Your season begins Wednesday morning at 4:02 AM. A gathering of planets in Aries has already begun. We already have Mars and Uranus in Aries. On Wednesday we’ll add the sun, and by Thursday night Venus enters Aries as well. Friday and Saturday look like your best days this week for travel, love affairs, creative expression, and just goofing around. All things are new, fresh, and moving forward. Enjoy the momentum that’s building as spring comes on.


Mercury is now direct this week. It’s time to dig through the barrage of bills, e-mails, and messes to clean up. The last few weeks offered little in the way of comfort or clarity. Now it’s time to get back on the horse and ride. Your social life is more in focus. Concerns over the future can be successfully planned and negotiated during this time. Monday through Tuesday morning the moon will still be in Gemini. Friends have your back. Ask for what you need.


The worst of your transformation experience has passed. By Wednesday you’ll feel like you woke up on the right side of bed. By Friday you’ll see the world as your oyster and be ready to feast on it. You owe yourself a little vacation of some sort. Seek out the good qualities of others and you’ll find yourself being well-liked. Be open to exotic experiences. See yourself more as a winner and less as a passive observer. Your gains will be equal to the price of what you risk.


Health issues should begin to improve this week. Growing pains are not easy. In order to be as lucky as you are, you had to experience some bad luck on the way as well. Be able to distinguish between needs and desires. Partnership issues are in the forefront. You see yourself as a natural negotiator. Contracts and work opportunities are more likely to be presented to you. Monday and Tuesday are best for getting things done and for deeper learning.


This is a higher-functioning time of year for you. You are able to take on quite a bit and do it all with a sense of grace and a smile. Creative expression flourishes as a conjunction of planets moves through your fifth house. If you have children, they are likely to be a big part of your focus. Love comes easy and being in your heart is even easier. Friday and Saturday have a very fiery energy about them. Enthusiasm and quick decisions are part of the picture.


Write a poem about the things you like. Make up a blues song about the things that get you down. See yourself as separate from your beliefs or your situation. The many talents and skills that you’ve accumulated through time and experience will be put to work. You begin the week on a positive note. You have some good moneymaking abilities coming to fruition. Keep your vehicles in good working order. You’ll need to be a little more mobile.


What started out as a harmless flirtation could develop into some serious karma. It’s funny how addictions begin as choices and end up being habits. What begins as a pleasure may not ultimately be good for us. Pay attention to your dreams for they contain messages. Help those that are more isolated than you. By Sunday, you’ll be feeling better and be ready for some play. Pay off debts and make good karma. Be sure to get some extra sleep.


The last few weeks were dedicated to new experiences, possibly travel, higher education, and philosophical development. You were able to flow with empathy and compassion. Now you need to take some of those tricks you have learned and apply them to your workplace. You’ll be in the public eye more. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday is extra powerful with the moon in Cancer. These are good days for planting seeds. Brush up on your talents and skills. You’ll be needing to use them.


No one is bulletproof in this world. We are all vulnerable to unpleasant occurrences. A loss on one scale can turn into a gain on another scale. Allow other people to help you. We are all interdependent beings whether we like it or not. Practice being loving and making good karma. By Sunday morning you’ll begin to feel like your old self again as the moon moves into Virgo. Seduce and be seduced for all of the right reasons. Give away what you no longer need.


It’s time to hit the gym, to stop eating junk food, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the spring. Be a team player and do what you can to work better with others. Seek a consensus when facing a challenge that affects your group. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday will be the easiest times for you to get things done and are your best days for travel. Causes that are based on kindness and charity are worth getting involved with this week.


It’s difficult remaining graceful when you’re under stress. Be grateful that you still have good friends who have your back. Family can’t be denied during this period. You are extra conscious about your feelings. You try to keep people around you that help you feel better about yourself. Do things to improve your memory. Don’t allow scary insights to block the good inspiration that is your birthright. Be good to older adults in your family. Recognize the positive aspects of your tribe


Fulfillment of your dreams is having the faith to take action and invest in yourself. You’ll be working on putting a new face on this week. Values, money, and food are more in focus. You could also use a good massage about now. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday you get a surge of creative energy. What you lack is enough space in your life to allow the Creator to do a miracle for you. Let go and let the magic happen. Sing songs of praise and encouragement.