Horoscopes October 28th-November 3rd



This is no typical week. The sun transiting your eighth house means that change and transformation that is beyond your control is occurring. Death, birth, sex, and other people’s property as well as mystery studies are in your court. Spontaneous activities, accidents, and shocks are not uncommon during such times as these. Throw Mercury retrograde and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio and you’ll get to the root of what is slowing you down. Give up on control!


Sweetness after a struggle is granted to you. This is your time of sacred unions and marriages. The new moon in your seventh house over the weekend might just change the way you look at love. Good relationships require good communication. Maturity is about keeping it together and working on the relationship even when things aren’t easy. Change and desire for a romantic distraction might not be worth it in the long run. Be patient.


Get a new outfit that motivates you to be a better worker. See where health and diet are connected. You are working extra these days and will need some time to sleep and catch up. This is a good time to get organized and to work on what is in front of you. Mercury retrograde brings some organizational as well as health challenges. Your love life remains strong. You are good at negotiating during this period. Thursday and Friday are best for creative work.


The question this week is “how loving, playful, and creative can you stand being?” Your heart is open. If you have children, they will be the focus of much of your attention. Otherwise you are dead set on having fun, even when there are minefields going off all around you. The new moon solar eclipse helps you to appreciate the gifts you have. Refine whatever artistic talents you have. Be someone’s inspiration. Give and receive more hugs.


Get grounded this week. Monday begins on a strong note with the moon in Leo. Your needs feel much easier to manifest. Your home life may feel a little less than functional with Mercury going retrograde through your fourth house. Pay attention to the needs of older family members. The new moon eclipse will bring changes to your household as well as information regarding your roots. Your creative ability remains strong.


Even amidst the confusion of Mercury you remain unshakable. In fact you are more attuned to your local environment than usual. Working with your hands on various projects becomes more soul satisfying. You are becoming an excellent communicator. Spontaneous travel plans may evolve. Make sure you’re not just going for a ride. The new moon could bring siblings or old friends by for a visit. You’ll weave better stories and sing better songs.


Money issues often come up for you this time of year. What you eat and the things you say will carry more weight in general. Your appetite is stronger than usual. You feel like you need to indulge in material and sensual pleasures. Your finances could change for the better this weekend with the new moon in your second house. Your best days are Thursday and Friday when the moon will be in Libra. Avoid being swayed by others. Don’t buy things out of impulse.


Party time is here and you have friends in high places who just want to hang out with you. Tuesday and Wednesday are lucky days for you with the moon transiting your ninth house. This is a good time for future planning. Saturn, the sun, Mercury, and the north node are in your eleventh house. You are ready to hang out with more desirable people. The new moon eclipse gets thrown in with those planets over the weekend. Be ready to meet and greet.


There is much for you to let go of this week. Let the chips fall where they may. Pray for others rather than submit to your own undoing. Wish blessings on those who challenge you. On Monday you’ll still be feeling high from the weekend. Thursday and Friday could be a party. It’s best to lay low this weekend. Do the inner work. You are motivated to do your best work. Spend more time in bed and less time running around.


Take heart and demonstrate great courage. Health issues will require a vision and a disciplined approach. You are extra gifted in the creative arts during this period. Practice generosity. Do things that help you to feel more love. The solar eclipse helps you manifest playfulness, love affairs, an improved relationship with your father, and the kind of expression that says things in a bold and provocative way.


Rising up for you is most worthwhile when you aren’t supposed to do something. In short, you enjoy being a rebel leader. There’s a chance you’ll be wanting to get away for the weekend. Focusing on your career is a better idea. Thursday and Friday are your luckiest days this week. The weekend with the solar eclipse new moon puts you in the public eye. Try to conform to what is expected of you. Once you get the job, then you can practice blowing minds.



You’re in charge now. You have what so many others desire: a mysterious and sometimes subtle form of sexiness. You are willing to climb the big mountain, yet cautious of the consequences of carelessness. The new moon eclipse in Scorpio will help you overcome your disempowered sense of impotence or lack. You have so many friends who love you and have your back. When something is hidden, you can find it. You also can give a lot of healing energy to others during this time.

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