in-depth subject. Spread your love and wealth to others. Get the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary. The week begins on a very creative note. You move briskly though your tasks. You may even be engaged in a long-distance romance. The weekend looks good for romance and partnerships.


Stop worrying and begin negotiating. In a way, you are like the flavor of the month inside out. Your level of personal magnetism seems to grow every day. To reach personal goals, you must be able to negotiate with others. Be kind to family members, siblings, parents, and children. Be sure that activities offered by other people don’t conflict with your goals. The weekend looks good for loving, being creative, and all in all just having fun and cutting loose.


You’re on top of your game this week. Your bywords will be fun, playfulness, love, lust, and children. Rule number one: don’t make love to someone that isn’t going to be a good parent. Rule number two: if you have children, then they come first. Rule number 3: if you don’t love what you are doing, then stop. Monday and Tuesday are powerful with the moon in Capricorn. I believe you’ll be able to move mountains this week. Do all things with love!


Poetry, good communication, and storytelling come from being conscious about specifics. Avoid being bored with life. Try something new. Get in touch with neighbors and peers. Friends are helpful and supportive toward the beginning of the week.  Wednesday and Thursday it’s best to lay low as people are having a difficult time being understood and having their needs met. The Pisces moon over the weekend brings a sense of renewal.