Horoscopes September 30th-October 6th



Now is not a time to indulge in fear, but rather a time to take action. If you see a tidal wave coming, get out of the way. Try to be motivated by love. You’re probably at least motivated by lust. Nature and biology determines much of our actions. The new moon is about partnerships and putting others before yourself. Strive to demonstrate your creative prowess. Learn to be more adaptable to any situation, no matter how big of a surprise.




In the words of Bob Dylan, “you’re gonna have to serve someone.” Do you know how to work with others and be a team player? What sort of charitable cause motivates your soul? Your employment, your small pets, your aunts and uncles, and your health are all going to be a part of this new moon. The strength of your love may be put to a test this week. Be aware that when sharing, everyone deserves the same treatment and outcome, or a substitute that is mutually satisfying.




Break the ice and meet the person who symbolizes whatever it is that will motivate you to be more loving. Kindness could be the best form of leadership. If you have children, now is a good time to pay more attention to them. The new moon brings more things and situations to be happy about. Smiling should get easier. Falling in love feels natural this time of year. Take it easy on the festivities, and give your body plenty of rest and good nutrition.




Be happy for the good things happening in your life. Dispel fear by staying grounded in the people and things that you love. This is a great time for working on family matters, and for honoring your ancestors. You have the creative juice and imagination to make things happen in an exciting way. The new moon rules your home life, dreams, memories, and parents. Having fun will be hard to avoid.




Bloom where you are planted. Learn to appreciate where you live more. This is a great time for writing poetry, telling stories, working with your hands, or visiting long-time friends. You’ll be taking more short trips and be involved with more communication exchanges. The moon will be in Leo on Monday, giving you a reason to strut your stuff. The new moon in your third house brings short trips, a love of the environment, and an opportunity to appreciate your siblings.




Be receptive and observe what is going on all around you. Listen twice and speak once. Money is to be made, as well as delicious food. The moon will be in Virgo Tuesday through most of Thursday. Get all of your projects out of the way so you’ll have a more enjoyable weekend. Friday’s new moon brings financial improvement as well as culinary delights. Sing uplifting songs and be thankful for something or someone every single day.




This week is good for creating the new you. Pay off debts and complete old projects early in the week. Make a big deal out of the things you love and value. The new moon in Libra helps you to relate to others in a fresh way. You have renewed courage to move forward in life. Financially, things begin looking up by Sunday. The moon will be in Libra Thursday night through Saturday. You know how to get what you want through negotiation and seduction.




Be conscious and vigilant as you come near the end of your race. Don’t let good times blind you to life and its pitfalls. Sunday will be a powerful day with three planets in Scorpio, plus the moon and the north node. All things are possible to those who believe. Pray for those who are isolated in prisons, rest homes, and hospitals. Take time to be alone and to take care of business. The new moon rules karma, secrets, and the pleasures of the bed.




The party-animal within you has been evoked. You are ready to get together with friends to paint the town red, so to speak. A word of caution to Saturday night revelers: what you do tonight may have huge karmic implications in the future. Realize that God and the Goddess are watching. The new moon says to value your good friends. Only hang out with the ones who truly have your back. Don’t be lured by foolishness




It is showtime once again, and you find yourself more in the public eye. The good news is that you have many good friends you can call upon for help. The new moon rules your career, talents, skills, and relationship to the public. This is a time when your leadership skills can shine. Tuesday through Thursday are your best days for reaching goals and getting things done. Be ready for surprising news from home.




Negativity is part of the human experience. No one needs to be there on a constant schedule. Bad things occasionally happen to good people, yet there is no reason to stay bummed. You are luckier than most at this point. Let your blessings be known and be generous with your wealth. The new moon helps you to be the bigger person. Compassion can overcome smarts. Love is the water that puts out the fires of hate.




Seek resolution, even if it seems like only the other person is getting their way. Being happy with yourself is a victory no one can take away from you. Be modest about getting into debt, and avoid overextending yourself. Other people will help you with your needs. The new moon rules death, birth, sex, occult studies, and other people’s property. The world of travel, education, and exotic experiences is about to open up to you

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