Horoscopes September 9th-15th




Distinguish between fact and fiction. Your power is through service, good health, and a sense of teamwork. Kindness and love are the backbones of passionate service and compassionate work. You’re driven to be more fun and creative. Wednesday and Thursday are lucky and positive for you. Stay focused on the work in front of you. The more serious nature of life and death and things you can’t control are bound to have an effect on you. Sunday is good for socializing.




Savor every last moment of summer. Get in the creek and take a dip. Be aware as days all over the world get closer to twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness. Find new ways to express your creativity. Find something in everyone that is worth loving. Take more opportunities to be playful. Your partnership may be going through some difficulties. Now is the time to work on making things better. Friday and Saturday look good for travel and adventure.




The Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo are ministers of information to the moon and sun. Virgo-time rules the home life for Gemini. It rules your heritage, your parents, and the way you feel about things. Your sense of creativity has turned into work. Your conversation has moved toward the arts and children. Wednesday and Thursday are this week’s best days for you to address challenges or negotiate romance. Sunday looks good for an adventure.




Invoke the poet, the writer, and the muse within you. Be aware of the joys of working with your hands. Be aware of the things that set you apart from your parents. Do things that you have energy for. Avoid being lethargic. Get enough rest and avoid sugary junk food. You’re likely to be doing a little more traveling and moving about. Monday and Tuesday are your most creative days. Keep in touch with old friends and siblings. Smile, flirt, and live.




Be aware of your personal charm. Money and values are in the forefront. You are what you eat. What might you eat to be healthier? Pay attention to what you say. Do your actions match your words? You are revved up with personal power. Take advantage of the next several weeks, as you have extra energy. The moon will be in your fifth house Wednesday and Thursday. The mood will be “let the games begin.” There is fun in the mix. The weekend looks good for getting organized.




This week’s focus is personal ambition, family, and your creative voice. Prayer and meditation are your best friends at this point. Uplift others and you’ll be uplifting yourself. Be courageous about entering new territory, yet be intuitive. Be aware of your friends and how you communicate with them. Friday and Saturday are your best days, with the moon in your fifth house. Creative fun is easier to come by. Sunday looks good for organizational projects.




Venus moves into your second house Tuesday night. Get ready for a greater sensual hunger. You’ll be more aware of what you are putting in your mouth. Sing more spiritual songs. You might get a haircut or a makeover. Perhaps you’ll need to go to the dentist. There is a sense that you’re in the trenches, trying to stay sane while being able to introduce new ideas. By Sunday you’ll feel a sense that it is safe to go outside and play once again.




This is a fortunate time for you. Monday and Tuesday are strong days for you, with the moon in Scorpio. Begin the day with a meditation that you will be receptive to the good that is abundantly there for you if you only ask for it. You’ll make a plan for the future that is workable for you. Deal with finances by mid-week. Friday and Saturday look good for socializing and attending gatherings. Be aware of your level of performance in relationship to your personal goals.




Be ready to take on new responsibilities this week. Don’t hide your talents, but rise up to the occasion. Let the world see the things that you do well. Be aware of the goals you keep secret from others. Change is the name of the game, and it isn’t always easy. The moon will be in Sagittarius on Wednesday and Thursday. Your influence will be positive on these days. The weekend could be a good time to work for some extra cash. Continue to manifest your dreams.




Get into your most primal feelings this week. Try a new religion. Enroll in a fast-track foreign language class. Listen to seminars on being successful. Make plans to take a dream vacation. Some might pursue long-distance romance during this period. The moon will be in Capricorn on Friday and Saturday. A high time is to be had by all. Better friends will come into the picture this week. Take risks and be brave. Avoid stress. Drink chamomile tea and stay mellow.




There are always some numbskulls who want to rain on your parade while you’re out there having a brilliant time. Say things like, “I can see how you would feel that way” when confronted for being your weird self. Camp out in your own backyard just for the novelty of it. On Sunday the moon is in Aquarius. You get this day to pretend you’re in control of the situation. Beyond that, you could use a boost to your morale. Laugh at the things you can’t understand.




We are deep in the middle of your partnership sign. Your activity at work has increased considerably. Partnerships and romance can be extra blissful this week. Monday and Tuesday are your luckiest days. Serve your partner in the way you would like to be served. Travel and creative projects get the green light. Good luck is with you. You will be seen! The weekend looks good for parties and hanging out with the kind of people who can help you.

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