Horoscopes October 7th-13th



It’s hard to stay neutral on a moving train. Negotiation and partnership are your priorities. When thinking about how interpersonal relationships affect public policy, be sure to consider what happens to you this week. You’ve got the juice to be generous and to pull off some sort of big production. Playfulness and being loving go together. Tuesday and Wednesday involve flexibility and being open to new ideas. The tide is high. Get your game on.



Changes in the weather and an extra workload can add up to being stressful. Be moderate or abstinent when it comes to sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, as it’s easier to get sick this time of year. Thursday and Friday are lucky days for you this week. Venus moves into your eighth house, creating some sort of sexual restlessness or extra sensitivity to those areas. Partnership issues continue to sort themselves out.



Imagination sets the human beings apart from the beasts. We learned to make tools, music, sketches, and eventually the wheel. What is your legacy? How is what you’re doing now going to help others in the future? Saturday and Sunday look like your best days for travel, education, and exploration. Relationships begin to flourish as Venus moves through your seventh house. Mercury is encouraging you to take on healthier habits and to help others in need.



It’s easy to be introspective and to feel as if you are on sensory overload. Everything has its history, its basis and its roots. You are able to take risks and make progress when you base it on faith. Pay attention to parents and older relatives. Monday looks like a good day to work with children, or to participate on a creative project. You are committed to bringing things to fruition. The weekend looks good for romance.



With Mars in your first house, the last several weeks have been about getting pumped, taking risks, and having a stronger sense of direction. This week, it’s very important to pay attention to your local environment and to the communication you make. Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days this week to create, take risks, or indulge in pleasure. Your sense of the creative and artistic is renewed. Sunday is good for romance.



Where you stand with your values should be evident by now. Money, food, oral health, and putting on a face are things that seem to come up. Sing songs of a spiritual and encouraging nature. You are mentally sharp and tuned in to your local environment. You’re able to weave a good story. Pay attention to siblings, cousins, and childhood friends.



Venus moves into your third house this week. It’s time to take your art up a notch. How does one communicate beauty? What is it about the area where you live that you like? Move toward blooming where you are planted. Pay attention to family issues. Saturday and Sunday have the most opportunities for creative expression and fun. You are bigger than the challenges that you face. The inner you is known by few people.



Knowledge and intelligence are strongly with you these days. This week you are hoping for a little bit of luxury. Your sweet tooth has been activated. Monday begins strong with the moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and north node in Scorpio. On Tuesday, Venus and the moon move into your second house, helping you with finances, values, and self image. Lay low and be sensitive to what your intuition is telling you.



Progress in your life will be made this week. Venus goes into Sagittarius on Tuesday, bringing a sense of playfulness and flirtation. The moon will be in Sagittarius on Tuesday and Wednesday, making these great days to initiate a new plan. Pay attention to helpful friends and use this time to make plans for the future. Get the help you need while there are people you can call upon. See friends over the weekend.



You are in need of a new vision for your career. Friends are still ready to help you when you need it. Allow the public to see your talents and skills. Pay attention to what happens on Thursday and Friday while the moon is in Capricorn. Stay calm amidst the stress of the day and you’ll be able to move forward. The weekend looks good for singing, cooking, and making money. Avoid making a big deal over little frustrations.



Good times can’t be far away. Keep working on your dreams. Creative possibilities seem to be multiplying by the minute. You feel inspired. It’s easier to be yourself and to be playful with people. Take time to socialize with good friends on Saturday and Sunday while the moon is in Aquarius. Otherwise, practice random acts of kindness and consider being a lover to those who see you as less than perfect.



When we change our inner world, it is amazing how we attract a different kind of outer world. Begin the new week as if it were an exotic experience. Be prepared to show your best talents and skills. Thursday and Friday are good for gathering with friends. The weekend looks good for some downtime. You have enough challenges without having to fit in more. Allowing others to help you may just be the best medicine.

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