A shift of energy occurs for you this week. You will occasionally have to watch your backside. Someone that doesn’t have your best interests may be operating in secret. Mars moves into your 12th house around sunset, Friday. You may have some repressed feelings of hostility. Learn to meditate. Peace of mind is necessary. Your social life continues to be active. Good friends and planning for the future are part of your agenda. The weekend is full of intense feelings and an awareness of ego-crushing situations. At best, transform it all into love.


One quality that you are known for is versatility. You like to get a break from routine because your nature is curious. Travel, higher education and sage-like wisdom are all part of your current cycle. You may even do something you once thought was forbidden for you. This is a time of good fortune and good luck. At worse, you’re going through growing pains due to the things you are learning. Thursday and Friday are power days filled with love, play, fun, and creativity. Be grateful for the smooth flow in your life.



Knowledge trumps personal will during this period, therefore typical impulse and intuition are not enough by themselves. A tantalizing taste of winter romance might be in the cards for you. Flirting and good looks won’t be enough. You’ll need to come up with something that is both smart and unusual. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Sudden bursts of lust may catch you off guard. Monday through Wednesday look good for economic ventures. Take care of you and your family’s personal needs.



You like to be like Cupid and spread love around. It’s actually harder for most people to be loving than to be tough, sexy, or aloof. Quality intimacy requires both playfulness and a sense of vulnerability. Venus moving into your fifth house Friday night will allow you to work some creative magic. If you have children they’ll be a bigger part of your focus and will be making news. Thursday and Friday are your power days with the moon in Libra and good aspects to the sun and Jupiter. I think you’re ready for a magical time.



Brainpower is needed at this point in your life. You are processing a lot of information. Education and travel go well during this period. A generous attitude toward others will help you create good karma for yourself. Thursday and Friday look good for socializing and hanging out with friends. It’s best to lay low over the weekend and to take care of your spiritual life. Pay attention to friends from school days as well as siblings and cousins. Be sensitive to neighbors and local environmental needs.



Happy Birthday and congratulations on making it through another year. Career and community are the two major areas of life to focus on this year. Love expanding and creativity flowing are the benefits coming through you. Take a calculated risk. Pick a role that you would like to see yourself play. Thursday and Friday look excellent for travel, speculation, and seeing things in a different light. Over the weekend you’re more likely to be seen in public. Do your thing and show the world how capable you are.


Responsibility weighs heavier on your shoulders these days. Your career life is most activated now. This is the time to be showing your good side. It’s time to brush up on your talents and skills. You’re feeling like doing something creative at work. Someone may comment on the nice job you did. You have more energy for socializing and hanging out with friends. The economic outlook is good for Taurus, especially on Thursday and Friday. Stay informed about future trends. Show that you have something to contribute to others.


Empathy and sensitivity are things you show to the people you trust. You may be in a deal with another person that feels lopsided in favor of the other person. Renting from a wealthier person can feel that way. On the other hand, you may be doing well and others that are in debt to you aren’t keeping up with their side of the bargain. By the weekend you’ll feel as though you’ve accomplished something. You might even experience some divine erotic pleasure. Your imagination and your artistic side are ready to be unleashed.


Serving others isn’t easy. People generally hire other people to do difficult jobs that they are unable or unwilling to do. Like a trooper you move forward and attack the challenges, one by one. Perfection and efficiency are two different things. Going with the latter is more likely to help you move your accomplishments along. You have the power of persuasion working for you Monday through Wednesday with the moon in Virgo. Teamwork, staying healthy, and pacing yourself will help bring about the results that you are looking for.


Finish off any old business that needs to be taken care of. Set domestic as well as career goals for yourself. Make yourself more efficient at work and when performing in public. Look at the people around that you consider to be family or tribe. Find ways to honor your parents or family members, especially the older ones. The moon will be in Scorpio Saturday and Sunday. Take advantage of all the creative energy flowing through you. Engage other people to have more fun with you. Be affectionate and open-hearted.



What you buy, where you buy it, and who it’s from affect politics more than whether or not you vote. Values are in the focus this week. You are what you consume. Start your day right with a spiritual uplifting song. Give thanks for the money and resources that you already have. Monday through Wednesday are very productive and good for risk-taking. You are ready to manifest good things. Show the universe that you are willing to do good with this newfound wealth by giving to a charitable cause.



Pay attention to your dreams and be sensitive to the messages that they contain. Confront conflict head on and begin to show the world that you have a backbone. You want to move more independently, yet there is a sense that you have some unfinished business that you need to take care of. The weekend looks good for you with the moon in the ninth house. Travel, risk-taking, and higher spiritual teachings will take you to your next destination. Continue to help those that are isolated and less fortunate than yourself.

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