Horoscopes March 11th-March17th 2013


Things begin to change for you this week. The new moon has you looking at your spiritual life and personal karma. Your sense of isolation seems blown up during this period. Practicing good karma is a must. You can no longer live happily with a “me first” philosophy. Mars moves into your first house Monday night and will be there for the next six weeks. You feel more ready to take risks and to set off on an adventure. It would be wise to wait till next week before taking on anything new.


It’s hard to see the forest for the trees these days. There are many needs at work that people are expecting you to fulfill. Mercury retrograde doesn’t let go of its confusing grip until Sunday afternoon. Relax and let go. Take care of the important things. The new moon puts a major focus on your career life. You’re likely to be more in the public eye. People are listening to what you have to say. Continue to work on your leadership qualities. Be thoughtful and sensitive in the workplace.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. There is a wealth in every disaster area. You may also be experiencing a pre-spring libido boost. Get rid of as many things that you don’t need as possible. This is a time where you are likely to be in debt to someone or someone is in debt to you. The new moon rules birth, sex, and death as well as other people’s property and occult studies. Traditionally, this is a difficult transition for most people. Be patient with yourself and others.


There has been a major push in your life, either to get things done or to recover from an illness. Charitable causes are easier to get involved with during this period. Most projects seem to require extra effort. Finances appear to need total revamping. Working with other people takes more effort than going at things alone. You wish to bring harmony through your efforts. Pay attention to improving team spirit. The new moon helps you get better-organized and helps you through health issues.


Family and creating stability at home is your number-one job. In order to be lucky, you’ll have to experience some bad luck as well as good. I guess we can be grateful that life isn’t boring. You may need to move with this coming new moon. Pay attention to your parents, particularly your mother. Rely more on your memory and less on your phone or computer. Do something to honor your ancestors and the people that came before you.


“The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” This bible verse explains some of the struggles you’ve been through as of late. You are having your values and patience put though a test. How you spend your cash is more important than how you vote or whom you vote for. Issues involving your throat and voice are more in focus. The other area of emphasis is what you put in your mouth. Eat local, organic, and sustainable. You only hurt yourself with crappy beverages and fast food.


Are you grateful for your friends and the people that helped you? You have helpful friends all around you, pay attention to them. You are freer now to do good than you have been in a while. Venus in the eleventh house implies good female friends as well as creative people in your life. The new moon gives you a glimpse into the future. This is also a good time for political action or an organizational review. Your vision for the future is important.


Life’s rich pageantry of adventure has taken you by the short hairs. Your quest for knowledge is never-ending, while your thirst to explore new territory is stronger than ever. If you were able to travel, now would be a great time to go. You are luckier than usual as well. If you wanted to get published, this is a great time for that. The new moon in your ninth house rules exotic cultures, foreign languages, being a winner, and taking on higher learning.


Not all things in life are fair or equal. Some people would like to use deception to get the upper hand of you. “Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves,” is a quote from the gospels from Jesus to his disciples. Creating harmony requires tact, grace, and a friendly smile. Romance and secret affairs can develop during the Mercury retrograde confusion. The new moon rules contracts and partnerships as well as romance and marriage. Love takes things deeper.


Your key phrase is, “I create.” Never has there been such an opportunity to be creative as there is now. You’re finally getting serious about your life, its limits, and long-term goals that you would like to fulfill. Write a new song or begin a new art piece. Stop worrying about failure and begin artistic experimentation. There is no limit as to what you may find. Teaching, fathering, clowning around, and being a better performer are some of the gifts that this new moon will bring you.


You find joy in working with your hands these days. Mercury retrograde has been somewhat good for you. Even during a crisis there is an opportunity for strengthening friendships and deepening relationships. The new moon has you running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You have places to go and people to see. Get things down in writing. The new moon will help you be a better neighbor, a nicer cousin, and more compassionate person when it comes to the local environment.


This new moon is all about you. Monday’s new moon in Pisces allows you to be the flavor of the month. You feel strong, conscious, and ready to tackle anything. Faith without action is dead. You are all about the action principle these days. Take care of as many personal matters as you can. Jupiter in the fourth house makes family issues and your living situation the only stumbling block for getting ahead. Bloom where you are planted before moving ahead.

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