Horoscopes September 2nd-9th



Mars is moving through your fifth house. You feel like going on an adventure. If you have children, you’re likely to be engaging in activities with them. You may find it easier to open your heart to others. The direction of your energy is headed toward recess and playtime, even though you have your work cut out for you. Be more of a team player. The new moon will bring opportunities for service. Pay more attention to personal health issues. Be willing to take on difficult or dirty jobs.


Everything around us has a basis for living and/or being there. Get your house straightened up and your domestic life in order. Find the people in your tribe and let them know that you appreciate them. This is a good week for doing inner work. Difficulties at the workplace have been challenging. Home is your best refuge. Honor your parents and elders. The new moon rules intuition, memories, heritage, and your family life. Be aware of your career potential.


You feel more powerful and equipped for almost anything. You’re attempting to put on a new face. Avoid being forceful. Practice listening more. Take time to pray and meditate. Monday and Tuesday are your power days, with the moon and Mars in Leo. Make a positive impact. The new moon can help turn your finances around. Eat better. When in doubt, state something positive and realistic that you are willing to commit to and see through to completion.


Love is part of what you are known for. You also make a good matchmaker. Sometimes when there is too much white, you’ll be the one to paint it black. You play the devil’s advocate—trying to stay in the middle, only to be brought down. This time of year it is best to lay low. You find some encouragement by Friday afternoon when the moon goes into Libra. Pay off debts. Complete unfinished business. See yourself as a butterfly or moth sleeping in its cocoon.


Your challenge this week is to prove that you are responsible, capable, and detail oriented amidst your casual live-and-let-live persona. “Tighten up” was a song from the 1960s that encouraged precision in harmony and timing. Prove to the rest of the world that you are a leader in your field. The new moon emphasizes career and public image. Reputation and responsibility are the things you need to focus on. Monday and Tuesday are your lucky days.


Worry doesn’t help you get the job done. Fear is something that paralyzes our ability to function. You’ve been in a space where you feel more vulnerable than usual. Other people may be taxing or taking your resources. Let go of the many situations and things that you can’t control. The new moon emphasizes sex, birth, death, other people’s property, and a feeling of being in debt. Allow other people to help you. There is no good reason for you to go at this alone.


Be loving in your service, and add service to your loving. The sun and Mercury transiting your fifth house is urging you to be more engaged in art and creative expression. Venus moving through your sixth house encourages you to bring cookies to work, or to dress up for work. Your potential for love and commitment is about to get more serious. The new moon rules heart-opening experiences, playful moods, and female children. Prove yourself to be reliable even while having fun.


Action and movement are the things you are known for. You see the world as a place of inspiration, danger and revolution. Do things that reflect love, forgiveness, and mercy. Your passion to do the right thing needs to come through. The weekend looks good for catching up on sleep. The new moon on Thursday should boost your social life and bring helpful friends. This is a good time for you to plan for the future. Write about the things that motivate you.


Labor Day is your American holiday. Virgo symbolizes the worker, the service industry, and agricultural business. Virgo can be a doctor, nurse, or even a sex worker. Virgo loves nature and all things natural, especially untouched wilderness and people who are virgins. The new moon in Virgo heralds your ultimate new start. You manifest success through intelligence and practical goals. Be aware of your potential to be more efficient, as well as blessed with good food and good music.


Faith can help one overcome confusion. Let go of the need to know about everything. Be willing to be a better lover, spouse, partner, or contractor. Engage people in the things that feel good. When you are generous, the wealth always comes back to you. The real wealth is in being confident enough to be giving. The new moon is about sharing, being in balance, and discreet affairs, as well as marriage, engagements, and commitments with others


While the rest of the world may be saying “go,” you are saying “slow down” or “stop.” You only have time for mature people who are willing to bring on functional and graceful changes. You’re looking for a few good, sensitive, perceptive folks who are willing to go the extra mile. The new moon in your ninth house ushers in good fortune, a higher philosophy, and opportunities for travel and higher education. Help those who can’t help themselves. Make good karma.


Enjoy your local environment more. Take short trips to the river, the park, or any place of interest. See this period as a time to gather more information, see old friends, and be more involved with your local community. Some folks are living the dream while others are hoping that their nightmare doesn’t come true. The new moon emphasizes working with your hands, cultivating talents, and being in touch with siblings, cousins, and folks you grew up with.

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