Horoscopes – October 27, 2014


This week you try new ways to relate to others in your inner circle. You seek out deep information. What appears fake today may be proven to be real tomorrow. Tuesday and Wednesday you have your creative mojo working strong. You want to be a flirt, a player, and a lover all rolled into one. Get into poetry, storytelling and songwriting. Find out exactly what is the best information worth sharing. Halloween finds you working, serving, healing and dealing with group dynamics. The weekend looks good for partnership and romance.


I’ve heard from other Leos that Scorpio is a sign that fascinates them. Libra was about light hearted relationships, art and romance. Scorpio rules your fourth house of family, parents, family elders, ancestors and your domestic situation. What are the boundaries of your comfort zones? Who do you consider to be a part of your tribe? For Halloween go with a partner theme, or something romantic and sickeningly sweet. Single Leo people may even find love over the weekend. Mars in the sixth house may create conflict at work.


This week you are finally able to break out of your shell. If anyone is going to get a creative breakthrough it’s going to be you. Your relationships, especially with children and lovers, are bound to be affected. Last week’s new moon eclipse opened your heart to a new world. You can be more generous, more fun loving, and more capable of dealing with your confidence issues. This is a good time to start a band or to work on other creative projects. Your world is about to get richer. What do you want people to know you for?


Keep a cool head as the work gets piled high. Take care of detail work and do what you can to get organized. Jupiter in the third house is overwhelming you with new information that will take weeks to digest. What was lost during Mercury retrograde is now being found. Do things to make improvements. Pay more attention to personal health issues. Now is the time for charitable causes, service work, as well as honoring aunts and uncles and working with small pets. Your creative approach to life continues to work for you.


You just got luckier in love. Venus and the sun are transiting your seventh house of marriage, engagements, and open enemies. You are the antidote to what is taking place today. Think in terms of lasting relationships. What makes for a good relationship? You’re looking at an easier Tuesday. May the positive vibe carry you through the week. The weekend has you in the public eye more. The art of negotiation will come in handy. Halloween will start out nice, but gets a little dicey after 9pm. Take in all the color and sleep through the nightmares.


The move into the unknown is seldom an easy one. Since you thrive on adventure you’ll have an easier go with the uncertainties that are bound to come. Mars transiting the tenth house helps others to recognize the leadership potential that you have when you are positive. Monday gives you an optimistic outlook and much to be thankful for. Ask for help when you need it. Be careful not to accumulate too much debt. Halloween looks like a party or social gathering. Plan on laying low over the weekend. Pay more attention to your spiritual life.


This is your time to explore your values. How you spend your money does more to change the world than the way you vote. The food you eat creates a political statement. Unconscious spending is one of the less pleasant aspects of this week’s planetary transits. Venus in the second house is good for music and voice. It can also tempt you to spend money on a luxury item. Halloween will be a total blast for you. Let the good times roll, but avoid staying out too late. I’d say the more outrageous your costume is the better.


The Sun and Venus are transiting your eleventh house of planning for the future, helpful friends, and social gatherings. Saturn is empowered in this house and will help you with wise decisions. Seek advice from the experts. On Tuesday and Wednesday the moon is in Capricorn. This is a good time to be conscious as to what your game plan is. Cover yourself in fake money for Halloween. Tell people that you wanted to look like money. The weekend looks good for hobbies and visiting with neighbors and friends.


Monday begins with the moon in Sagittarius. Here you find a rather delightful jump start to a fun week. Careful as you navigate this week. You are knee deep in karma that has serious consequences if you don’t pay attention. Avoid spending needlessly on Tuesday and Wednesday. What looks good now requires some research before you invest in it. Halloween partying will be hard to resist whether it’s going out or staying home and eating too much candy. Play it safe, as the miscreants are more likely to be up late.


You’re learning about the higher path and doing the right thing. This is a good period for travel, higher or advanced education, and exploring exotic cultures. You are luckier than usual. Halloween should be a mystical time for you (see Scorpio’s horoscope). If you want to see a bunch of unconscious people puke their guts out then by all means go out this Halloween. On Saturday and Sunday the moon will be in Pisces making it an emotionally deep and sweet time. Creative juices are flowing and good works are seen everywhere.


Responsibility rests heavily on your shoulders during this period. Not everyone has your back. Most of us can accidentally piss someone off without ever knowing it. Mars transiting your twelfth house could bring a secretive enemy. Saturn, the sun, and Venus in the mid heaven allows your best talents and skills to shine. Halloween features the moon in Aquarius. You own all Thursday and Friday. Be your weirdest and be thanked for it. The weekend looks good for finances, cooking, enjoying music, and improving upon what you have.


Humor seems to come naturally through cold blooded honesty; this is the way Scorpio rolls. They only keep secrets because they realize that with some things you can only trust yourself. You’re taking names and kicking ass this week. Tuesday and Wednesday will have their share of silly gossip and lively discussions. On Halloween, you’d just as well stay home and perform spiritual rituals of some sort. You don’t trust this holiday to the amateurs. Honor the dead. From the ashes of the ancestors we are given this breath to live a new day. The weekend rocks.