Horoscopes November 11th – November 17th



Control is not an option so give up on it. Faith can move mountains. It might be time to be vulnerable and to suspend disbelief. The moon will be in Aries late Tuesday night through Thursday. Enthusiasm and a new sense of direction follow. The full moon on Sunday will prove a test of your values. Things begin to flow with Mercury and Neptune moving direct this week. Be ready to do things to improve your health and the wellbeing of others.


This weekend will be all about you, Taurus. The moon moves into Taurus on Friday morning and stays there till late in the afternoon Sunday. This includes the full moon Sunday at 7:16am PST. This is a time for partnerships and for taking big risks. Allow for things to be exotic, unusual, and never done before. Love can make you crazy. You may need to cool your jets. Fortify yourself with thoughts of kindness, peace, and tranquility.


This is your first week without the annoyance of Mercury retrograde. Take advantage of this time to make progress at work, on your personal health, and with your ability to help others. Late autumn lust may be brewing inside of you. You can love more than one person at the same time. Beyond envy, you may lose focus on who you are. The demands of others seem great. Get organized and be ready to act on household needs and family demands. Lay low over the weekend.


Your creative flow just keeps getting stronger. This week you feel like you know what you’re doing since Mercury went direct. Venus in your seventh house means you’re more available to love. Mars in the third house gives you the travel bug. Monday and Tuesday are your lucky days this week. The full moon weekend will be full of parties and friends dropping by. Stay focused on your creative process, your child, or your lover.


You are extra sensitive and more conscious of your feelings. What your parents were like with you is likely still having some effect on the way you do things. Your values are a source of strength to you. Wednesday and Thursday are power days for you, when your sense of adventure increases. Learn to meditate and pray. The full moon in your mid-heaven brings you in contact with the public and your own unique leadership ability.


You are acting responsively and consciously. You especially love the natural environment this time of year. Work with your hands. Find a way to get stronger. You have a backbone and are going to speak your truth. Be aware of how your education affected you. Make friends with your fears. Respect your boundaries and those of others. The full moon weekend looks great for travel and exotic experiences. You could be somebody’s miracle.


Want and desire are big motivating factors in your life. Sensual pleasures can move us to do amazing things, whether it’s a good meal or a good lay. Food, money, and finding a voice have been key issues for you as of lately. Wednesday and Thursday are good for creating balance and finding romance. The full moon weekend could bring intense passion. When you need help, please be sure to ask for it.


Rumor has it that you are having fun. I was never much one for rumors though, and you usually like to keep it real. You need not worry when you have such helpful friends. Preparing for the future is important. Now is as good a time as any to plan ahead. The full moon weekend inspires a playful and creative agenda. Take a chance. Knock on a door to see who lives there. Try doing things a little differently while continuing to obey safety rules.


The saying that “it’s darkest before the dawn” certainly applies here. You’ve had to face major karma. This week is about emerging from personal needs to the needs of others. Hard work will pay off, but payback is a bitch. Stay out of debt. You have what you need already. Pray for the people who don’t get it. The full moon may put some bigger demands on you. Helping others will help you recover from health issues.


It is difficult to be objective when you’ve been sitting on the top of the world. Creative juice like yours is a precious element in these stark days. The moon will be in Pisces on Monday and Tuesday. There is big magic for those who find blessings in a garbage heap. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ll be working with your hands on the things you are passionate about. Move with grace and consideration of others.


Try stepping things up a notch this week. First of all, you’re in the public eye a hell of a lot more than usual these days. Secondly, there are folks out there looking to recruit you for your mad skills. Get a better job if the need be. Thirdly, you seem like a natural leader these days. Why let someone else screw things over worse than you would? The full moon may have you attending to your parents’ wishes. This is fine for now.


We are now in the more mystical part of Scorpio where the ego dies and our creative spirits are born anew. The roots of happiness are found in doing the things we love and sharing what is personally precious with others. The week begins with a flair for the imaginative and the innovative. You go deeper into your work. The full moon weekend could be romantic. The sign of the sexual meets the sign of the sensual. The sign of transcendence meets the sign of the material.

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