Horoscopes for November 10th


The week begins with an explosive Mars/Pluto conjunction on your midheaven. Things change radically for you when it comes to career and public image. Issues involving parents and home life could change at the same time. Late Wednesday morning through Friday night you get a creative boost. The weekend looks good for organization and taking care of business. Keep serious decisions in a light hearted context. Your own version of your spiritual life begins to make sense as Neptune goes direct Saturday night.


This time of year is all about creativity, romance and making alliances. Of course there are your open enemies as well. You can’t please all the people all the time. Pay attention to your social contacts early in the week. Family issues become a priority Wednesday through Friday. The weekend looks great for love as well as for doing some of your best creative works. Take some risks and push some boundaries. Nothing can stay the same forever. Use this knowledge to make wise decisions, and to appreciate the good that is with you.


Health is real wealth. Take time out to take better care of yourself. This is a good time to make good karma by engaging in charitable works. Personal values are part of your focus early in the week. Eventually you’ll be doing the usual gathering of information. Try not to exaggerate when sharing your knowledge. Venus enters your seventh house late Sunday morning, ushering more opportunities to be a better lover. Learn to love what you do and to do what you love. Make it a stay at home weekend and enjoy your family time.


Good things come to you this week. You begin with an emotionally deep and secure Cancer moon. You are able to feel both adventurous and generous. If you have children they will be a part of your focus. Financial improvement is likely to come by the end of the week. The weekend will be good for hanging out with close friends and siblings. Be cautious and sensitive to danger as not everyone out there has your best interest. Overall you’re in for a joyful time of play, love, and creative expression. Enjoy smiling more often.


May your cup be full and your life be sweet. Seek out the members of your tribe who you consider to be wise. The first couple of days of the week it’s best to lay low and deal with personal karma. By Wednesday you’ll be feeling more chipper as the moon goes into Leo and stays there till late Friday night. Be open to grace when tough situations come up. Be thankful for whatever your parents did right. Tune in to deep memories. The weekend looks good for music, food, making money and helping your family with their friends.


This has been a time of deep learning for you; the beginning of entering into a deeper wisdom. Your communication skills are spot on. The first couple of days of the week are good for your social life. Go to a party if you can get away with it. Mars and Pluto conjoin Monday afternoon giving your creative life and love life a facelift. Otherwise, if you have children they could go through some major changes on Monday and Tuesday. The moon goes into Virgo late Friday night giving you the whole weekend to explore possibilities.


Make more with what you already have. Play more music, sing more songs. In some ways you’ll begin to see many of your personal values being affirmed. Decisions at work of a serious nature are likely to take place at the beginning of the week. Luxury items continue to tempt you. Helpful friends could show up anytime between Wednesday and Friday. Keep in mind your original intentions. When you draw a line be careful not to box yourself in. Venus moves into your third house on Sunday, making hobbies and art more fun.


Happy Birthday and may all your happiest wishes come true. With that said, Monday looks like it has everything to do with communication, education, travel, and a regional breakthrough of some sort. Pluto and Mars conjoin in your third house of siblings, communication, education, and the environment. We may discover a new way to be more mobile. The workload will be piling up Wednesday through Friday. The weekend looks like a good time to hang out with friends, party and make plans for the future.


This is a time for you to make adjustments and to seek a way to remedy mishaps that may have happened along the way. Making good karma should be your motto. Avoid the things that you consciously know will lead to your own undoing. Late Wednesday morning through Friday night the moon will be in your ninth house along with Jupiter. Good fortune is coming your way. You’ll be in the public eye more over the weekend. Use your best tools. Bust out your gifts. You may need to be like Gumby and fit into any shape.


Take a deep breath. Mars and Pluto conjoin in your first house on Monday. This is a very Scorpionic conjunction, during a very Scorpionic time when Saturn is in Scorpio and Mars and Pluto are visiting Capricorn. Patience, lust, calculating, deceit, envy, courage, and strength are just a few of the characteristics. There is also an intuitive x-ray vision that comes with Pluto. If people call you out, welcome it. Do your best to be a real friend and drive out the evil in your own personal life before reacting to any accusations. The weekend looks great!


Your best abilities will be viewed and applauded once again. Keep on cultivating the best of your talents and skills. On Monday and Tuesday, say your prayers and move with grace. You can somehow make good karma during this period. You do your best diplomatic work Wednesday through Friday. There may even be an element of romance involved. The weekend is good for paying debts, getting help, getting into debt, or being transformed and experiencing life as a miracle. Be careful about blind spots and unfinished business.


Take your time and be aware of all the sights, smells, sounds, touches and tastes. You are in a place of good fortune and high spiritual insights. Monday and Tuesday could inspire creative bliss with a grand trine in water signs. Wednesday through Friday you find yourself working hard to help others. The weekend could be perfect for a romantic getaway. Neptune goes direct Saturday at 11:06pm PST. Get ready to manifest the dreams that have been held back since June of this year. The wind is in your sails and you are about to be going places.

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