Horoscopes November 18th – 24th



You have a renewed appreciation for where you live. Service, and working with others happily, are part of what this is about. The sun moves into your ninth house Thursday night. Be ready to focus more on education, travel, and exotic experiences. The weekend looks good for parties, fun, and hanging out with children. Pace yourself and don’t be overconfident. You’re entering new territory here. Respect other people’s boundaries. Listen to your intuition.


This week you shift away from flirtation and go straight to intimacy. There occurs a transformation when we give our power to share in physical lust. Lust is natural. Love is a choice that may require some work while infatuation is a feeling we delight in. Walk your talk. Be okay with sharing your power with others. Don’t be attached to outcomes. This is a path of discovery and there may not be any shortcuts. Enjoy the journey.


Monday and Tuesday begin with the moon in Gemini. I find folks will often reveal their other side or evil twin during the moon’s stay in Gemini. Who do we pretend to be in order to meet the expectations of others? Your desire for romance increases with the sun moving into your seventh house on Thursday night. You may be considering some sort of move or merger. Partnerships are more attractive during this period. The weekend looks good for travel.


The good times continue to roll. The moon will be in Cancer Wednesday morning through much of Friday afternoon. Allow the things you hold dear to be accomplished. Stay engaged in creative activities. Love affairs are easier to come by. Be aware of how stress affects you during this period. Send good vibes to others while you’re out there having fun. Get involved with a charitable cause to help others during the holidays.


You know the things that motivate you and the things that hinder you. Pay more attention to your spiritual life and/or lack thereof. Make time for meditation and prayer. Things finally begin to swing your way by the weekend with the moon in Leo and the sun moving through your fifth house. Your creative life should get a boost. Be aware of the power of play. Find time for matters of the heart. Be the friend and lover that you want to have.


You’ve been getting stronger over the last several weeks. Eating right and sleeping more can really pay off. Finish off whatever was neglected during the last several weeks. Be aware of who your friends are. Focus more on your parents and on older relatives. Be willing to take on more leadership roles. Rely on memory and imagination more. Look at the people around you and consider the ones who are like family to you.


We shift from personal values to communion. In order to have more of one thing we’ll need to get rid of another. Important contacts will be made for you this week. Pay attention to news from old friends or siblings. Learn to find beauty where you live and to bloom where you’re planted. Get over the paranoid chatter in the back of your brain. Everyone has enemies or those who hold things against them secretly. Be loving anyway.


After the party it is good to return home to one’s own bed. Your social life goes through some sort of climax this week. You’re still looking good and attracting compliments from others. By this weekend it will be best to focus on your inner life. The way you look at love is different now. Read spiritual books. Do things to nurture yourself and others. Be thankful for the love that you do have in your life.


Just because you think you saw something doesn’t mean that’s what you actually saw. Critical thinking still has its place. You move out of the things that are hidden or isolated in secret. By the weekend you’ll feel yourself drawn toward what really matters. Life becomes a fun adventure once more. The sun goes into Sagittarius Thursday at 7:48 PM PST. The moon will be in your house of good fortune over the weekend.


These last several weeks have been an incubator of deep learning. You’ve had many friends and well-wishers come your way. Now it’s time to stay true to your own unique spiritual vision. Career opportunities will begin showing up later this week. Be ready to show yourself in public. Wednesday through Friday are filled with creative inspiration. Look at all your experience and talents and see what can be done with your many gifts.


I see this week as a time to mix business with pleasure. That new person who was hired may not work out at the place you applied to. Don’t give up hope! You have made some important social contacts that should yield some good opportunities for you. There are surprises, tricks, and gifts at every turn. Quit being bored by the ordinary and look for the different, the unique, and the inspirational. The weekend looks romantic.


Social moods seem to be a fascination of yours as of late. Luckily, you have good friends in both high as well as low places. This week we have the last few lingering days of Scorpio colliding with the goofy antics of Sagittarius. Be ready to improve things financially. Sing more spiritual tunes or even old Christmas carols. Learn from your friends how to be more resourceful. Check out the flea markets and yard sales.

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