Horoscopes November 25th – December 1st



See the world through new eyes. Check in with your interpersonal relationships. Take your service work to a new level of excellence. Learn to work closely with others. Be ready to learn more. On Thanksgiving you’re likely to be with your partner’s family. The weekend looks good for an in-depth look into the world of birth, sex, death, and other people’s property.


Getting what you want may be different than getting what you need. To keep love fresh you may need to try something different. Don’t expect to be in control during this period. During the beginning of the week focus on matters of the heart. By the end of the week a breakthrough in partnership or employment can be expected. Keep a good sense of humor during challenges.


There is no clear division between the natural world and the world of humans except for the need for money. You are in a good position to negotiate for what you want. Things that were left unfinished last month can finally move forward. Focus on family needs towards the beginning of the week. Be sensitive to your parents’ desires. Thanksgiving will provide you with creative opportunities.


Most people that are very lucky are also very unlucky at times. Looking for the good during a crisis or a hardship takes mental discipline. The beginning of the week is good for chatting with friends or siblings. Thanksgiving day the focus needs to be on older relatives. By the weekend your creative juices will be flowing once again.


Take care of financial issues and bills first thing this week. Find a song or a sound that makes you feel good about life. Negotiate tasks for the Thanksgiving weekend with siblings or close friends. You may need to do things for your parents as we get to the weekend. Your creative energy will begin to flow more freely. Reflect on the needs of your children as well as the needs of your lover.


You’ve got the energy, consciousness and power to make a positive impact this week. The moon in Virgo Monday through early afternoon Wednesday puts a positive spin on service work. Give courage to those that need some positive words. The weekend looks good for travel and education.


Venus transiting your fourth house brings a focus on parents, heritage, and domestic life. Ask yourself how you feel about things rather than what you think about things. Thanksgiving day features a moon in Libra. People want to get along and are kind to each other. Avoid traveling early that morning as accidents and detours are more likely. The weekend looks good economically.


This is a time of deep introspection for you. In this place of reflection you get many insights. Your imagination is open to many possibilities. You’ll be in the public eye much of this weekend. Work out your old karma. Pay your bills. Forgive those that hurt you. Forgive yourself as well. Pay attention to dreams.


You are now officially the flavor of the month. The beginning of the week is a good time to show off your many talents and skills. Thanksgiving Day looks like a social experience with good friends all around you. The weekend looks good for meditation, helping those that are shut in, or just enjoying the pleasures of the bed with a loved one.


None of us are so different that there isn’t a part of us that conforms to social expectations. We cover our privates when we go out in public or we get arrested by authorities. Don’t rock the boat means your actions can get other people in hot water. See the big picture and work from a place of compassion.


You are the friend that loves friends more than family. Future planning and socializing are the focus for the next few weeks. It is likely that you will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. You may even go on some sort of spiritual sojourn. The weekend looks good for career and developing your leadership skills.


Express your values through music and song. Mars transiting your eleventh house brings dynamic people to your social circle. Practice listening to others more during Thanksgiving. Give help to those that might seem isolated. The weekend features the moon in Scorpio. Love can be a way of transforming situations by being generous and kind.

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