Horoscopes – Week of 1/12/13


Begin the week by keeping in mind that improving all of your relationships is essential. Mars is now in the twelfth house. Any subconscious aggression you’ve been holding on to will find a way to leak out. Don’t allow others’ personal upset to take away your peace of mind. Praying blessings on others will help you to change your consciousness. By Friday you’ll be learning the value of a higher love. The weekend also looks good for travel, education and getting published. Try to finish goals that began with the last new moon in December.


To get the most out of this week be open to trying new things. Your focus should be taking the high road. If you frequently commute one way try a scenic route. If you’re curious about another religion or spiritual group, pay them a visit. Friendships with athletes, daredevils, and wild men are emphasized. Tuesday evening through Thursday look good for romance and negotiations. Sunday is your best day for travel, education and checking out detours. You are getting ready to be more sophisticated in your public life.


This week is for taking care of unfinished business. Mercury will be going retrograde next week, thus I would take care of as much business as I could possibly handle. The sun continues to transit your eighth house of death, birth, sex, and other people’s property. Monday through early Tuesday you’ll be in a creative and fun loving mood. Tuesday evening through Thursday it’s best to focus on personal business. The weekend looks good for romance, contracts and marriage. Sunday might be a day when you need to ask other people for help.


An emotional beginning to the week may be in order. You were wishing for the weekend to never end but it did. This time of year the focus remains on partnership, romance, and mutual agreements. You may need to form a game plan in regards to dealing with debt. Late Tuesday afternoon through Thursday the moon will be transiting your fifth house of creative expression, playfulness, and love affairs. Let your joy move your projects forward. The weekend looks busy with taking care of many tasks. Sunday looks peaceful.


I’ve encountered some of my Leo rising and Leo sun friends’ who are suffering. This is hard to understand with Jupiter transiting your sign. Jupiter is retrograde and it tends to blow up whatever planet it aspects. Jupiter brings growth, and with it can come growing pains. You may need to pay extra attention to family needs this week. Your feelings count, but only to you. Friday and Saturday you’ll be feeling like your good ol’ self once more. Your ability to enjoy matters of the heart increases. You may even find someone that you are attracted to.


This week is a grand finale of creative intentions and artistic projects. Having fun continues to be a major theme. Take joy in children, playtime and lovers. Finances are best dealt with early in the week. Love is like holding a bird: Hold on too tight and you’ll crush it. Hold it too loose and it will fly away. This is a good week for working on personal goals. Your services are needed. You will have more opportunities to help people. Sunday looks good for all things playful and artistic. Make love part of the services you have to offer.


You begin the week strong with the moon in Libra Monday and most of Tuesday. Family and tribe have been a priority to you since the last new moon. Tuesday evening through Thursday can be good for making money. The weekend highlights travel and gleaning information. Mars moves into your sixth house giving you more motivation to be physically fit. Venus in your fifth house continues to inspire love and creative expression. Sunday is a good day to call upon your parents and to let them know that you appreciate them.


Your question is: “How can I be a better influence in my neighborhood and community at large?” The answer lies in getting involved and being active. Mars moves into your fifth house this week giving you more energy for your creative projects. Your energy level gets stronger. The moon will be in Scorpio late Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Your deep level of commitment will be appreciated. Friday and Saturday could have economic opportunities. Share with neighbors and friends what your goals are and work towards obtaining them.


Confusion comes from not living a centered life. Slow down and take some time out to be in nature and to check in with yourself. The last several weeks have been a test of your personal values. Monday and Tuesday are your best days for planning for the future and for hanging out with friends. The moon will be in Sagittarius Friday and Saturday. These are good days to play sports, be with your animals and to connect with nature. Sunday is good for working on finances and for eating good food. Make things that are built to last.


This is the grand finale of your season. Goals should begin to form into manifestation. You are conscious of what needs to be done and how to do it. You are more conscious of your spiritual life and the need to make good karma. You may need to deal with a car repair or a rescheduling of transportation. Monday and Tuesday are good for work related issues. Tuesday evening through Thursday are good for social contacts. Sunday the moon will be in Capricorn. Put the icing on the cake and enjoy the sweetness of your season.


Intelligence and beauty have been guiding you through some dark times with Mercury and Venus transiting Aquarius. The last several weeks have been all about your personal karma. This might be a good week for making good karma and helping those who are isolated. Tuesday through Thursday is a good time for attending to your career needs. You will operate with good performance this week. Friday and Saturday will inspire some good parties and social gatherings. Sunday is a good day for meditation and a review of your goals.


Believe in yourself even when those around you fall short. Good friends have been helping you and communicating with you. Your luckiest days this week start late Tuesday afternoon and last through Thursday. Don’t be afraid to get a little experimental. Many great discoveries begin with what was perceived to be a mistake. Stay optimistic in spite of the challenges around you. Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to demonstrate your leadership ability. Sunday looks good for hanging out with friends and making future plans.