Horoscopes October 21st-27th



You got what you needed out of the past several weeks, and now it’s time to do some work helping others. Break down other people’s stereotype of you being the most selfish sign of the zodiac. Be aware of the needs of your family this week. Seeks ways to be of service to the ones you hold near and dear. The weekend looks like fun, with the moon in your fifth house of heartfelt fun. Listen twice and speak once, as Mercury retrograde can cause confusion.


Some people just don’t get it, or they are slow to learn. Others are too heavy or numb to take appropriate action. Lust can blind you from obtaining long-range goals. The comedown from a good weekend isn’t easy. You have more energy for love, play, and creative works. This weekend, focus on family and your inner world. Seek the type of solutions your parents would be proud of.


Mercury goes retrograde Monday morning, giving a rocky start to the normally predictable day. The moon in your sign Monday through most of Wednesday adds to the emphasis on communication or lack thereof. Surprise and secrecy will later be interpreted as sneaky and deceptive behavior. Keep everything on the up and up, especially where work is concerned. The weekend looks good for short trips or just hanging out with your homies.


You’re on a roll as far as good luck is concerned. By Wednesday night you’ll be feeling much luckier with the moon in Cancer. Mars moving through your third house may indicate the need to get some work done on your personal mode of transportation. The weekend looks good for making money or accumulating wealth. Seek ways to be closer to your children. Find time to fulfill your creative ambitions.


Once we’ve learned the material, it’s time to go into conscious application. Think of this week as the time to put some finishing touches on things. Gather with friends for support early in the week. Mid-week, keep your nose to the grindstone and avoid making waves. Saturday and Sunday feature the moon in Leo. You can bet there will be some pre- Halloween fashion. Get your style on. Show off your shadow side. Be wary of tool salesmen.


You’ve got the juice to lubricate fluid action. With Mercury going retrograde, it may be a task to coordinate the mind with the body. Mars in your first house makes you more likely to engage in risk-taking activities. Think of this week as the time for putting the final finishing touches on a good project. You have the brilliance to navigate through the confusion. Lay low over the weekend and recover from previous weeks of stress.


Monday and Tuesday are mostly honoring the sun in Libra, but late Tuesday night Scorpio takes over, and issues like sex and survival are more on your mind. You’ll make some money, eat some good food, perhaps even receive a neck rub. Let go of what you want so much and it will come to you much easier. Don’t expect everyone to be on to your agenda. Pray for your enemies rather than hating or fearing them. Share some of your wealth.


This week bridges responsibility with your social life. What you’ve worked so hard to create is appreciated by some good people. Make these people your friends. This is a good time to reach out socially. If you need support, you will find it all around you. Don’t take detours unless you know the route. Group projects will go smoothly. Thursday and Friday are good for romance, as well as peacemaking.


Your beauty has been shining. You’ve been feeling more relaxed and creative. You owe much of what you have to other people. It can be easy to get carried away with lust this time of year. Think more in terms of long-range goals. The weekend looks good for travel and education. Pay more attention to your dreams and to your spiritual life. You’re more aware of the effects of personal karma on your life. Lay low and sleep while you can.


Will is different from faith. When you will something, you’re likely to back it up with action. Faith may keep the goal in front of you but “will” implies the courage to see that faith through. Your ability to love others and to be more creative is on the rise. An exotic experience that you’ve always wanted is about to be made manifest. Thursday and Friday are your lucky days this week. Dress up for the public as well as for yourself.


Are you ready to graduate from being a follower to being a leader? Can you accept today as the first day of the rest of your life? Then I see a better job or a promotion in your near future. Monday and Tuesday are good for being playful and getting in touch with what you love. Look through the want-ads. Check with friends about new employment opportunities. The weekend looks good for romance as well as negotiating contracts.


Scorpio’s reign of power, sex, and creativity takes over Tuesday night. Those who are not busy being born are busy dying. Be patient with yourself. Make realistic goals for yourself. Avoid ego ambitions. Thursday and Friday are good days for travel and learning. You may find yourself in the public eye over the weekend. Be honest, simple, and straightforward with what you have to offer. You’ll enjoy some success.

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