You begin the week with a sense of enthusiasm and a desire to try and do things differently. Your imagination is activated in ways that might relate to the public at large. Creativity will have to include a sense of surrender. Be willing to apologize and admit when you’re wrong. Avoid bullies and insensitive people. Help those that are isolated in prisons, hospitals, rest homes, or other institutions. Pay attention to dreams and your subconscious. Have some alone-time in nature.


It looks like you’re running things this week. It’s a good thing that you have such varied interests because now is a time when you’ll need to use everything you’ve got. Sharpen up every talent and skill that you have. Being a leader requires that you let nothing ruffle your feathers. You are in complete understanding of what needs to be done. If you’re in the market for a new job, your prospects should improve this week. Confidence is what you need to display.


Everyone has, or will experience, some sort of torment during their life. You’ve been negotiating a more difficult period emotionally. Much of your resources may be tied up in other people’s business. Otherwise, you may be in debt or others are in debt to you. The beginning of the week has you being your best. Stop fearing things that haven’t happened yet. Fortunately, not all of our fears come true. Accept help and give help freely. Pray for the miracle you need.


There is no free lunch, but take heart that the tastiest things in life are worth working for. Discovery comes when you make yourself vulnerable to a new condition or situation. Hard work is all around you. This is due to your sixth house being activated. You may want to pay attention to small pets, and uncles and aunts as well. Friday and Saturday are your power days this week. You’ll get in touch with what is bothering you, as well as what is working for you.


You’ve received a lot of love and support from your partnerships. Now is a time to focus some of that good fortune on your family. You’re conscious that you’ll need a firm foundation in order to be able to climb up to your next lofty goal. The week begins strong with the moon in Sagittarius. People will be focused on too much of a good thing. Easy street may not be the best street to live on. Pay attention to your feelings and to the people around you that you consider to be family.


Your vision for the kind of future you want is clear. The challenge will be getting other people on the same page with your values. Money, food, and putting on a new face are your main issues during this time. One of the main components of creating wealth is being happy and resourceful with what you have. The moon will be in Aquarius Thursday night through most of Saturday. You demonstrate a practical common sense that is appreciated during this time of urgency and fear.


With Venus now in your eleventh house, along with a bunch of other planets, the emphasis is on future-planning and friends. Good people show up just when you need them to. You’ll find a way to appreciate your specific social niche. Throw a party, or be a part of a big social event. You are free to be who you are in the weirdest of ways. By mid-week, you should be experiencing magical coincidence and a sense of good fortune. Dancing is good.


You’re in a positive flow. Begin the week working toward what you feel is worthy service. A little mid-week romance is more than just possible, but likely, if you have an open mind. Travel, education, and sage-like wisdom are your themes. By the weekend, you’ll see the many ways in which you are more fortunate than most. Help others and more good karma will come of it. This is a great time for publishing a book or producing a movie.


Partnerships are everything this week. How you come across to others is the big deal this week. Begin the week by honoring older family members. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday look great for creative expression, being loving, or taking a joy ride. Sunday is a high day for romance, and surrendering to love can be like a drug to you. Make a positive, honest effort in all your work. Kindness is the power of caring along with actions that inspire generosity.


Getting the miracle you need may seem like a challenge; however, if you let go of outcome scenarios and ask the universe to be more sensitive to the good that is out there, you’ll find that good fortune is already smiling down upon you. Say “thank you” more often. Do a random act of kindness for someone. Give yourself a present, as well. Help build up other people’s confidence. Ignore the mistakes of the past. Work toward a more creative, loving, and positive future.


You’ve heard the saying that ignorance is bliss. Keeping one’s head buried in the sand like an ostrich won’t stop the outside world from doing what it’s doing. You’re spending more time gathering information and educating yourself. The moon will be in Capricorn Tuesday late afternoon through most of Thursday. Stay in touch with siblings and friends from school days. Be more passionate about working with your hands. Know that what might be a truth today could easily be a lie tomorrow.


Changes that you want to make are more than possible. You take center stage as the flavor of the month this week. By Sunday, when the moon is in Pisces, there will be seven illuminaries in Pisces: the sun, the moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Chiron, and Neptune. Anything that you want to make possible is more possible than ever. Kindness, compassion, imagination, and intuition are all Pisces virtues. Be sensitive to being loving in the best way possible during each and every situation.

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