Completion of what you started needs to take place. Overcome petty fears by staying informed. You are not your beliefs or the things you own. However, the old adage is true—you are what you eat. During this cycle it is best to pay attention to your feelings. Make your home reflect your favorite mood. Call your parents and let them know that you care. Get to know the meaning of comfort zones. You want to travel, yet you fear all the other maniacs on the road.


You are creating a better life for yourself. You are super concerned with personal finances at this point. You’re trying to find a voice for yourself while you put on a new face. You have a good amount of energy and courage at this point. You weave a good story and you pay people compliments. Mercury retrograde makes misunderstandings easier to come by. Things may require triple the effort. Don’t give up! This too shall pass. Thursday through early Saturday features a Gemini moon.


You’re somewhat in a daze and in the dream space. You may feel isolated due to excess work or not having any work at all. Be confident in serving others and laying low. The best lovers are the most generous people. Sexy has more to do with what you can give rather than what you can get. There is an element of karma that you’re dealing with that involves the deeds of the last year. Pay attention to dreams and the messages contained in them. Enjoy sleep and the pleasures of the bed.


Keep a good attitude about yourself, as people are depending on you. When in a leadership position you are much more likely to be criticized or ridiculed. Yes, it is the nail that stands up that gets hammered down. Your patient and forgiving nature will take you places. Good friends are more likely to help you. It’s hard to stay focused when you wish you could escape. Things at the workplace could be challenging. Don’t expect ease. Make a good effort and smile through the frustration.


The only thing that is for certain is change. The context of your relationship is changing. There is a feeling that you owe others and/or that others owe you. Your ability to control things is only as good as your ability to go with the flow. Sex, birth, and death tend to be hidden in first-world culture, thus people are seldom prepared for the real consequences. A change of heart could lead to a change of mind. Work with your limits, and be honest and open about them.


It’s the details and the little things that get to you this week. It’s time to get organized and to put everything in its proper place. Take care of any health issues that have gotten you down. Eat foods that help you feel healthier. Be ready to help others. Thursday through Saturday morning look good for creative expression, being with children, and building confidence. Make a list of what you need to get done over the weekend and tackle it one step at a time.


The week begins strong for you. The moon enters Taurus Monday at 2:43 PM PDT and stays there through Wednesday. What are the things that make you feel secure and comfortable? How do you maintain stability in a rapidly changing world? There are people who don’t like you but are not willing to confront you. Be patient, and don’t react. Other people’s opinions don’t determine whether or not you are worth loving. Be loving to friends and neighbors, and paint a pretty picture.


You are the flavor of the month, if not flavor of the year. Our emotional and empathetic natures are able to expand. The future looks bright and bold with the usual elements of uncertainty and random setbacks. Do things to improve yourself and your spiritual life. Long-term creative goals begin to gel. Progress can be seen over the horizon. Late Saturday afternoon through Sunday, the moon will be in Cancer. Your influence is strong and positive. Accept delays as blessings.


Show your lovable side. Be not concerned with losing or winning. Helpful friends show up and the good-times begin to roll. Make room to welcome more people in your life. Take steps to prepare for the future, but leave plans loose for potential change. Take everyday as a new adventure, an opportunity to perform, and a chance to create better relationships. Simple flirting could lead to a deep and potentially dangerous relationship. Keep things as light and innocent as possible.


Everyday is a journey. Even if you seldom travel, the environment around you changes—from light to dark, the wet season to the dry season, the cool to the hot, as well as growth and decay. Spiritual wisdom is easier for you to come by during this period. Open your heart to helping others. This is a good time to travel, as long as you can deal with detours. Saturday afternoon through Sunday look good for advanced studies and travel. You are luckier than usual.


Relationship issues are big this week. You begin the week feeling like you need to produce something. As the week progresses you’ll see how working with others is very important. Pace yourself so you avoid burnout. Love is hard to walk away from. You find yourself feeling more attractive and playful this week. The weekend looks good for romance, partnership, and working with others. Don’t make any big decisions for another two weeks. You’ll thank yourself later.


You are in your element. Water inspires deep emotions, imagination and psychic energy. Get over your limitations and be an overcomer. The wind is in your sails and now it’s time to go with the rising tide. Make yourself more available for love and play. The moon will be in Pisces on Thursday and Friday. Love and harmony begin to break through. Be open to things getting better, because they most likely will. Use caution when moving things at home.