The grand finale and close of your season begins this week. If you need to get things done, now is the time to move ahead with your projects. Strike while the iron is hot and let the wind fill your sails, for they that hesitate are lost. Simplify your goals and plans. Financial planning becomes more important. Thursday through Saturday are your best days for getting in touch with what really matters to you. Creativity is worth something in the long run. Change your image.


Having things good is not to be taken for granted. Your knowledge is a gift, as well as your ability to communicate. On Monday, we begin the week with the moon in Gemini. Be aware of who your real friends are. You may need to spend a little more time alone in the coming weeks. Begin to pay attention to your dreams and their meanings. The weekend is good for being more intimate with family. Help others who may feel isolated.


Having to learn more is humbling when you’re a teacher. Love is a stronger motivation than fear. Seek solutions to problems and then implement them. You’re about to move into a place where creating beauty and art feels urgent and important. The moon will be in Leo from Thursday morning through most of Saturday. Perform with zeal and reckless abandon. Be aware of the way humility makes a more admirable leader. In short, be more like the Dali Llama and less like Napoleon.


Partnership season isn’t all bliss. It’s also a time of open enemies and confrontations. You discover that who people think you are isn’t matching with who you think you are. It’s time to let go of a few things and allow the transformation to take over. You begin the week with good ideas as to where you need to be headed. By the weekend, you’ll be torn between socializing and personal obligation. Take care of business and dive right into the hard stuff.


Fixing what is not broken is a waste of time. Most people see their government as somewhat inefficient, if not at times petty and vindictive. Help others get their priorities straight. Contribute a positive team spirit at the work place. Personal growth is hard and will require some effort. This weekend looks great for doing research and for travel. Giving is winning. Health is your biggest wealth. Infuse your environment with a spirit of gratitude.


The time of rapid learning and short trips turns toward the time you find a more fulfilling personal life. Family issues involving elders is more of a priority now. Being with the kinds of people that nurture your soul is also a part of this equation. This could be a time when you’re planning on moving or are looking to buy property. Your creative abilities continue to grow. The weekend looks good for romance and getting deeper with others as well as yourself.


This week marks the changing of the guard for you. This is where karma meets intention and the unconscious begins to grapple with consciousness. The good news is waking up Monday morning with Venus in Taurus. You become more relaxed. Your pursuit of beauty gets easier. Friday afternoon at 3:03 PM the sun enters Taurus and the world begins to mellow out. Saturday morning at 4:48 AM Mars goes into Taurus allowing you to build bridges and enjoy personal strength.


The pressures of being in the public eye and taking care of career business will slowly begin to simmer down this week. You’ll be moving to a place where it is easier to make friends and to move toward having a more fulfilling social life. The moon will be in Cancer Monday night through Wednesday. Your influence is strong and you may end up getting what you want. Over the weekend you’ll be counting your pennies to find a way of funding your next adventure.


The rougher edges that come with doing things for other people and having other people do things for you are about to calm down. Life is about to become more of an exotic adventure and less of an obligation. You are about to fulfill a positive aspiration. You are more open to learning how to be creative in a new way. The moon enters Virgo at 6:08PM PST on Saturday. Saturday night and especially Sunday are power days for you. Give and be given to.


The period of hard work and fighting to improve health issues is about to come to a close. The time for you to be more of a lover and less of a fighter has begun. You’ll be able to come off as powerful and loving by the end of the week. Continue to practice teamwork. Making other people happy is fun and good for the soul. Be bigger than your own desires. Potential lovers seem to crawl out of the woodwork. Be receptive to the things others have to offer you.


Don’t take on the problems of the world alone. Rely on family or be a more reliable family member. A shift happens and you’ll find yourself having more fun and being in touch with matters of the heart. You also get more creative this week. Be more aware of what you have to offer. Avoid hoarding things that you don’t need. Be ready to give more away. Smile more often. Pay attention to children more. You are the director of the screenplay of your life.


Financial worries begin to lessen this week as money begins to trickle in. Monday night though Wednesday, you’re challenged to be more creative, more loving, and more aware of your effect on others. A good spiritual life begins with being devoted to your elders and loved ones in your family. Learn to be a better neighbor and friend. A time of travel, personal growth, and deeper learning has begun. Enjoy working with your hands and doing the things you’re passionate about.