Horoscopes November 4th-10th



You’re in the thick of transformation at this point. You need to lose in order to gain. Freedom and attachment are not compatible. You begin the week as an optimist, with the moon transiting your ninth house. Add some beauty and thought to your career as Venus enters your tenth house. Mercury goes direct Sunday afternoon, offering you a chance at new plans. The weekend looks good for socializing and catching up with friends.


Relationships are always somewhat difficult to balance. It’s like being on a seesaw. The weight of one can offset the balance of another. The lovemaking could get hot and heavy this week as passions kick in. Venus moves into your ninth house, giving you a more exploratory attitude toward love and romance. Mercury going direct will improve communication with loved ones by Sunday afternoon. Learn to see beauty in the ordinary.


This is your last week of Mercury retrograde. Sunday the 10th at 1:12 PM PST, Mercury goes direct and you can work on picking up the pieces of the things that went haywire the last couple of weeks. Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning looks good for working on partnerships and relationships. The weekend looks good for travel, detours, and unique experiences. Do things to improve your health as well as work on improving the lives of others.


You’re as good as you feel. Love and joy should be easier to come by this week. You move with a certain spiritual dignity. Your creative life is expanding to new heights. Spread the wealth of your personal happiness. On Tuesday, Venus moves into your seventh house, making you more attractive to others. The moon is the house of harmony and romance Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon. Initiate the type of love you would like to receive.


Family issues just can’t be ignored, especially when they involve parents or grandparents. You are in a place where you are hyper-aware of your feelings. Facts don’t always change feelings. Own what you feel and don’t judge it to be right or wrong. Your creative ideas will get a chance to be put into action. The weekend will be a good time to reach out to friends and loved ones. Let go of the things that don’t work.


Bloom where you are planted. You may be showered with rain drops, or the leaves as they fall to the ground. Be friendly to your neighbors, even the local birds and squirrels. Find poetry and stories in everyday activities. Enjoy doing something artistic with your hands. Venus will move into your fifth house on Tuesday,boosting your playfulness. By Wednesday the love gets juicier than ever with the moon transiting the fifth house as well.


What you buy has more to do with political outcomes than whether or not you vote. Your values are in focus and you hate hypocrisy. It’s easier to see it in others than to see it in yourself. One message this week is to do the inner work. It’s not out there somewhere else, but inside your soul where you fear to tread. By the weekend things will ease up and you’ll find a place in your heart to sing a happy song.


Believe in yourself. You can do it with encouragement and love. Venus enters your first house on Tuesday, spicing up the love and creativity department for you. On Wednesday through Friday afternoon the moon will be in Capricorn, solidifying your influence on others. Honor the friends who have been helping you. Be open to meeting new people who could potentially advance your cause. Let go of past mistakes and worries.


Don’t be fooled by deceivers. Talk is cheap. It’s still best to lay low this week and not to make any sudden moves. The moon in Sagittarius Monday through Wednesday afternoon allows you to have the needed influence to see your situation a little clearer. Self-love is the beginning of all real love. You are ready to make money and to do good work. You’ll also be more effective if you pray and meditate before each new day.


This is a time of higher learning for you. You may also find this to be the luckiest time of year for you. Joy and playfulness lead to making inspiring art. Flow with whatever notions captivate your attention. Complete the tasks that need completing. Be as loving and as compassionate as feels good for you. Try more to understand rather than longing to be understood.


Knowledge is a two-edged sword. It has its benefits, as in being prepared for something. Its drawback is knowing certain miseries or frustrations. Sometimes worse still, are betrayals. Yet your talents, skills, and wisdom are shining brightly. The moon will be in Aquarius this weekend, giving you more power to persuade others to your side. Be the light of encouragement shining rather than the jester mocking or the critic bitching.


Happy Birthday! Since you’ve survived Saturn, Mercury, north node, sun, and solar eclipse in transiting Scorpio, you now can enjoy your own conscious version of paradise. Create the heaven you want. You have friends and love all around you, what more could you want? Enjoy the people and things that are right in front of you. Saturn can make one either depressed or tired. It’s better to be tired. Give it your best shot Scorpio!

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