Horoscopes January 6th – January 12th



The enemy is us. Who, me? Yes you. Don’t be surprised and quit playing innocent. Your quest for the control of others has gotten you in more trouble than you can imagine. Thank-you notes and apologies should be amongst your New Year’s resolutions. You stick out like a sore thumb these days. You continue to inspire and activate others. Responsibility can seem somewhat explosive. The moon goes into Aries late Monday morning and stays there till Wednesday evening. You love challenges. Do things to create harmony.


Advanced studies come to you. If you wanted to be published, now is the time to apply. Good fortune leads the way for you. Don’t fear past mistakes. Admit you’ve made poor choices and move on without blame. Learn how to work with others with a sense of team spirit. The moon will be in Taurus Wednesday evening through Friday. Often times effort in one area leads to opportunity in another area. Life is for the learning. Count your blessings and share them with others.


Transformation continues. It’s time for a yard sale. It’s cleanup time. Get rid of the things that no longer serve you. Mercury moves into your ninth house Saturday. Combine that with the moon in Gemini that same day and the travel bug is bound to hit you. Let go of all notions of control. You will need other people to get what you want. Make good on loans and debt. Not only is this good karma but it helps other people think nice thoughts about you. Be extra conscious of what you do with your time this weekend. You’ll be in public.


Partnership implies that it takes more than one to make a whole. Look to the ones you are engaged with. Notice how other people’s views help to expand your own consciousness. You think it’s complicated; they think it’s simple, or you see it as flat and they notice the subtle topography. Your concept of love and lust intensifies. You may be feeling shy in regards to your significant other. Express your emotional and your sexual needs in a safe place. (Males be warned: there are few safe places for this kind of expression in this culture with the opposite sex).


Health issues are still in your focus. The week begins on a lively note. You are more concerned about new information. Career issues are best addressed on Thursday or Friday while the moon is in your mid heaven. Travel and transportation issues are more important with Mars running through your third house. Staying on the go is part of your lifestyle. The weekend looks good for travel and social engagements. Acknowledge your intuition. What you sense has some validity.


It’s harder for you to cut loose compared to most other signs. Yet, now is the perfect time to make fun happen. You may be overly concerned about your social standing. Let go of expectations. Allow yourself to grovel in the mud if necessary. Be playful. Use crayons and building blocks to get into an authenticly playful mood. You may need to make a public appearance over the weekend. Be sure to polish up your talents and skills, especially the ones that are of a creative nature.


In order to set forth a clear direction, one needs to review where they have been. This is a time when your memory should be sharp and your self motivation will be strong. Pay attention to your parents and to older relatives. Take care of any pending domestic issues. You are likely going to need to negotiate something early in the week with someone that seems unstable. Female members of your household may appear restless or out of sorts with themselves. By the weekend a nice outing will be in order.


Happy Birthday! It’s your turn to help changes the world. Doing what is easy may not always be beneficial in the long run. Physical activity helps to clear your head. Financial issues become more important to you as the weekend draws near. Thursday and Friday will be your best days for romance and having fun. Make it a goal to be in better physical shape. Be the kind of person you would like to fall in love with. Use your insights to make appropriate business decisions.


Our values are seen in the things we consume. Possessions can often possess us beyond our ability to simply enjoy them. By giving things away, or by loaning them to others we discover just how attached we are to them. There is some tension between what you need and what others need. Early in the week you’ll feel more creative and more motivated to be playful. The weekend looks good for romance as well as for negotiating contracts. Buy the things that reflect your highest intentions.


You have friends in high places that are willing to help you. You’ll need to wind down a little this week from an intensely fun and or demanding weekend. Don’t confuse compassion for weakness. Vulnerability and flexibility are strengths that will help smooth over the rough edges. Consider going back to school or going through some sort of advanced training. You may end up working on a group art project. Your own version of creativity may be a challenge for small minds and closed hearts.


Make good karma. Read the Kama Sutra and learn to enjoy the pleasures of the bed in different ways. Imagination can be a friend or an enemy depending on how you look at things. Basically it’s payback time for you. You will be making karma either good or bad. It’s best to pay your bills and get out of debt. Mercury goes into your first house over the weekend allowing you a clearer vision as to what you need to do. Avoid deceptive females that talk behind your back. You deserve honest acceptance.


Communication is key this week. Not just what you say, but how it’s being said. Most people aren’t as tough as you. Try to present challenges in a positive light. You’ve been hit with extra responsibility and you’ll need to breath through it. Pay attention to female friends and sisters that you’re close to. Pray for your enemies and those that might wish you harm. Thursday and Friday are your best days for romance. Pay attention to your dreams. Be ready to bloom where you are planted.

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