Horoscopes for January 26th, 2015


Spending some time alone is important during this week. You are likely to be involved with social obligations, meetings and future planning. It may be time to retreat and to look back at the things that you’ve accomplished. Subconscious hostility may be related to feelings of isolation or perhaps not getting enough sleep. Monday and Tuesday are good for financial planning, paying taxes, and making money. Try not to get caught up in other people’s social drama. Venus moving through your twelfth house can stimulate the imagination and help with the pleasures of the bed.


Once something is learned it needs to be practiced. Our lives begin to improve once we take responsibility for what is. Monday begins with the moon moving into Taurus at 8:37am PST. For the following 54 hours, show your best talents and skills. Venus moves into your eleventh house of helpful friends on Tuesday morning. Focus on performing random acts of kindness. Suffering is the part of life that helps to erode the armor of the ego. The weekend looks good for short trips, visiting siblings and life-long friends, and working on hobbies.


This is a time of growth and good fortune. Begin the process of being lucky by listing nine things that you are thankful for. Mercury retrograde is more of a blessing than a curse. Delays can sometimes advert disaster. You may get an opportunity to be more creative with your career as Venus enters your tenth house. The moon will be in Gemini Wednesday afternoon through much of Friday night. The weekend looks good for preparing food, taking care of finances, and singing songs or playing music.


Change is seldom done in plush comfort. When I was a kid my brothers and I would get an old mattress and pillows and jump off the roof of our garage. We never got seriously hurt because we took precautions. Once you’ve taken the jump you have faith in mid flight that you’ll land safely. Ask for help when you need it. Good friends are best sought out early in the week. Lay low or keep things low key Wednesday afternoon through Friday. The weekend features the moon in Cancer. The things that you hold near and dear will be celebrated once again.


A strong will must be balanced with steadfast knowledge. You have much to be grateful for. I see a window over the next few weeks during which life is easier to enjoy. Don’t assume that people understand what you’re saying during this Mercury retrograde time. Perception can seem like an illusion. Write things down. Relationship issues continue to rank high. Put your best business suit on at the beginning of the week. What was once simple flirtation may begin to get more serious as Venus transits your eighth house. Commit to your course of study and discover more.


The work is in front of you, all you must do is proceed. Certain areas of your life need help. It could be your health, it could be your job, it might be small pets that you’re taking care of. Helping others and making good karma is part of this cycle. Working for a charitable cause is in order. Find a way to love whatever it is that you are doing. Monday and Tuesday are good for travel, learning and achieving. The weekend is good for your social life. Good friends will be present in your life. Your love life will improve with Venus transiting your seventh house.


With an open hand and an open heart you are navigating life most successfully. Creative ideas are being mulled over with Mercury retrograde. Wednesday through Friday look good for speculation, travel, risk taking, and higher learning. You are in a very lucky place. Venus moves into your sixth house of service and health. Watch your health as the days go by. The weekend has you more in the public eye. Career opportunities could come up for you. Be sure to hone in on your best talents and skills. You seldom have a problem fitting in.


Mars is transiting your fifth house giving you more energy for creative works, children and love affairs. Venus joins in the fifth house parade along with Neptune bringing romance and spirituality. You are attempting to be more comfortable in your own home. Much of this week you’ll be negotiating with others. Be patient with other people’s stories. Successfully practicing diplomacy may include a little compliment or acknowledgment of appreciation. The weekend looks good for travel, spiritual work or just hanging out in nature.


This is a time for wild poetry and making music with restless abandon. The fresh adventure continues in another form. Jupiter transiting your ninth house makes the higher path the only path to take. Be aware of the things in your community that keep you anchored. Venus, Mars, and Neptune transiting your fourth house put more emphasis on family, the place you dwell, and your cultural heritage. Wednesday afternoon through Friday is good for romance. The weekend looks good for paying off debts and for being led by other people’s plans.


You have yet another week to assert your values. How and where you spend your money may have more political ramifications then whether or not you vote. Saturn in your twelfth house teaches you that every action has an effect on those around you. Monday and Tuesday are good days for love and creativity. Use the second part of the week to work towards better organization and better personal health. The weekend is good for getting contracts, engagements, and resolving conflict. Making peace feels good.


Emerge from your cocoon like a butterfly. This is your time to spread your wings and fly. Seek whatever interests you. Free yourself from self inflicted restrictions. Always be planning the next party or meeting. You may need to throw your own birthday party. That’s fine. We get what we plan for. Wednesday afternoon through Friday are your best days this week. Take action on finances with Mars, Neptune and Venus transiting your second house of possessions. The weekend looks good for housekeeping, taking care of your health, and working with others.


A new you is beginning to unfold. Having Venus, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces brings hope for a better tomorrow. More imagination, more empathy, and bigger dreams. Success partly lies in our ability to help others and to stay in good health. This week you’ll be focused on family and friends. It’s good to take care of our personal lives. Be conscious not to be a part of your own undoing. The weekend is where your best creative works will begin to unfold. People are going to follow your lead. Now is the time to do something that you would like to see done.