Horoscopes for the Week of January 19th


We are moving a little farther away from business and closer to social organization. The sun moves from your career house to the house of helpful friends and future planning. Mars continues to move through your twelfth house. Take time to meditate and pray. Get rid of subconscious hostilities. Seek a group of people who affirm your social values. Ask your friends what you might be able to do better. The moon will be in Aries over the weekend. This is a good time to initiate goals, work on challenges, and commit yourself to a worthy cause.


The last several weeks have been about higher learning, exotic experiences, travel and education. This week you begin to focus on your talents and skills, career ambitions and how to adjust to the public demands. Mercury begins its retrograde journey on the 21st and won’t go direct till February 11th. Until the dust settles, love what you do and do what you love. The weekend looks good for focusing on spiritual karma and helping those who are isolated. Keep on seeking higher ground and demonstrate good intellectual abilities.


The worst is over, and the best is yet to come. You’ve struggled a little bit with other people being in control of the things you own and need. A transformation has taken place in your life during the last several weeks. The sun moves into your ninth house of education, philosophy, travel, and having a higher form of morality. Mercury slows into retrograde mode on Wednesday. Continue to work on the things that are in front of you. You may need to take some risks in order to achieve the goals you are pursuing. Welcome positive change.


Using your imagination and intuition is key to being able to navigate the next several weeks. The new moon Tuesday is in your eighth house of death, sex, birth, other people’s property, and occult studies. When things get tough be sure to ask for help from others. Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, forcing you to be conscious and aware that there are two sides to every story. Thursday and Friday are your luckiest days this week. You may need to take some initiative over the weekend in regards to career and public image.


Hard work has dominated your life for the past several weeks. You are moving into a period where you can breathe a sigh of relief. Partnerships and relationships come more into focus. The possibilities for romance begin to increase. Due to Mercury retrograde, guard against saying things that others might misunderstand. The new moon highlights your love life, mates, and contracts. Strive to be more fair and just in all that you do. Be the kind of person who you could fall in love with. The weekend looks great for travel and exploration.


The past several weeks have been helping you to remember matters of the heart. You may want to recommit yourself to serving others with your abilities. Health issues can’t be compromised. Do whatever is necessary to maintain good health. Mercury going retrograde brings a chance to improve on whatever service you offer. View smiling as a form of love and service. Try not to take anything too seriously. Avoid being a critic and a buzz-kill. Learn to support team efforts. Reorganize to make your life more efficient.


Better days are ahead. Joy and love will be what you’re pushing. Creativity will begin to kick in for you. You’ll be more conscious of matters of the heart. Art, music, theater, and dance will be on top of your to-do list. The new moon is about being smarter, feeling luckier, and paying more attention to matters of the heart. Tuesday and Wednesday are especially fortunate days for you. This is also a good time to pay attention to your health. Mercury retrograde puts a magnifying glass on the people, places, and things that you love.


This is probably the most introspective time of year for you. Matters regarding family and emotions present their own challenges. The new moon illuminates memory and teaches about history particularly when it comes to ones own heritage. You feel invigorated by creative projects with Mars transiting your fifth house. Mercury retrograde will put more of a focus on domestic projects. Realize that the past affects the present both positively and negatively. Helping parents and grandparents is good karma. Stay true to your spiritual values.


You are becoming more responsible day by day. You are more aware of your limits. You are getting rid of the things that are no longer working for you. You are taking your ideas to a place of manifestation. The new moon brings helpful friends and helps with planning for the future. Seek a sustainable model rather than a whimsical pop-cultural fad. Mercury retrograde could bring a lot of he-said/she-said in your social circle. Life is getting better in some ways, yet more difficult in other. Look for solutions rather than dwell on problems.


You appear to be ready to make something happen. This is a time when you are focused on personal finances, food, oral hygiene and how your neck is feeling. Saturn is in the 12th house of karma. This is when being responsible pays off. The new moon puts an emphasis on your personal values, resources and family situation. Pay attention to what is being said. Be more practical with your spending. Hold off on all luxuries until at least mid-February, otherwise Mercury retrograde is about to teach you a lesson regarding impulse buying.


You’re a little less concerned with your career and more concerned with your social standing. The new moon in Aquarius puts the focus on social groups, innovative technology, and preparing for a better future. Saturn transiting your eleventh house makes the revolutionary side of Aquarius more tangible. You are able to step into new territory in a more powerful way. Your ideas are more likely to be embraced. Be conscious about what you want to do. Be open to revising things a few times. The weekend looks good for brainstorming.


You are entering the dream space where imagination rules. There may be a sense of isolation and the thought that you might be going crazy. The new moon presents a period for working out your karma. Pay attention to messages in dreams. Help those who are in prisons, hospitals, and rest homes. You have more courage and energy with Mars in the first house. You are likely to make career improvements with Saturn moving through your tenth house. The moon will be in Pisces on Thursday and Friday. Be available for service.