Horoscopes Sept.16th- Sept. 22nd



Get out of your rut. Quit relying on the same old routine. Do something fun to mix things up. Your power is in keeping a good sense of humor and being able to roll with the things that come at you. The moon will be in Aries beginning late Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon. Wednesday night/ Thursday morning’s full moon will affect where your karma meets your personal thrust, full force.




Learn to love what you do and to do what you love. Preach the things you practice—nothing more and nothing less. The moon will be in Taurus late Saturday afternoon through Monday. You may find things going your way. The full moon earlier in the week brings a sense of how the company you keep can add up to karma deep.




Find ways to make yourself more comfortable with your home. When people criticize other people, they are saying more about themselves than about those they rebuke. The full moon this week will help you bridge your career with your social life. Be conscious before you ease into the moment. Take time to breathe, rest, and recover over the weekend.




Learn to overcome fear with love. There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you put your mind to the task. The full moon Wednesday/Thursday will link your adventuresome soul with new career opportunities. You are poised to leap like a predator on its prey. The weekend looks good for socializing and meeting up with helpful friends.




Do super awesome cool things. Sing more often. Money, food, and a pain in the neck are the most difficult issues surrounding you these days. You’re wanting to beautify your household and make for good karma with your family. The full moon is wedged between a need for change and an exotic and fabulous experience related to change.




This is the last week of your season. Come Sunday afternoon, the party will be over. In the meantime, have you been able to get organized? Were you able to clean up last month’s messes? The full moon goes from light petting to something more intimate. Let go of what you can’t control. Initiate positive actions to improve your finances.




There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The last few weeks have been a little bit uncertain. Your imagination is good. Your ability to make and spend money is on the rise. The full moon brings you in touch with the difference between servitude and real partnership. A deepening of your love life, and actions regarding family are needed.




Your social potential has been amplified over the last several weeks. Be aware of your capability of making new friends and influencing people in a positive way. The full moon links your creative process with your sense of duty. Pay attention to your dreams. Resolve to make good karma for yourself. Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days this week.




Your career game needs some improvements. You can initiate these improvements. Work may become more fun this week. Practice poetry, creative writing, or some other form of creative communication. The full moon links you with deep personal feelings and memories. From Thursday through Saturday, discover the soul of your own creative desires.




There is no better solution for being stupid than to get an education. Sometimes we don’t heed a warning until it’s too late. I heard a made up word called “blessons.” Some of life’s hard lessons are blessings in disguise. The full moon highlights the intimate part of life that links moving forward with knowing what is behind you.




On Monday, the moon will be in the last half of your sign. Think and work smart. Losses make space in our lives for better and more wonderful things to occur. Look forward and move ahead. The full moon is between finding your voice and recognizing friends who will listen to you. Be grateful for the ability to surprise yourself as well as others.




The moon will be in Pisces in the wee hours of Tuesday morning through Thursday early morning, with the full moon as the grand finale. Be a deeper lover. Be vulnerable and get help when you need it. Help others without resentment. Be grateful for all that you know and have experienced. Be aware of healthy things to do when you get bored.

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