Horoscopes for January 5th


The week begins with the emotionally potent remnants of the full moon in your fourth house. Venus, Mercury, and Mars in the eleventh house are activating your social life. You enjoy being in groups more than usual. You have some of your best ideas at the workplace. You may even find yourself in the public eye a little more often. From Tuesday through Thursday morning creative energy, self expression and having fun feel more like the order of the day. The weekend looks good for charitable causes, working out, as well as negotiations and romance.


Condemnation is easier than investigation. Get to know a subject or a person before passing judgment. This is your time to ask questions and to dig deeper. Explore unknown territory. Take the high road when dealing with people less fortunate than you. From late afternoon Thursday through Saturday the moon will be in your fifth house of creative expression and play. You are luckier than usual during this period. Open your heart and indulge in the things that matter most to you. Sunday is good for working out, helping others, and improving your health.


Appreciate the things that other people do for you. Let go of wishing that so and so would behave differently. Sometimes you end up needing help. Don’t be too proud. Let go and let some sense of love take over. Having Mercury, Mars, and Venus in your ninth house makes you luckier than usual. Your best day for creative pursuits is likely to be Sunday. The mysteries of life, death, and sex lay at your feet. It can be wise to acknowledge danger. Be present with the task of creating solutions, as well as being open to other people’s solutions.


Monday begins strong with the moon in your first house. The after-effects of the full moon are felt strongly by you. During Tuesday through early Thursday it’s about values, possessions and your own sense of security. Thursday evening through Saturday is good for gathering information and hanging out with friends. Sunday is your go-to day for hanging out at home or being with family. There is an overtone of romance, contracts and agreements throughout the week. You are learning to be more diplomatic. Harmony is achieved with little effort.


When the pressure is on it helps to take a deep breath. You’ll be pacing yourself, getting organized, and working on being healthy. The moon will be in Leo Tuesday through early afternoon Thursday. Make good karma by helping others. A bit of romance could be in the picture. In general, you can be more open to love and partnership. The weekend presents some money making opportunities. The good fortune of Jupiter is still with you. Take the higher road and the enlightened path. Creative projects worth taking on deserve your commitment.


A healthy self love leads to a love of others. Your services are needed, and you perform them so well. Put your heart into what you do and the rest will follow. The most conscious time for you is while the moon is in Virgo, from 2:58pm Thursday through Saturday. A great earth consciousness is in the air during this time. Be creative. Put more energy into things that give you joy. Sunday looks good for making money and testing your values. Stay focused on love, playfulness, and the ability to express yourself in a creative way.


Your domestic life and your foundation are in focus this week. Parents, Grandparents, and ancestors all play a part. Where you have been determines where you are going, to some extent. Your starting point to relating more to others is here. Love affairs could be part of this cycle, with Venus transiting your fifth house. You’ll be using your imagination to come up with more creative ideas. Seek guidance and go with the most intelligent ideas. It’s probably best to lay low over the weekend. Catch up on your sleep.


This week has you performing and socializing. The possibility of travel is also in the forecast. This is a good time to focus on siblings, long time friends, and neighbors. Be a better communicator. Love where you live and live where you love. Work on career plans. Take action on issues that involve your family. Be ready to inspire others. Seek intelligent solutions to everyday problems. Monday stands to be your luckiest day this week. The weekend looks good for meeting new people, as well as for making plans for the future.


This time of year is mostly a test of your values. There are new opportunities for you to make money and increase your income. You might even be more obsessed with food than usual. You are likely to be curious about new recipes and seasonings. You become more of a chatterbox as Mercury and Venus transit your third house. You are curious about all kinds of information coming out. Tuesday through Thursday afternoon is good for travel and learning advanced subjects. The weekend looks good for displaying your talents and skills.


Up your skills. Take whatever it is that you do to the next level. This is a time to focus on your career and ways to improve it. Money is coming in. Be practical with your resources. Be smart with your possessions. The beginning of the week is good for romance and negotiations. The weekend looks good for travel. This is also a good time for risk-taking. You act out consciously and independently. It’s time to blaze a trail that hasn’t been blazed before. Sunday may contain some news concerning your career and public life.


A few planets are gathered in your first house. Mars, Mercury, and Venus are pumping up the Aquarian vibe. Your ability to take action, be loving and creative, as well as demonstrate intellectual capabilities is enhanced. This is a time of karma and secrets. Pay attention to your dreams and to the messages that they contain. Help those who are isolated, especially those in rest homes and prisons. Over the weekend your psychic feelers will be activated. Sunday has you thinking about gratitude and higher principles for living.


Not everyone is on the same page with you. This is fine, since you know who your real friends are these days. You are good at gathering people together. Continue to work toward perfecting your services. Monday will carry over the full moon vibe of creativity and love. Tuesday through Thursday afternoon you’ll be focused on work, charitable causes and health issues. The weekend looks good for romance, contracts and diplomacy. Learn to find good qualities in people who you may have differences with. Getting along requires work.