Horoscopes – Week of March 9, 2015


You are a combination of motivation and confusion this month. This week you will blaze a trail between transformation, exotic experiences, and public performances. Pay attention to your highest values between the afternoon of the 11th  through the 13th. You’re also luckier these days, and they are all great days for travel. The weekend will give you an opportunity to show your leadership ability. Be aware of what your talents and skills are and use them. You may even be aware of talents you inherited from your mother’s side of the family.


The time to make friends and expand your social life is now. This is also a good time to make plans for the future. During the first part of the week it would be wise to pay attention to partnership issues. Much karma is being made during this time. Meditate, pray, and stay conscious. What you can’t control might actually be good for you. The weekend looks good for travel, education and exotic experiences. You’re likely to experience some type of good fortune. Stay curious about life in general and you’re likely to discover something new.


Delegate some of your responsibilities to others this week. Much has been happening in your social life. There is a pressing need to prepare for the future. Partnership issues come more into focus the evening of the 11th through Friday the 13th. You are either in a relationship that was meant to last or one that is meant to dissolve. The weekend is good for going to yard sales, getting help from others, and learning about to occult. Remain calm when things beyond your control occur. Mercury moves into your tenth house Thursday night, giving you wisdom regarding your career.


Miracles happen amidst the strangest circumstances. One of my first thoughts is that you might recover a lost item. The week begins on a positive and creative note. Your heart is open and you are ready to do good things. Focus on health, service and teamwork on Thursday and Friday. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations and getting contracts. The best way to enjoy this time is to try new things and to be open to other peoples ways of doing things. Beyond this you are able to show the world the many talents that you have cultivated.


I might describe this week as a bunch of good fortune amidst a little discomfort. Other people may control the shots, yet the lessons learned are most enlightening. You are luckier than usual, especially Wednesday evening through Friday. Playful feelings and the pursuit of happiness dominate during this period. The weekend is good for charitable causes, getting organized and taking care of health issues. During this period you will learn to trust your intuition more. Be aware of the goals that produce things that are built to last.


Honey can preserve things for thousands of years. You need to be like honey when it comes to anything of value. Relationships are everything. Mercury moving into your seventh house Thursday evokes words of kindness. Get your communication done early in the week. Wednesday evening through Friday is good for home improvement and spring cleaning. The weekend looks good for all things creative, playful, and love oriented. This is a good time for deep romance, casual flings, travel and confidence building.


Working on a better situation characterizes much of this week. Opportunities to increase your income are likely to come early in the week. Where are you going to take your personal ambitions? If anyone has anything against you, they are likely to be open about it. Your focus and organizational abilities are top notch with Mercury moving through your sixth house. The weekend is good for seeing parents or older relatives. Work on improving your house. Get to know the people that you consider to be part of your tribe.


Climb the big mountain. Attend to the many tasks before you. Creative instincts and playfulness dominate. There is a need to serve others and to engage in teamwork. You are learning how to have better health. Stay detail oriented and remain on task. The moon will be in Scorpio Monday the ninth through most of the afternoon of the eleventh. The weekend looks good for short trips, neighborhood events and catching up on communiqués. You’ll be making some advances. Enjoy indulging in your heart’s desires.


Today’s burdens are forgotten tomorrow. Goals that are worthwhile are a bigger part of your focus. You have so many creative ideas that you don’t know what to do with all of them. The moon will be in Sagittarius late Wednesday afternoon through Friday. Be prepared to initiate your best ideas. The weekend looks good for making money, finding your voice, and doing things that affirm your values. Family life and helping your parents can’t be ignored. Our ancestors give us a foundation from which we can move forward.


Make some new friends this week. Monday and Tuesday could be powerful days for you to make new alliances. During Wednesday evening through Friday it would be best for you to lay low, except to take care of unfinished business. It’s time to be over the learning process, and to begin putting things into practice. Your communication gets better Thursday night when Mercury moves into your third house. The weekend features the moon in Capricorn. Many goals and challenges will take on a different form as Saturn goes retrograde Saturday morning.


Believe that your good values make a difference. Life is an investment, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Economic needs continue to be part of your focus. During Monday through most of Wednesday, focus on your career. This is a powerful time for manifestation. Wednesday evening through Friday are your best days for socializing and for future planning. The weekend looks good for laying low and catching up on your sleep. Knowing when to let go of certain things or situations is for your health both mentally and physically.


You’ve done much to make things happen the last few weeks. In many ways you are richer now than you were before. Kindness and compassion take on many forms. You are becoming more fixed in terms of your values. Monday through Wednesday afternoon are your luckiest days for taking risks and moving forward. You may find yourself with more responsibilities on Thursday and Friday. The weekend looks good for parties and socializing. Watch for changes amongst the most responsible members of your social circle.