Horoscopes January 27th – February 2nd



You’ll need to start listening to that little voice inside of you. Pay more attention to dreams and the messages that they contain. This is a week of taking care of business while affirming good people connections. The Year of the Horse will bring rapid change. Try not to be defensive when people confront you. Listen to older friends. The weekend will be good for laying low and visiting people that have been incarcerated or shut in due to illness. Make plans for the future.


Many things that have been held up or pent up in your life will begin to move forward. Venus goes direct Friday at 12:49pm PST. Perhaps you’ll feel a renewal in your ability to love. Your creative mojo will begin to burn again. Responsibility is back on your shoulders. The Year of the Horse brings a sense of community and neighborhood. Avoid the gossip and do what you can to lift up those around you. Career opportunities begin to expand as you exhibit the desirable traits people are looking for.


This time of year begins to put the wind in your sails. A sense of invigoration and hope resonates in the air. Foreign languages, foreign travel and attacking difficult subjects becomes easier for you. There is a sense of luck and good fortune around you. This is a time to look forward rather than to look back. The Year of the Horse is said to be somewhat Gemini-like, bringing you an easier go at things. Your quick wit and intelligence will be recognized by others. Move ahead with your plans.


We can’t always control the things that happen to us. There are times when we are subject to the whims of others. The one thing we can control is our own attitude. Begin the week by negotiating the things you want. Deal with difficulties in the home on a case by case basis. The Year of the Horse helps you to move quickly in regards to your personal goals. Remain flexible in the face of adversity. The weekend looks good for a mini-vacation or for working on creative projects.


Embrace all that seems to be the opposite of you. This is an exercise in compassion and soul expansion. Learn to be comfortable and honest about your weaknesses. Respect will come through transparency verses covering things up. Last week’s information may prove true at a future date. Roll with the punches. Try not to fight back. The Year of the Horse will be good to those that can play both sides of the fence without giving in to being disingenuous, or two faced.


Sincere gratitude and service are your gifts this week. Be ready to come to the aid of others. Team work, charitable causes, and working on health issues are worth exploring. Tuesday and Wednesday are power days for you this week. Be motivated by matters of the heart. The Year of the Horse brings positive social contacts, an ability to successfully plan for the future, and powerful group alliances. Learn to express your own needs in a diplomatic manner. Partnership issues change in the month ahead.


You are in your power and all systems appear to be go. You are somewhat uncomfortable moving independently, yet at this point this is what is required in order for you to move forward. Other people will see things your way in good time. Being a leader means being able to take the flack. The Year of the Horse will affirm your leadership qualifications. Whether we are talking Jimmy Carter or Ghandi, Libras’ leadership makes a difference. Try and keep peace at home during your transitions.


Once again you find your values being in focus. You are what you eat, especially in winter when physical activity tends to slow down. Avoid sugar and processed foods. Vegetable oils are the enemy along with most preservatives. Spend money on things that reflect your highest aspirations. If that happens to be big tobacco and soda pop I feel sorry for you. The Year of the Horse will challenge your notion of romance and partnership. Be the kind of person that you would like to be involved with.


Learn to bloom where you are planted. As a Sagittarian it’s natural to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Make the grass greener around you by committing to making things better. The Year of the Horse will put power in other peoples hands from which you need to negotiate. There will also be a greater appreciation of life’s mysteries, birth, sex and death. The moon will be in Sagittarius on Monday. Work with friends and neighbors and watch the progress begin.


Confidence is not something you are known for. Yet, your compassion for others helps to bring about a sense of enduring confidence and hope all around you. This is a time where you are more likely to be introspective and in need of more sleep. You are extra sensitive and shouldn’t deny your body of its needs. The Year of the Horse will help you to rise up as a leader and an inspiration for others. You’ll also get more opportunities to have fun. Mental clarity comes to you towards the end of the week.


Happy Birthday season continues for you. Knowledge is your key virtue. Make it a point to dive deep into subjects that you appreciate. Your career life continues to move forward. Travel and educational goals are at the top of your list. The Year of the Horse brings opportunities to serve others and to be part of a team project. Health issues need to be paid attention to. Try not to speak too soon before the verdict is up. Changes happen quickly and adjustments are likely to be made.


You’ve been in a more introspective place recently. The battle you face is more spiritual than one of flesh and blood. Pray for your enemies. Small minds move in small circles. Nothing is likely to stay the same forever. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Year of the Horse brings rich opportunities for travel and education. Have faith during new or uncomfortable situations. Stay the course of what you see as necessary to make progress. The weekend looks good for romance and travel.

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