Horoscopes October 14th-20th



A change of direction takes place this week as Mars enters your sixth house. It’s time to get your health trip together. This is a good time to be more organized and to tackle problems in the workplace. The full moon lunar eclipse in Aries could put some people on shaky ground. Expect major changes, but stick to business as usual. Relationship issues remain in focus. What is fair for you may be different to someone else.



There is something to be said for hard work and stability. Lately it may feel like you’re mostly making money for other people. Perhaps your level of lust rises, and you wonder if one partner is enough for you. The full moon bridges karma and dreams with consciousness. Do things to fortify your health. Be clear about your intentions with your partner. Work on communication now. Next week, things could easily be misunderstood.



Love and more love is a beautiful thing. Stay open in your heart. Laugh and smile at the predicaments life puts you in. Be generous and help others. Be a light and a blessing to your children. Make art and be happy. The full moon bridges your social life with your secret life. Transparency makes things easier to see. Honesty can’t be judged, yet some things are best kept quiet at work. Continue to work on having good and robust health for yourself and those you love.



Good fortune should never be taken for granted. Be thankful every single day for what you have. Parents are seldom with us as long as our siblings are. Honor your folks while they are still in your life. Do things to affirm your love of your home and appreciation for the culture given you. The full moon could make for a strange day at work. It might also lead to fortunate meetings and some time to prepare for the future.



Communication and being fair in all of our relations is of value. Your intuition is on concerning many things. You won’t need to push as hard this week. Family matters can be dealt with in a thoughtful and respectful way. Financial needs will have action taken on them. Be more imaginative in the kitchen. The full moon could prompt you to go on a journey or to investigate a new career. Be aware of what it takes to get somewhere.



View life as a series of opportunities. Think of this week as a manifestation of good works. Learning to patiently cooperate with others is key. Help is on the way, all you need to do is ask for it. The full moon is where transformation of desire meets a delightful experience. Let go and ride the wave. See yourself as victor rather than victim. The weekend looks good for travel, education, discovery, and exotic experiences.



Too much of a good thing has always worked for me. However, there can be a period of burnout. Take it easy this week. Stay focused on the task at hand. The full moon will inspire romance and partnerships. The weekend could be intense. You might want to lay low. Keep on singing spiritual songs. Find a place of uplifting the spirit and seeking truth. Friends, siblings, and neighbors are all trying to get your attention.



Getting rid of things is a good metaphor for what needs to be done at this time. If it doesn’t serve you, it’s time to give away, recycle, or throw away. Pray and meditate for a good ending of your solar year. Take time to thank folks for any niceness you may have received. The full moon brings work, partners, and eventually lovers. Be aware of your full potential. Don’t deprive yourself of needed rest. The weekend looks peaceful and creative.



From imagination we move to creativity. From running a strong social network we move to introspection. We may be creating karma with the people we socialize with. The full moon goes from your fifth house to your sixth. Any excess of partying or overdoing it will end up with you paying for it in one way or another. Pay attention to your dreams and the messages they contain. Use the weekend to get organized.



You’re at the height of responsibility and the need to keep your stuff together. The good news continues to be that you have good people around you who can help you. The full moon will be a stretch for your emotional limits. By the weekend you’ll be feeling like your good old self again. Keep in touch with your children, your creative projects, and the things that bring you joy in life. Share your insights with others.



Learning doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) stop with age. Being a know-it-all makes life boring for you and the people around you. Chill out on perfectionism. Learn to do good without any expectation of anything in return. The full moon will amplify your social life and the need for good friends and family. The weekend looks good for honoring your parents, cleaning house, or looking at real estate.



On Monday afternoon, the moon goes into Pisces and stays there until Wednesday just before sundown. Be aware of your powers of persuasion. Work as a team with others and ask before making any rash moves. The full moon in Aries has something to do with resources and the environment where you live. Sing a song of hope and praise. Don’t allow the negativity of others to get you down. The weekend looks good for a short excursion into nature.

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