Horoscopes – Week of March 2, 2015


You begin the week with a strong and positive vibration. You will find something about life worth celebrating. Your imagination and intuition are being activated. Stay conscious of your ability to do good works. It’s easy to go on cruise control and forget that you could be part of your own undoing. The full moon in your sixth house emphasizes charitable causes, personal health issues, and working with others in a service oriented environment. The weekend will inspire love, romance and partnership. Give in to prayer and meditation.


Your social life is activated during this period. This is a good time to make future plans. Monday and Tuesday are good for domestic issues and for honoring older relatives. During Wednesday through most of Friday afternoon the full moon illuminates your fifth house of creative expression, children and love affairs. Expect to have a good time. The weekend looks good for taking care of health issues, working on a team project of some sort, or just playing with the dog or cat. Be open to making new friends. Important contacts could be made.


When zipping around town in or on a conveyance, be sure to watch out for other people. Your neighborhood may seem more alive than usual, or you’ll be getting lots of messages. The full moon heightens your sensitivity and stretches your comfort zone. You may be concerned about your mother or an older female relative. The weekend is easier to take. Your luck improves. Love is in the air, and you’ll get a chance to demonstrate your creative abilities. Avoid bending the truth. You are in the public eye so people notice what you are doing.


This is a good time for speculating, taking risks, traveling abroad or seeking a higher education. You may even find yourself discussing philosophy. The first couple of days are good for making money. The period between Wednesday and Friday will find you charged, activated or feeling restless with the full moon. Messages from old friends and siblings are likely. People are constantly wanting to recruit you to take on more responsibility. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. The weekend looks good for being with family and staying home.


Once again, do not attempt to control this situation that seems like other people have the upper hand in. By letting go you are winning. On Monday and Tuesday you are likely to have your way as the moon will be in Leo. During Wednesday through most of Friday the full moon helps you financially. You should be counting your blessings. The weekend is good for getting together with siblings or for romancing friends. We are limited only by our lack of faith and sense of positive direction. Use your imagination to create something beautiful.


Pisces is your opposite, your complement, and partnership sign. Romance may be more intense these days with Venus, Mars, Uranus, and The South Node in your eighth house which rules sex, birth, death, other people’s property and occult studies. You are going through transformation. The full moon in Virgo will bring forth a sense of positive change and the ability to move forward. View love as a service as well as a source of healing power. The weekend looks good for improving one’s finances, making a good meal, and singing a song.


Work and play need to have some sort of balance. It’s possible to feel like a red hot lover with people expressing passion in your direction. Monday and Tuesday are rather social days for you. The full moon emphasizes your karma as well as your subconscious. You may even have deja vu about someone you knew in a past life. Late Friday afternoon through Sunday features a moon in Libra. Be ready to be at the top of your game as people want your attention. Pace yourself because as work builds up there is potential for burnout.


Be generous and it will bring you good fortune. Your mind is sharp and your heart is open. Your mood is playful and creative expression comes easy. On Monday and Tuesday keep in mind your talents and skills and note that the whole world is watching. Wednesday through much of Friday the full moon vibe takes over your eleventh house. Be ready to party and to enjoy people’s company. The weekend looks good for meditation, laying around in bed, or visiting someone in a rest home, a hospital, or a prison. Keep working on improving your health.


Success comes from having a firm foundation. No one should set out on a journey without bringing the essentials for survival. You may be feeling a little shy and withdrawn. Take heart that others feel the same way. Your heart is open and your creative inspiration is at an all time high. You feel most comfortable when you are engaged in play. Monday and Tuesday are fun-filled as well as lucky. The full moon challenges you to use your talents and skills to the fullest. The weekend is good for your social life and for future planning.


Open and honest communication makes everything go better. You need to be mobile and ready to perform a number of tasks. You’ll be spending time gathering and sharing information. Neighbors and siblings play a role in helping you to manifest. You could have recently moved or are moving. The full moon inspires long distance travel and higher education. This is a lucky moon for you. The weekend looks good for career promotions, using your talents and skills and being more available to the public and your peers.


Values are found in the many things you engage in. What you purchase, consume, where you live, and the people you hang out with all play a role. Monday and Tuesday look good for romance, partnerships, and diplomatic work. The full moon in your eighth house could get a little bit intense. Your psychic senses will be heightened. Take everything in stride and take a breath deep. The weekend looks excellent for travel, education and exotic experiences. Friendships and socializing are big factors as to how the turn of events manifest.


You finally get the attention you deserve and need this week. Be ready to move forward with work projects early in the week. Good progress will be made as Jupiter and the moon conjoin. Wednesday through most of Friday a very romantic. The full moon will up your libido and keep you wanting sensual pleasures. The weekend could be intense. Be careful not to spend too much money and end up going into debt. You have the imagination and compassion to make good things happen. Be bold and assert yourself when necessary.