Horoscopes – Week of December 22, 2014


You are embarking on a new start. Pay attention to your public standing, your talents, and skills. This could indicate a change of career for you. What do you do that other people appreciate? Your social life has been more exciting with Mars transiting your eleventh house. Focus on completing creative projects that you began earlier in the year. Christmas day looks like a big party. Helpful friends could show up. You’ll have a better idea of what you need to do in the future. Late Saturday night the moon goes into Aries. A new game plan can be initiated then.


This is a lucky or fortunate time of year for you. Seek higher education, exotic experiences, and places that you have never been to before. Discover other religions and philosophies. Enhance your life by striving to be more open minded. This could be the time to consider enrolling in a course that could help your career later on in life. Monday and Tuesday are relatively fortunate days for you. Sometimes while we go through growth experiences there are growing pains as well. Christmas has you going through some sort of performance pressure ritual.


Mercury continues to travel through your eighth house. Transformation, change and allowing other people to do things for you are themes. Since yesterday’s new moon you may find yourself dealing with heavy emotional issues. Death, sex, and birth don’t always come easily. Having to go into debt or getting help from others is no bowl of cherries. From the night of the 23rd through Christmas Day you are likely to be traveling. These are very lucky days for you. The weekend has you in the public eye, perhaps taking on a new responsibility.


Who is our shadow? Are we the ideal mate or partner? Do we forgive ourselves and others with the same courtesy? How you engage with others is about to take on new meaning. Your relationship will either make you or break you. Monday and Tuesday could be powerful for decision making and love affairs. Desire is strong. Patience needs to be practiced. Whatever happens on Christmas Day is out of your control. The weekend goes much more smoothly, as the pressure is off and the moon will favor spiritual development.


Most things that are worthwhile require diligent attention, consistent effort, and a passion for the service that you provide. The workplace appears to be busier. Your need to coordinate team efforts is greater. Be aware of your specific health needs and try some new strategies. Sunday will be your best day. You may catch the spiritual essence of something. Meanwhile, stay organized and perform random acts of kindness. Make Christmas Day more about sharing and less about giving and getting. Some amount of negotiation is in order.


Be happy. Come from your heart. Don’t over-analyze every little detail. Avoid obsession. Be aware of your creative abilities. Mercury, Venus, the sun, Pluto and the moon are in your fifth house Monday and Tuesday. Be ready to smile more and to be open to having more fun. Do your service thing and be extra helpful for the holidays Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Do things to help increase your own physical stamina. Thursday through Saturday are especially good for romance. Find ways to encourage more fun.


The place we gain nurturing from tends to be our home. Do what you can to make your living environment more comfortable. Much of your focus is on feelings and the things that you are comfortable with. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you’ll be able to work a little of your magic in. Thursday through Saturday you’ll be focused on clean-up. By Sunday you’ll be conscious of what your next move should be and with whom. It’s best to know the history of things before moving forward with a new plan.


Our comfort zones are challenged by Mars transiting our fourth house. Fairness is an ideal that is difficult for others to wrap their minds around. The beginning of the week inspires communication, creative passions, travel and gleaning information. Find an aspect of your local environment that you love and care about. Thursday through Saturday will be good for art, children, love affairs, and playfulness. Keep a journal. Get more of your plans and musings in writing. Be aware of the needs of siblings and close friends.


This week your values are put in the spotlight. Self discipline becomes more important with Saturn moving into Sagittarius on Tuesday. Get rid of things that are superficial and no longer important to you. Walk your talk. Make purchases that others would appreciate, but also ones that reflect your core values. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will activate your social life. Once the party is over you’re likely to feel like staying at home. On Sunday you’ll get another chance to express your generous nature.


You are reborn anew in the light of your day. The week begins powerfully with five planets in your first house of consciousness. Venus gives you love and good looks. Mercury makes you intellectually curious and makes you an honest communicator. Pluto gives you insights and helps you make changes. The sun gives you willpower, and the ability to draw others to you. The moon on Monday and Tuesday gives you an emotional connection to the direction you’re going. Christmas should reflect your core values.


Enter into your dream space and the people that you have karma with. Saturn enters your eleventh house on Tuesday. You have a specific goal that requires a certain kind of social situation for its fulfillment. Mars in your first house has you exploring new territory and acting more independently. The moon will be in Aquarius Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day. You’ll be heard by others in spite of differing opinions. Continue to celebrate after Christmas. Realize that you have every chance to make a complete and utter fool of yourself.


Social demands are being made of you. This may mark a time where you enter a completely different social situation. Be around people that build each other up. Be the kind of friend that you want other people to be. Lay low and stay low keyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Late Christmas night through much of Saturday the moon will be in Pisces. Be sensitive to other people and the state of their emotions, as sensitivities tend to run high. Step out if you need to. Allow yourself the benefit of working with good people.