Horoscopes – Week of 3/16/15


Take care of social affairs early on in the week. The season of karma comes to an end as spring will be sprung with the sun moving into Aries on Friday at 3:45pm PDT. Venus will move into your second house on Tuesday the 17th. You’re likely to be tempted to spend money on luxuries. Your appetite for all things sensual will increase. You’re likely to be a little more concerned with economic security. The new moon eclipse on Friday could affect you, as personal karma that you may not understand demands some sort of attention.


You’re hovering between your social life and your spiritual life. You have a duty to respond to things as they come up. Venus moves into Taurus on Tuesday, heating up spring-like passions on the early side. Social situations and meetings are best scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday, while the moon transits your eleventh house. Karma and your working life are activated by the solar eclipse on Friday. Do things to fortify your health. Things calm down on Sunday when the moon enters serene Taurus. Sew up loose ends and do good.


Get beyond “he said, she said.” Words are like dust in the breeze as one thought passes into another. Much of this week is about higher learning, public image, and changing the people you hang out with. From responsibility and its privileges you are able to move more freely in your social life. The new moon eclipse links public image with social potential. On Sunday it’s best to lay low and take care of personal business. Part of this week is learning how to conform to the world’s expectations of you. Seek things to make your future life easier.


We move from gratitude and spiritual expansion to career and public responsibility. Breathe deeply to get through the first couple of days of the week. On Wednesday and Thursday all the luck and meaningful experiences will be yours. The new moon solar eclipse brings greater career responsibility. Be sure to hone in on your talents and skills over the next several weeks. The world is watching you and your style. Sunday will be your best day for getting together with friends and planning what you want to do in the weeks ahead.


Working with what you’ve got will eventually pay off. The week begins with a focus on relationships and agreements. Do what you can to make peace. Passion and transformation are key words this week. On Wednesday and Thursday you may need to give in to another person’s wishes. The new moon solar eclipse mixes what you owe with what you’ve learned. You’ll need to take risks in order to move forward over the next several weeks. Sunday is good for getting out in public and displaying your many talents and skills.


You feel like a referee in between worlds that are about to fall apart. There are no winners in this game. Let go and quit feeling so responsible. Learn the link between love and magic. Find unusual and underground ways of manifesting things. You are able to say just the right thing at just the right time. Wednesday and Thursday are good for romance and negotiations. The new moon eclipse brings a deeper understanding of magic and transformation. Be a better listener and less of a talker. Sunday is good for travel, studies, and exotic experiences.


Wellness means different things to different people. So does wholeness. You are doing things to improve your health. You are a good team player and enjoy serving others. You may even have been in service to your pets or helping out Aunts and Uncles. On Monday and Tuesday your heart is open and you are more open to playing around and having fun. Wednesday and Thursday finds you busy at work. The new moon solar eclipse sparks romance. You tend to fall for risk-takers. You can’t do justice for others very well until you are just to yourself.


We emerge from our creative selves to become people capable of serving others. We seek the light for comfort during our darkest hour. Venus moves into your seventh house, signaling a passionate love after a long dry period. Can you accept someone else and their sweetness? Wednesday and Thursday have a good deal of creative potential, as well as being good for working with children. The new moon eclipse bridges your artist-self with your worker-self. By Sunday the vibe will be right for love, especially that afternoon.


Imagination and memory are serving you well. There continue to be ongoing communication issues, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Be ready to help your family or your parents with their needs. The prospects for travel improve with the new moon eclipse. The higher mind is activated and creative vision is restored. Be ready to have more fun and more love. Break out of your shell. Pay more attention to your children if you have any. Plan on learning more. On Sunday, attend to practical matters and work with a loved one.


In this cycle we move out of things being just about you. Family needs become stronger or there may be an urge to move. Your parents may need your help. Or you may need their help about getting information about your family history. Monday and Tuesday can be good financially. On Wednesday and Thursday, gather information and keep the lines of communication open. The new moon eclipse brings emotional sensitivity along with memories of family. By Sunday you’ll be feeling like it’s safe to go outside and play once more.


One might describe this week as a time of moving from material goods to valuable information. Hindsight is 20/20. Address issues that may feel stagnant in your partnership. See where each other’s values lie. The week begins strong with the moon in Aquarius on Monday and Tuesday; you’ll have something to say these days. Finances could improve on Wednesday and Thursday. The new moon solar eclipse revives your curiosity and gives you more courage. Sunday is best spent at home or with your family.


Monday through Thursday the sun will remain in Pisces. Do what you can to consciously live these days with great form. Wednesday and Thursday feature the moon in Pisces. You can change the way you’ve been doing things. The new moon solar eclipse is at the very last tip of Pisces and then moves into your second house. How are you supposed to manifest the things you desire? Where do you find a voice? The focus will be on economics and how to use your resources. Good food and good times. You are able to befriend the neighbors.