Horoscopes September 23rd-29th



Dissolve all past notions of who you think you are. Learn to be more childlike and fresh in your approach to creativity. Partnerships issues deepen. You may find yourself responsible for other people’s property. You may also find yourself deeper in lust. Be a team player: fair in every way. Use diplomacy and compromise. Learn to trust your intuition more.




You begin the week on a strong note Monday with the moon in Taurus. The sun is transiting your sixth house of employment, service work, and charitable causes. Pay attention to your stress level, as more is being demanded of you this week. The weekend looks good for hanging out with family. Venus, Mercury and Saturn will be in your seventh house. It’s time to improve relationship issues on every level.




There is a sense of expansiveness. Growth is occurring on all levels. The things we do with love are more powerful than the things we do because of obligation. What are you creatively motivated to do? How are things with your children, or with your creative projects? Getting over this hurdle will take work as well as concentration. The moon will be in Gemini on Tuesday through Thursday morning. Be motivated in the best ways possible.




Comfort may need to be sacrificed for curiosity. You’re in a place where it’s important to acknowledge feelings, as hiding one’s head in the sand like an ostrich may not be the best choice. The moon will be in Cancer Thursday afternoon through Saturday. Making others feel comfortable will help you feel better about the whole situation.




It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood. Be more active in your local environment. Seek like-minded people to hang out with. Honor your siblings and friends from the past. Pay more attention to your communiques. The moon will be in Leo on Sunday. This could be a good day for a party or a gathering. Let go of the values and material items that no longer suit you. Enjoy cultivating talents that require working with your hands.




It’s time to put on a new face, and to find a voice for yourself. You’ve had several weeks of clear thinking. At this point it will be easier to be swayed by the needs of others. Flow with grace. Money-making opportunities are more easily found. What you spend your money on reflects your values. The weekend is good for socializing, as well as resting and retreating from the struggles of the world. Communication gets easier.




It is officially your season. You are now the flavor of the month. New beginnings are likely to be initiated. Financially, things are changing for the positive. Be aware of good investment opportunities. Take care of your neck and lower-jaw issues. Find an uplifting spiritual song to sing. Take on challenges and respond to conflicts with ease and grace.




The places your heart has taken you have their own karma. Interpersonal relationship themes are common this week. By Thursday afternoon, the wind fills your sails and you become motivated by your friends’ good deeds. Your quest is to show intelligence and maturity, along with a sense of love and grace. You may feel isolated, yet you may be having the time of your life in your love nest.




You begin to be freed up from your career or life responsibilities. This is a good time to meet helpful people who can shed some light on your situation. This is also a good time to prepare for the future. A bit of karma has been building up in your life. What you think is secret may actually be public knowledge. Do something good and/or leave town on Sunday.




You’re in a good position, so don’t blow it. The needs of your friends seem to be a priority of some sort. Do as much as you can on Monday because as the week rolls on, more and more things will require your attention. Career and public image are important themes right now. Hang out with the kind of people who motivate you to do good things. Romance and negotiations occur over the weekend.




You’ve been waiting for this time of year. You feel ready to explore and travel. There is no such thing as “everyday life.” Every day has an exotic experience. You’ll hear a new sound, smell a new scent, taste a new flavor, feel a wonderful sensation, or see a beautiful sight. You command more authority than usual today. It seems that you know what you want and you know how to get it.




Once beyond the negotiation stage of romance, we realize that we are in deep water with the other person. Someone may put you in charge of their property while they do other things. Others may ask you if they can borrow your stuff. Make sure that they are responsible enough to pay for whatever they might break. Otherwise, don’t be too attached to your material stuff. Travel and adventure are other options you might take.

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