Horoscopes March 10 – 16


Mars continues its retrograde course through your seventh house. It’s time to work on being a better diplomat. Sweet talk will work in your favor. Domestic issues, although challenging, are worth working on. The full moon ties service with romance. Old ego issues will need to stay on the back burner. By Sunday night you’ll have some of your peace of mind restored. Keep on paying your bills and making good karma. If something unex- pected comes up, at least you’ll know you’ve done the right thing.


Venus is travelling through your fifth house, inviting love affairs, creative expression and playfulness. Pay attention to female children. Learn to be a better financial planner. Your desires and personal lusts may seem to have intensified over the last couple of weeks. Find pleasure in all things artistic and creative. The full moon over the weekend will heighten your intuition and help you get a handle on your personal karma. The moon goes into Libra Sunday late afternoon bringing a sense of resolve and relaxation.


The only thing that is clear is that you have some good people around you. You’ll have more responsibility put on you. The opportunity to use your creative skills is likely to come up by the weekend. Focus on friends and family. Use
your intelligence to improve the things around you. Try to keep your rebellious streak at bay. Keep your commitment to being a better partner and staying in balance a priority. The full moon highlights love affairs, creative expressions, children, and leadership potential.


Learn to love the aging process. A few wrinkles and a gray hair or two are nothing to be afraid of. Real maturity means knowing how to work with your limits. Your memory is sharp. You are conscious of the need to add beauty to your domestic environment. Creative expression is healing. Pay attention to your need to have an open heart and to be more playful. Love and good fortune might just come easily to you. The full moon links your social life with your personal karma.


Think in terms of higher expression. Your mind is working full speed ahead. There is little room for confusion. Be aware

of potential economic opportunities on Monday
and Tuesday. Find friends
who share similar interests as you. Career goals and needs continue to be in focus. The full moon bridges your family and domestic life with creative ambitions, playfulness, and love affairs. Keep on top of personal health issues. Be patient with projects that may need to be done over.


You’ve been in a more sensitive space than usual. All the places where you
feel vulnerable have been somewhat exposed. Know that your past history and the history of your ancestors have helped to create this present situation. Wednesday and Thursday are your luckiest days this week. The weekend will find you more in the public eye. Your leadership ability will be seen. The full moon links your talents and skills with your social life. Don’t start something new until you’ve finished what you’ve begun.


Things go well for you during the powerful moon in Cancer Monday and Tuesday. Part of your focus is being open to new things. Learn gratitude. Be constantly aware of what you need to be thankful for. Find a way to love the things that you’re afraid of. Your good fortune continues to run high. The full moon bridges your environment with your family tree. The personal is what counts here. You are more curious about birth, sex, death, and the occult. You may feel restless about where you live.


Being adaptable, as well as having a multitude of interests, is important during this period. You are striving to learn new things that will be financially rewarding in the future. Keep in mind your relationships with neighbors, siblings, and long term friendships. The beginning of the week is
good for negotiations. The weekend looks good for travel, risk-taking adventures, and gaining some sort of advanced training. The full moon will help you to integrate what you’ve learned with what you need to do.


Not being in control is generally hard on your personality. You’d like to
be empowered to do good things. Asking for help may be your only way out of
the quagmire of doubt and frustration. Partnership issues are sweeter. The moon will be in Leo from Tuesday night until Friday morning. You’ll be more conscious of what you need to do on these days. The weekend looks good for financial gains and putting on a new face. The full moon links voice with communication and a love of the environment.


Getting your financial trip together is part of this weeks theme. You begin the week by providing service and support to others. Find a song that is uplifting and worth singing. Take care of oral health and get a neck rub if you need it. The weekend is somewhat out of your hands. Other people’s decisions will affect how things go for you. By Sunday evening you’ll have a sense of resolve. Stay focused on your personal values. Don’t allow other people’s poor choices to ruin your day.


You have a clearer vision of what you need to do. This is a good time for getting organized and for planning for the future. Be sensitive to the needs of others in
your environment. The week begins with helpful friends and spontaneously meeting other people who could prove to be beneficial later on. The moon will be full in the later part of Virgo Sunday morning at 10:08am PDT. Be involved with things that enhance your ability to relate to others. Be open to romantic prospects.


Your interpersonal relationships will be your focus this week. Monday and Tuesday are rich with creative energy and open-hearted feelings of love. Your ability to have compassion helps others to look up to you. Be sensitive to your workload and your personal health needs towards the middle of the week. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations, and getting a contract. The full moon could intensify your connection to marriage, sex, and being able to compromise.

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