Horoscopes: March 25-31


Move forward with dignity and strength. Your vision gets clearer day by day. You feel motivated and strong. Things are flowing with a sense of grace. You become more attractive by the day. Wednesday’s full moon is good for romance, partnerships, engagements, and marriage. Face your fears and acknowledge your desires. Saturday night through Sunday is good for trying new things. Be conscious of many new opportunities that are presenting themselves to you.


Gift-giving can be a part of your mission of random acts of kindness. Kindness is more powerful than insults or violence. Love goes beyond fear and gives us the courage to live a new day. You have many powerful friends around you. The full moon illuminates the matters of the heart. You learn to have fun in spite of public pressure. Whenever you give freely you end up receiving more than when you pursue selfish goals. The full moon ignites your creative life.


Good fortune is with you, plain and simple. The ninth house of your horoscope is activated. This could mean news from abroad, going back to school (especially grad school), or a specialized program in mechanics or massage. This is a good time to win a raffle or to embark on a long-distance journey. Demonstrate a higher philosophy for living. Try lots of new things. The full moon activates your house of communication and the local environment. Expect sudden busy-ness.


The balance has been restored between day and night and now the light is taking over. You are a beautiful part of a beautiful world. If you want a certain kind of love, you’ll need to take some risks to get there. The full moon in Libra on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning brings you goals and ambitions, as well as a self preserving consciousness. This is your time to see everyone as a reflection of you. Venus in your seventh house also makes others find you more attractive.


Pace yourself as you are in a sixth house transit and there is much that currently needs to be worked on. The moon will be in Scorpio Thursday night through most of Saturday. Be ready for a more intense version of people’s personal agendas. Stay calm. Remember that love is the one service you are able to deliver with the most grace. Continue to work on manifesting your dreams. You can be a thoughtful team player that takes in to account other people’s needs.


Learning and knowing are two different things. Knowing is static for an occasion or a moment, while learning is an ongoing process. You need to constantly refresh your sources of information and your ability to absorb new truths. People are still depending on you to be in the know. Visits from old friends and siblings are more likely to happen. The full moon inspires travel, sage-like wisdom, and embracing exotic cultures and unusual people.


Pay attention to the bedroom and how you sleep. This is the dream time for you. This is also a time where it is easier to be unconscious than usual. People might do things in secret to trap you. Enter into a state of meditation and prayer. Pray blessings on your enemies. Learn to practice forgiveness, as it is a gift to yourself as well as to your transgressors. The full moon will address personal health issues. Do things for yourself to help you stay calm and relaxed.


Being in power is a mixed blessing. It’s the cook in the kitchen that faces the most heat. We are all learning as we are doing. Effectively share the knowledge that is useful to others. This week’s full moon is felt strongly. You can’t deny your roots. Family history, heritage, and issues involving parents begin to dominate. Otherwise you’re making yourself seen in public more often. Being responsible requires admitting what you did wrong, and sharing the glory with others when things go right.


To be a good loser is more important than being able to gloat over a victory. To be able to empathize with ones that have experienced loss is an important tool in comforting others. You may need to deal with other people’s perceptions of perfection. The full moon hits you in your pocketbook, your mouth, your throat, and your values. Pheromones of spring are released in a potent way, ensuring a state of extra horniness. Letting go of desire leaves you open to more options.


It’s time to hit the gym, stop eating junk food, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the spring. Be a team player and do what you can to work better with others. Seek a consensus when facing a challenge that affects your group. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday will be the easiest times for you to get things done and are your best days for travel. Causes that are based on kindness and charity are worth getting involved with this week.


Personal and family needs take center stage for you. Fortunately for you, as good of a friend that you’ve been will help you find like minds and other people to share the journey with. You’re trying to understand your family and build your own tribe at the same time. The full moon in your tenth house will demand some of your on-the-spot wisdom. The pull between performing and withdrawing will be difficult. Trust good research and shared information.


You’ll need to put on a new face for yourself this week. Begin the week with a knowledge that all of our relationships are not within our control. We simply need to accept people and situations for what they are. Your relationship to family is expanded as you make an effort to be more open-hearted. The full moon rules birth, sex, death, and other people’s property. Walk lightly and leave without a trace. Ask for help when you need it. Your financial outlook is good.