Horoscopes – Week of February 23, 2015


Part of you is extremely conscious of what is going on in your life. Another part of you has a blind spot with the potential to be part of your own undoing. Take care of finances and purchases early in the week. Mars in Aries brings new adventures and new challenges. Venus in Aries gives you more to love. Uranus in Aries brings excitement, interruptions and inspiration. The South Node in Aries brings an unknown impulse for acting out. The weekend is good for family events and taking care of domestic affairs.


Your social life begins to take off this week. The moon will be in Taurus Monday and most of Tuesday. Work on making good karma. Much is out of your control. Dreams and the subconscious mind are in focus. You may have had a past life with some of the people around you. You may even be obsessed with the pleasures of the bed. Perhaps you’re in a place where you feel more isolated than usual. The weekend looks good for short trips, writing, communicating, getting together with old friends, and working with your hands.


A new cycle presents itself to you. You find yourself more in the public eye. Decisions involving work and career are likely to occur during this time. Your social life is very active, with invitations from various parties coming your way. The moon will be in Gemini on Wednesday and Tuesday; these are good days for job interviews, presenting ideas, and at looking at issues from both sides. The weekend is good for focusing on finances, singing songs, and cooking good meals. Avoid overreacting and blowing things up.


Things are getting better for you. Lessons learned are beginning to make sense. Begin the week socializing with friends, perhaps meeting new friends. Keep a low profile on Wednesday and Thursday. You too should pay attention to career and opportunities to display your talents and skills. This is a lucky time of year for you. This is also a good time for travel and education. Do things to help others and you will double your luck. The moon will be in Cancer Friday through most of Sunday. You could be the life of the party.


There are no shortcuts to a fulfilled existence. Once you embrace the pleasant as well as the unpleasant, your life becomes richer. Being graceful during times when you can’t control things is essential. There is some good luck coming your way that may be disguised as a hardship. Magic is around the corner if you are able to keep the faith. Shared power feels better than one ego calling the shots. The moon will be in Leo late Sunday afternoon. You’ll learn something new about yourself as you adjust to other’s wishes.


You are on the outside looking in. You are analytical and inquisitive while Pisces is imaginative and caught in a dream. Your seventh and eighth houses are activated and your interest in romance is stronger than usual. Mercury is in your sixth house is teaching you to be a team player and to pay more attention to your health. Monday and Tuesday are your luckiest days this week. It would be very easy to risk things for love during this cycle. The weekend looks good for parties and socializing. Make friends by being a friend. Stay chill as passions rise.


Real peace comes from staying on task, being responsible with your resources, and being prepared to negotiate with others. Seek out charitable causes to help with. You tend to think of love as some sort of adventure. Challenges seldom scare you. If there is a place where you can fit in, you’re there. Wednesday and Thursday are your luckiest days this week. The weekend could be a good time to elevate your public image and to research fulfilling your career ambitions. This is also a good time to start exercising, and eating right for better health.


Having the juice to get the job done is part of this week for you. The needs of the libido figure strongly as the moon travels from your seventh house to the eighth and ninth house this week. Mars in the sixth house and Pluto in the third house lead you to take everything as a learning experience. Demonstrate patience when things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Swallow your pride and ask for help when you need it. The weekend looks good for travel, risk taking and speculation. Your heart is open and you have creative appeal. Who could ask for more?


It’s time to look within for personal happiness. Contact and honor parents, grandparents, and elders in the family. Be happy with the people you consider to be a part of your tribe. Be conscious of your heritage and family history. Your creative resources continue to grow as your imagination expands. Wednesday and Thursday are good days this week for romance. The weekend looks good for dealing with other people’s property, dealing with death, improving your telepathic powers, and being as sexy as possible.


Personal mobility means more to you these days. Your focus is on environment, neighbors, siblings, and communicating. Much may have been lost during Mercury retrograde that you are still catching up from. Demonstrate a willingness to learn new things. Be ready to work with your hands. Try alternative means of transportation: walking, biking, carpooling, or public transit. Monday and Tuesday are strong days for you. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations, love affairs and contracts.


Feel free to look at potential investments. Find out where your values truly show up. Your purchases have more political power than whether you vote or not. You will make many good conscious decisions this week. Begin with the foundational things that make you feel more comfortable. Wednesday and Thursday are filled with good creative ideas, heartfelt moments and a willingness to be playful. Play early and you’ll pay later. The weekend looks good for taking care of details and recovering from the week’s activities.


You are the flavor of the month. It’s your time to break old habits, get freedom from the past, and develop a better way to live. You’re either making good money right now or are struggling with your resources in some way. Begin the week by being open to learning new things. By the weekend you’ll be tapping into your creative resources. Good times and lots of love are around the corner. It will be difficult resisting food, drink, and sensual temptations. This is still a good time for establishing yourself in your chosen profession.