Horoscopes January 7-13

capricornAries: Most of the action is focused on your career and social life for now. You are more likely to be obsessed with new technology. You are out to travel or move on a whim, or by impulse or even a sudden emergency. The message is be ready for almost anything and that the whole world is watching. The new moon on the eleventh indicates career changes and the need to display your own talents and skills. You are good at tooting your own horn. We all watch each other’s behavior. What are you showing the world as of late?

Taurus: For the love of the world, I am sharing things, as a new experience and way of gaining better insights. Visit a new church, temple or place of worship. You don’t have to be a believer to wander through other people’s practices. I suggest traveling to and from work on a slightly different route. The new moon brings opportunities for travel, education and exotic experiences. Be inspired, be generous, but most of all try something that may be a slightly bigger challenge than you think you can deal with. Dream big and surprise yourself.

Gemini: The uncomfortable part of this process you’ve been going through is that it requires negotiation and an agreement with another party. No one comes into this world alone. Few of us go out that way, but we can, making death all the more of a mystery. Occasionally we need to work with unpleasant people. Show compassion even when it seems undeserved. Grumpy people don’t pay rent to live in your head. Think about beautiful things like scenes from a picture postcard of nature. The weekend looks great for travel.

Cancer: The new moon for you is all about partnership, contracts, romance and negotiations. Monday begins the week on a powerful note, where you feel openhearted and loving. Tuesday and Wednesday are a little more dicey and people seem somewhat careless. Your mission is to be a peacemaker with yourself before you extend that peace to others. Be ready to see where you fit in. The needs of others may seem more pressing than your own needs. Be a team player and take care of the little details as they come to you.

Leo: You are cleaning up still from holiday celebrations and post vacation debris. Your need is to focus on your health; since you’re getting little sunlight you may be subject to more depression. Get out when you can to enjoy the day. Helping others can stimulate your immune system and bring a good feeling to the community. The new moon asks that you get organized, get healthier and allow for some down time, as you are likely to be working more. Uncles, aunts and small pets may present special needs during this period.

Virgo: The creative mind needs to be exercised. Your imagination and playful side can take over this week. You are on the move, making things happen. If you have children it is extra important to pay attention to their needs during this period. You are more motivated to get yourself in good shape via exercise and physical activity. Help yourself help others. Keep singing your songs, painting your pictures and dancing your dance. The new moon brings more joy, love and playfulness into your life. Seduce the world into joining your cause.

Libra: See yourself as a liberator, one who allows other people to be themselves. Venus in your fourth house has you hanging out at home a lot these days. The needs of parents and family seem to dominate your news. This is a good time for reflection, patience, sleeping in and getting out in the public every now and then. Complacency is the enemy. You need something to ignite passion and creative action in your life. The new moon helps you put your house in order and could bring news of your family history.

Scorpio: The week begins strong with the moon in Scorpio on Monday. The mood is social yet focused on the deeper mysteries of life. Money starts flowing more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Be ready to sing or speak in public. You’re working more on home improvements these days. The new moon in your third house brings siblings, cousins and school friends back in contact with you. Be a better neighbor. Work on vehicle maintenance. Know that communication is key to getting the things and situations that we desire.

Sagittarius: You are known for being as free as the wind and as having as many opinionated points of view as there are spines on a cactus. The notion that anything is free is untrue. Ownership has it’s own costs and weights. Consumption is encouraged and overrated by our society. The new moon brings some monetary gains, a new look at diet and health, and the need to verbally express yourself more. Friends want to help you, and share good times. Romantic partners are hoping you are engaged in a divine purpose.

Capricorn: Work is not the only effort worth possessing. Be calm as you are facing many life-changing decisions. The good news is that you have friends in high places that are more than willing to help you. Give up on past failures, forgive yourself and move forward. The new moon in Capricorn officially opens the starting gate for your new year. You are inspired to make changes with family and where you live. Keep an open eye as well as an open mind to what is available. Take action on your financial situation.

Aquarius: Losing is occasionally really winning. This is a good time of year for you to lay low, sleep more and enjoy the pleasures of the bed. You’re also in a place where your imagination is flourishing, and your creative desire and need to produce art is at an all time high. The new moon in your twelfth house helps you to see connections with your subconscious and with past lives. The moon will be in Aquarius over the weekend giving you a new start and a fresh outlook on life. By next week it will be safe to move forward.

Pisces: We are not our beliefs. Just because we’re afraid of something, it doesn’t prevent it from happening or even make it much more likely that it will happen. You have good friends all around you. Help is on the way so don’t worry. This is the last good week to socialize before you need to put your nose to the grindstone again. Throw a party or attend a gathering. Hang out with the people you admire most. The new moon puts you in touch with the right people at the right time. Enjoy your life and let the good times roll.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY; Lisa Schmidt 1/7/70, Dan Boles 1/7/51, Sarah Nutting 1/9/81
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