Horoscopes – September 15, 2014


There are two sides to every story. Take your time and avoid jumping to any conclusions. This week, take care of the details. You know how to be a team player in this case. Mars is emphasizing higher education, spiritual quests and exotic experiences. One tries new skills in order to be more useful. The weekend looks good for creative expression, hanging out with children, and pursuing matters of the heart. One can only perfect their appreciation. Seek the good and praise it. Encourage more gratitude. What are you thankful for?


Love and creativity sometimes go hand in hand. Other times they take vacations away from each other in order to perfect their self knowledge. Venus in the fifth house brings opportunities for one or the other. Mars in the eighth house could push your lust vibration, or impatience, to the level of socially inappropriate. Stay peaceful and humble as the accusations fly. There is no need to worry. You know who you are in your heart. The weekend is best for being with family and working on domestic projects. Sunday is your day for exploration and spiritual contemplation.


Words are fun, and at times most conversations appear meaningless. There are the exceptions of socially pertinent issues, and legitimate personal triumphs and tragedies. We often vocalize ourselves to make aware of our existence to others. Monday’s moon in Gemini will give you another opportunity to enlighten your family about the bigger picture. Over the rest of the week, pursue the things that you are passionate about. The weekend features local gossip, an appreciation of your local environment, and a chance to see your peers.


Bloom where you are planted. Write a poem, make up a good story, or improvise a song. Have more curiosity. Put yourself in a mindset of joyous discovery. Taking care of what you already have is key to your success. The moon will be in Cancer from 8:24am PDT Tuesday till 8:10pm Thursday. Make yourself available to make friends. Be mobile enough to make many little trips. Exercise more often, as you’re likely to make healthy progress during this week. The weekend can be good for you financially as long as you steer clear from impulse buys.


Continue to exercise your values. What you purchase has more political influence than voting. This is a time to reduce, reuse and recycle. Jupiter continues to pump happiness and good fortune in your life. There is much on your mind that you wish to express. Take your time to sniff the roses. The moon will be in Leo Thursday night through Saturday. You finally get a weekend where you feel free to be yourself. Family issues are still present for you to work on. Life is an adventure in what you can put out into the world.


This is the last full week of summer. You are put in charge as guardian of the harvest. In fact, you personify wilderness and all things left untouched. You are aware of humans’ impact on the earth. Allow yourself some downtime Tuesday and Wednesday evenings so you can socialize with friends or just people that you would like to meet. Your creativity is rising. You’re beginning to feel a little more relaxed about yourself. Sunday morning the moon goes into Virgo. Mercury conjoins the north node this week. Be ready to manifest what you’re hungry for.


This time signifies your personal harvest of the deeds of the past year. It might just be peaceful rest that you are receiving. It could also be karma for not being as honest as you could have been. We all have our blind spots; this may or may not have been one of yours. Look for messages in your dreams and meditations. What things motivate you to be a better person? Are you using your imagination constructively? Making good karma can be a simple as giving to those who can never pay you back. Life isn’t always fair.


Perfect love casts out all fear. We’re afraid of the things we don’t understand. Everyone has their shadow side. Learn to love yourself and others, even with the shadow. Compassion unlimited is what is needed. Mars in your second house brings a desire to possess the right kind of tools or talisman. Tuesday through most of Thursday is good for risk taking and seeing the bigger picture. The weekend looks good for showing off your talents and skills. Think of the people you can trust during the worst of times and do something to honor them.


You are on fire and full of energy now that Mars is in Sagittarius. Go where no human has ever gone before. Good fortune lies in your experiments as well as your education. Now is the time to learn more and to dive deep into your profession of choice. Good love relationships require an element of space. If it’s too hot in the kitchen then get out. The weekend brings out the best in you. Travel, spiritual retreats, and educational seminars work best. Be aware of how you represent yourself because the public is watching.


Keep up on all your projects. Now is a time to focus on doing the right thing. You have good people helping you. You also have made some enemies along the way. Sometimes you may not even be aware of those who feel scorned by you. Pay back debts both real and karmic. Accommodate people if they need small favors done. Mid-week looks especially good for righting wrongs and creating a space for diplomacy and negotiations. The weekend looks good for working on debts and asking for help when needed.


Your energy has been more underground as of lately. Debt and disappointment weigh a little heavier than usual at this time. Do something for yourself that will make you happy. Be patient when it comes to love and passion. You may find a new social life due to team sports, hunting, or a philosophy group. Monday is your best day to make progress this week. Friday and Saturday are great for negotiations and peacemaking. Use the primal energies of birth, sex, and death to initiate intimacy and compassion for others.


You need to be working on something that will bring you happiness. You need to also acknowledge those you work with that bring you joy. Your love life could be getting sweeter. Tuesday through Thursday, your creative life is on a roll. If you need a new job now is the time to look for work. Sunday will be your best day for romance and excitement. You have more of a curiosity about the occult, sex, birth, and life processes. Your potential to help yourself and others is great. Mars in your tenth house brings out the leader in you.

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